Volleyball is one of the most-watched sports in the entire world. If you’re asking why, then you should probably check out even a short clip of the game and you’ll understand why. The game involves two teams with six players on each side of the court, with the only thing standing between these two teams is a net. These teams will then try their best to be able to get the ball on the floor of their opponent’s side while also trying to defend their side of the court. If that thought alone isn’t enough to make you watch a game of volleyball, then I don’t know what will.

On this page, we have various volleyball logo designs that you can use for many purposes, such as jerseys and for promotional media in general. These logos are both downloadable and editable, and would you believe us if we said that these are also in very high quality? If you are in doubt, then why don’t you scroll down and see the sports logo designs yourself, and then you can tell us you believe us.

Winged Volleyball Logo Design

Check out this modern but flat volleyball logo design, which has wings on both sides of the ball. This creative logo can be used by any volleyball-related event or organization, and the colors can also be changed according to your preference. You might want to use only one color for the entire design, including the text, or you can also use different colors for each element. It is entirely up to you. If you prefer a simple and modern-looking logo for your volleyball tournament, or volleyball team, then don’t hesitate to download this design.

Laurel Wreath Volleyball Team Logo Design

The logo design above is an ideal choice for volleyball teams, especially those in schools, such as college varsity teams and the like. This logo contains an image of a volleyball in the middle, and is surrounded by a laurel wreath, which is a symbol of victory. According to ancient Greek mythology, the laurel wreath is an award given to victors in competitions, and was even used during the ancient Olympics for the same purpose. For this logo, the laurel wreath symbolizes the team’s determination to be victorious, which is why if you have that determination in your spirit, then we encourage you to download this design.

Vintage Star Ball Volleyball Academy Logo


Here is a minimalist design to a volleyball logo, which can also be used as an emblem or a label. This vintage logo design is in grayscale and in a flat style to maintain simplicity as well as vintage authenticity. From the name itself, Starball, the ball on the logo is literally surrounded by an illustration of stars, which can be interpreted or explained as the the players, or the stars, of the academy. If you wish to use a different color for the logo, you may do so conveniently since this is in vector format.

Crowned Volleyball World Competition Logo

Here is another volleyball logo design that bears a laurel wreath around the ball, but the only difference is that it is more modern than the previous one. On this logo, the volleyball, which can either be in color or in all-white, is enclosed in an emblem with a crown on top. Below this emblem is where you can find the laurel wreath which, again, is what ancient Greeks used to award victors in competitions. Aside from sporting competitions, the laurel wreath was also given to winners in poetry competitions. This means that this award isn’t only given to those who are excellent in sports, but also to those who have exceptional writing skills. For more designs which include a crown as its main feature, check out our collection of crown logo designs.

Emblem Volleyball Team Logo Design

Here is another logo design which embraces simplicity. This design simply bears a volleyball with three stars on top of it and these features are enclosed in an emblem. This logo design is perfect for use for volleyball teams, regardless if it is a college varsity team, a league, or even a professional team. You don’t need to have a fancy-looking logo for a volleyball team; just take a look at this one, its simplicity is already enough to make it appear professional and elegant. If you decide to download this logo, you can choose between two preset designs, either blue and white on a white background, or black and white on a black background.

College Varsity Volleyball Logo Design

From the looks of this logo, you can already say that this was designed to be used by college volleyball leagues, but it doesn’t have to be limited there, you can also use this for other purposes. This logo design has been pre-designed with college leagues in mind, and if you are managing one and you need a logo, then this one may prove useful for you and your team. But if you are are in search for a logo for other purposes, such as for tournaments or other types of events that are related to volleyball, and you find this design appealing, you may still use this one and simply edit out the text and other irrelevant features. Regardless of your reason, we highly encourage you to download this creative college logo design.

Modern Trailed Volleyball Logo Design


Here is a more modern-look for a volleyball logo design with its three-dimensional-like angle and use of a modern typography. The volleyball on this design appears to be traveling at a lightning speed, which can be interpreted as something that happens swiftly. If this was used for a volleyball team, then it can be said that the players on that team are good spikers or excellent hitters. On the other hand, if this logo design was used to promote an event, then it can also be said that the event will be exciting and intense, and will surely keep audiences on their feet. If you find this logo design exciting as well, then why not download this and give it a try?

Smooth Shiny Volleyball Club Logo Design

Here is a good example of a logo design that is both simple and modern-looking, which is perfect for those who prefer an uncomplicated look on their logos, but don’t want to be left behind with the trend. This logo design simply bears a volleyball over a red abstract design, and a typography occupying the lower half of the volleyball. From this sample alone, you can see that this was intended to be used for volleyball clubs, but then again, these logos are fully editable and you can change the text on all of these for your convenience. What makes this design very modern is the way the lines look on the volleyball, which gives us an illusion of it being embossed.

Now what did we tell you? We were definitely true to our word when we said we have high quality volleyball logo designs on our site. These logos were designed by highly skilled graphic artists from all over the world, and we gathered only the very best ones to be able to provide you with the best logo designs as well.

These professional logo designs can be downloaded easily as long as you have a stable internet connection, though you may need to pay a fee to continue with the download process. With regards to the payment, you don’t have to worry about it since these logo designs can be yours for a very reasonable price that even those on a tight budget can still afford. Lastly, these designs can be easily downloaded for your convenience, which means if you want to add a personal touch on the design, you may do so for as much as you want.

Now with all that said, what’s still keeping you from downloading our design? Get your clicking fingers busy and start downloading your own volleyball logo design now.

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