In the world of businesses, we would commonly associate a person who is wearing a tie to someone who is formal or is working under a large company. While it is true that wearing a tie—whether it is a necktie or a bow tie—may help in projecting a formal image and make a person even more presentable, we can also associate the look with professionalism. Being professional can also help a person to get the recognition they deserve since it makes them appear trustworthy, and many prospects and business people alike would trust making negotiations and transactions to those who appear professional.

Shown below is our collection of some of the best business logo designs that bear a symbol of a tie. These logos were gathered here for your convenience, so you won’t need to look through different websites just to find the tie logo design that you need for your business. Most, if not all, of these logo designs,, are multipurpose, meaning it can be used regardless of the type of business you are running. Check out the designs below to get you started.

Bar Bottle Tie Logo Design

Check out this double ensemble logo design that combines the features of bottles with neckties. To make the definition simpler, they look like bottles with neckties, and you may be able to use this logo design if the kind of business you are managing involves drinks and bartenders, but not the type that involves disco, which is why the neckties are being emphasized. For more rounded logos, you may want to check out our collection of circle-shaped logo designs on our website.

Colored Stripes Tie Logo Design

Job Shield Tie Vector Logo

Recruitment Agency Tie Logo Design

If you are running an agency that involves recruitment of manpower, then why not use this artistic yet professional logo design? For this one, the letter A in the word STAFF can also be seen as a necktie, and we can associate this to an employer’s attire when they are trying to recruit people to come work for them.

Stylish Pin Tie Vector Logo

Chic Men Professional Tie Logo Design

Importance of Having a Logo for a Business

  • A logo can help in building an identity to a business, and this can also help the public in distinguishing your business from others, most especially your competitors.
  • A logo can aid in increasing your reputation since it makes your business look more stable and professional, which therefore, can lead you to gather the clients that you need.
  • A logo design is easier to remember, especially if it contains a meaning or is able to tell something about your business.

Minimalist Tie Logo Design

Job Cloud Tie Logo Design

Flat Law Firm Emblem Tie Logo

This is a very appropriate logo design for the type of business it is trying to represent. In law firms, it would most likely be a requirement for a lawyer to wear a necktie not only to promote their image but also to look professional and to get respected especially by their clients. The symbol on this logo resembles a necktie within an emblem, which is as simple as it gets, but will look visually attractive regardless of the color you intend on using it on. For even more designs to choose from in this same profession, we also have a separate gallery for more law firm logo designs.

Mister Monkey Tie Logo Design

Mister Geek Glasses Tie Logo

Light Bulb Tie Business Logo

Here is another symbolic logo design that combines different elements to come up with a single symbol. For this one, the symbol resembles a light bulb with a necktie. The light bulb symbolizes being smart, as seen on animated television shows when a light bulb appears over a person’s head when they are able to think of an idea. As for the necktie within the light bulb, it is simply there to add a sense of formality to the appearance of the logo.

VIP Service Luxurious Tie Logo Design

Tie Insignia Company Logo Design


Gentleman Modern Tie Logo Design

Tips when Making Your Own Logo

  • For your logo to be easily remembered and described, keep it simple and uncomplicated.
  • Never copy the logo designs of other companies, always make your logo unique and different from others to make it distinguishable.
  • Read about the elements of a great logo design.

The tie logo designs that you have just seen have been gathered from among thousands of the best ones from various reliable websites, and these were created by some of the world’s highly skilled and imaginative graphic artists. These designs were created for the intention of providing every entrepreneur with high quality logos that they can use to build an image for their business.

These logo designs can be downloaded in very simple steps: once you have found the specific design that works best for you, just click on the download/buy button, pay the required fee, and then save the logo design on to your system. With regards to these logo designs’ level of editability, you may be able to customize these logos for as much as you want, and this is because most of these were saved in high resolution vector format. Now, have you decided which design to use for your business? If not, then go back up and pick out a logo design.

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