Do you believe in the saying that diamonds are every woman’s best friend? While many would agree to this statement, what could be the reason behind its truth? One possible reason could revolve around the fact that diamonds are often associated with commitment, loyalty, and even marriage. So to put it simply, the diamond on a woman’s wedding ring remind of her lifelong commitment with her partner; her best friend..

But there are also other ways that you can make use of diamonds, and they won’t even cost half as much as the actual thing. You may use the likeness of diamonds as the primary symbol of your logo design, and this image alone will surely help in capturing people’s attention. While the absence of color on the logo design may still work, adding colors may help enhance its quality. Just make sure to use the correct color scheme to prevent from making your design look disorganized.

Below are some artistic diamond logo designs that we have gathered from the internet so you won’t have to stress yourself in doing it. We have over 15 different styles here that you can choose from, with each one having features that are unique from the others. If you already have an idea on the five elements of great logo designs, check out the diamond logos below and try to narrow down your choices by picking out the ones that may work for you. Once you have narrowed down you choices, you can then finalize your decision as to which design you want to use for your business or organization.

Mosaic Inspired Diamond Logo Design

mosaic inspired diamond logo design3

Let us start this list off by showing you this artistic and colorful diamond logo design. This logo doesn’t go with the usual diamond shape, rather, the symbol is rounded which resembles how a diamond would look like if seen from the top. This logo design also resembles a mosaic or stained glass art, similar to those used in churches and cathedrals. This is because of the various colors used in the diamond symbol’s divisions. If you choose to download this rounded logo design, you also get a corresponding custom-made typeface that you can use to write your business’ or organization’s name.

Luxurious Star Diamond Logo Design


Sparkling Heart Diamond Logo Design

sparkling heart diamond logo design


Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, not just the usual kite-shaped one that we have grown to know. There are even round or square diamonds. The diamond actually refers to the stone, not the shape, and from the stone that it came from. It is cut into different shapes. Jewelers may even go the extra mile by cutting the diamond into shapes that require a lot of effort. One such shape would be a heart, which is seen on the sample image above. And since diamonds are often associate with love, having a heart-shaped diamond can mean hitting two interpretations at once.

Flat Olive Wreath Diamond Logo Design

flat olive wreath diamond logo design

Engagement Ring Diamond Logo Design

engagement ring diamond logo design

The diamond ring, the thought alone can make every woman’s knees weak, and why is that? Because, we often associate it with proposals or engagements. When a man presents a diamond ring to a woman (which is usually done with one knee on the ground), it is because he wants to express to his loved one how much she means to him and that he wants to be with her for the rest of his life. Now, let me ask you, does that not make you realize how great love is? For the logo design above, it shows us the upper portion of a diamond ring, with a text below it where you can write the name of the business being represented.

Simple Gleaming Diamond Logo Design

simple gleaming diamond logo design

Move away from what’s been overly used and make your logo stand out by using an unconventional shape for the symbol. For this one, The diamond symbol here is not entirely a single element, but actually appears to be a diamond that is cut into two equal parts, and is being separated by a sphere in the middle. Somehow, this symbol looks very futuristic, and if used correctly, may be able to capture the attention from people effectively. If you decide to go with this logo design, you have the choice between a colored and a white line art version, and if you go with the colored one, you also have the choice between an overhead angle or its opposite. For reference, you want want to read about the logo design strategies for  2017.

Minimalist Bold Diamond Logo Design


Here is a flat logo design that is able to effectively incorporate a frame around a diamond symbol. This design is even able to make things simpler by using only one color for both the symbol and its text. This diamond logo design also makes use of a lot of white space, as evidenced by the hollow gaps within the symbol, and this is actually a good thing. The white space on a logo design actually helps in keeping it from becoming cluttered, which in turn, helps in making a logo look easy on the eyes. If you want a simple and professional-looking logo for your business, download this one.

Blue Rounded Diamond Logo Design

blue rounded diamond logo design

Here is another business logo design that can either be taken as a round-cut diamond or as an overhead angle of the jewel. For this one, the symbol is comprised of triangles in different shades of blue. Some triangles have straight sides, while some are also curved. The use of completely different shades of blue for this design makes it perfect even when printed in black and white. Why not download this diamond logo design for a simple yet still elegant image to represent your business?

Courier Linear Diamond Logo Design

courier linear diamond logo design

When making a logo, it has always been emphasized many times that simplicity is key. When a logo is too over-the-top, it could look disorganized which may lead to people thinking that your company is also disorganized. Your logo is not only an image for your business, it is actually YOUR IDENTITY and should represent your business for what it is. Therefore, if a logo looks formally simple, people may also think of your company as a formal and trustworthy one. Indeed, less is more when it comes to professional logo designs.

Colorful Abstract Diamond Logo Design


Sparkling Outline Diamond Emblem Logo


Embrace simplicity with this diamond logo design, which doesn’t require a complex explanation for one to understand what it is actually about. For this logo, only the outline of the diamond is drawn, which is enough to inform the audience what the design is trying to present. With the added text within the image of the diamond, the more this vector logo design is made obvious as to what it is about. But the presence of the text within the symbol is actually not a bad thing. It is able to effectively support the image in the same way emblem logos work – the text supports the symbol and vice versa.

Heart Shape Love Diamond Logo Design

heart shape love diamond logo design

Blue Minimalist Triangles Diamond Logo Design

blue minimalist triangles diamond logo design

The last diamond logo on this list bears a minimalistic design wherein the diamond symbol doesn’t entirely capture all the details from an actual diamond. For this design, only the shape of real diamonds are taken into account, with the center of the symbol left hollow for some purpose. For the details within the symbol, it may look as if only one shade of blue is used, and this is because of its flat design. But actually, the symbol is made up of small triangles of different shades of blue, which is a subtle detail, but is able to effectively enhance the appearance of this diamond logo.

Now that you have gotten to this point in this article, we assume that you have already seen all fifteen diamond logo designs here. Were you able to narrow down you options? Or were you already able to find the particular diamond logo design that you want to use for your business or organization? But regardless of which one you want to use, we assure you that these logos are of superb quality and are totally worth every penny spent.

The diamond logo designs that you have just seen were gathered from among hundreds of the best ones on the internet, and from websites that are trustworthy and reliable. The contributors of these designs are highly skillful and imaginative graphic artists from all over the world. These logo designs can be accessed and downloaded very easily as long as you have a good and stable internet connection. And though these logos aren’t free, you can have them for a very reasonable fee, just enough to praise its designers and to encourage them to do more.

When it comes to these designs’ level of editability, we assure you that you may be able to edit these logo designs fully and easily. This is because these files were saved in the vector format. Designs made using the vector format are very easy to edit since you may be able to individualize each element on the design and apply changes to them without altering the other elements. Another advantage of the vector format is that they are able to retain their sharpness even if you enlarge them to a great extent. Before you proceed to making your logo, you may want to read about our guidelines to designing the perfect logo. Then you can let your diamond sparkle by downloading any of our beautiful and eye-catching logo designs.

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