By now, most of us probably already know about the importance of logo designs for both businesses and organization, wherein they serve as a symbol for greeting people. Just like in social media websites, the logo serves a similar purpose to an account’s profile picture in which it is the first thing that people see from a person. The profile picture also provides people with a first impression of the account’s owner, what they appear like, and also—but very rarely—an idea as to what the owner does or is capable of doing.

For logo designs, on the other hand, they also provide the general public with a first impression of the business or organization simply based on how they presented their logo. For companies, their logos give people an idea with regards to the products and services that the business is offering. And in terms of organization designs, they also serve the same purpose in providing the public with an idea, but these lean more toward either the organization’s background or the services that they offer.

A good design should be something that can be described or understood while also be able to capture people’s attention with its visuals and presentation. This is not a simple design to achieve, which is why we are here to help you out. Below are some of the best company logo designs available on the Internet, and we have gathered them here for you so you won’t have to go look for them yourselves. These professional logo designs are already halfway done, and all that’s required from you are a few modifications. Check out the designs below to get started.

Abstract Global Company Logo Design


The first company logo in this collection features an illustration that resembles a globe with a sphere of different colors revolving around it. It could be interpreted that this company aims to render services or export their products all throughout the globe. This could be a perfect brand logo design for those in the courier industry, since the illustration appears to symbolize that kind of service.

Leaf Illustration Herbal Company Logo Design


Over the recent years, people have learned to choose organic and herbal consumables more than those with artificial contents. And while these products may be quite expensive, many have experienced its health benefits in the long run, which is what people are actually looking forward to having. Here is a business logo design for companies that offer herbal products for the health conscious people, and this logo resembles an abstract figure of a person that is made up of leaves.

Blue Umbrella Insurance Company Logo Design


Three Buildings Construction Company Logo Design


Abstract Character Fitness Company Logo Design


In relation to being healthy, here is a fitness logo design that aims to promote health and wellness to its customers. This would make for a logo design for fitness centers and gyms since it is appropriate to the kind of business, and the logo itself is eye-catching enough to attract customers.

Blue Bird Airline Company Logo Design


For airline companies, here is an artistic and cool logo design that you can use. As you can see from the image above, not only does the logo design appear to have the front of an airplane, it also resembles a bird with its wings outstretched. Having a double entendre logo design is one of the most effective strategies for making a unique and outstanding brand symbol, and the design above is sure to gain the attention it needs.

Refined Oil Company Logo Design


What Are Logos? And Why Are They Important?

By definition, logos are a graphic symbol used to represent something, whether formal or informal, in order for it to be identified or distinguished easily. Logos are used by groups that include but are not limited to businesses, organizations, and even sports teams, though there are also personal logos that are being used by individual people. Logos may either have an abstract form or have a rather simple and self-explanatory design, and some logo designs may be purely graphical while some may also be completely textual, and this will be discussed further below (see Types of Logo Designs).

With regards to its importance, a logo helps in revealing to the general public the identity of—in this case—a business, which is good since people can easily associate the products with their respective companies after seeing the logo design. Another importance of logos is that it can easily help in distinguishing one company from another, especially those that tend to offer similar products. This is also why it is very important to avoid plagiarizing logo designs from other companies, aside from the fact that this may result in legal issues.

Logos can be used virtually anywhere, and if a logo is designed well and is versatile enough, the more they will look good on anything, with or without color. That is the beauty with having versatile logos, regardless of where they are placed, whether in digital or in printed format, they are still able to serve their purpose as a branding tool. Lastly, a logo design, especially the good ones, can also give the impression of a stable and professional business, which may help in gaining trust from the people. After all, people will always seek those products that are being manufactured and sold by companies that they trust.

Simplistic Swiss Company Logo Design


How else would you create a symbol to represent a Swiss company? By making use of the Swiss flag, of course. And this isn’t even the first time that the Swiss flag is being used for a logo design, with the most notable one being Victorinox, the company behind the world’s most famous army knives.

Starred Bulb Creative Company Logo Design


In cartoons or animated television shows, the light bulb has always been used to symbolize ideas, wherein it appears over a character’s head when that character happens to think of an idea. For the circle logo design shown above, it shows a round-shaped graphical element filled with a solid gray color and surrounded by a red ring. Within this symbol is an image of a light bulb illustrated using its negative space.

Stock Gavel Auction Company Logo Design


Triple Roofs Real Estate Company Logo Design


Stock Sushi Illustration Company Logo Design


Sushi, some like it and some don’t with the latter ones favoring cooked meals or those with meat, though not all types of sushi are actually entirely raw, and that is a fact. If you love sushi and you want to share that passion with others, including those that are not quite a fan of this dish, then why not consider using the food logo design shown above, which shows a mouthwatering illustration of the dish.

Green Eco-Farm Company Logo Design


As much as possible, we should preserve fruit and vegetable farms since not only will it contribute to a healthy body for those who consume it, or make a profit for the farmers, but since these are plants, it will also contribute to a healthy environment. Above is a simple logo design that farmers can use to represent their farms, and by the time they export their goods, they can use this farming logo design on their products to gain recognition from the consumers.

Zombie Gamepad Company Logo Design


What Are the Common Types of Logo Designs?

There are actually a lot of different types of logo designs, but the most common ones include the brandmark, lettermark, wordmark, combination type, and the emblem type logo design.

  • Brandmark Type.  This is the type of logo that features only an icon or a symbol to represent the company. Some would divide this type of logo into two categories, which is the pictorial and the abstract. Pictorial logos are those that resemble and actual image, and are easier to interpret. Abstract logos, on the other hand, are depicted by using geometric shapes to condense the entire brand into a single image. While many would prefer to use pictorial logo designs since they are easier to create and be understood, companies that are willing to take risks often go with abstract logo designs since it allows them to maximize their use of their creativity in making a very unique and distinguishable symbol to represent themselves.
  • Lettermark Type. This type of logo design is the first of the two exclusively textual types with the other one being the wordmark. This type, as the name suggests, features only letters or a single letter to represent the company. The lettermark logo design is perfect for those companies that have a long name or also those with a rather hard-to-recall name.
  • Wordmark Type. The second of the two typographic types of logos. A wordmark type of logo features the entire name of the company, unlike the lettermark which contained only the initials. This type is perfect for companies with a catchy and effective name that is sure to stick in people’s minds, and when combined with a visually appealing design, the more it becomes memorable. The advantage with using text logo designs is that they are not only easy to create and replicate, but they are also highly versatile and will look good anywhere, just as long as the design itself is made well.
  • Combination Type. If you feel like your logo design would be incomplete if it only features either a symbol or a textual element alone, then you can make use of a combination type of logo design, which combines both symbols and typography to make up the entire logo. This is an effective strategy for those businesses that just started and want to make an impact on the public, wherein they start with a combination type to let people associate their name with the symbol. In the future of the company, they may or may not remove the text on their logo to create a simpler design, and if the logo and the business was indeed able to make an impact, even without the text on the logo design, the public will still be able to associate the symbol to the business. Many of today’s successful businesses, which now use a minimalist logo design, started out with a combination type.
  • Emblem Type. Lastly, the emblem type of logo design, which many would often confuse with the combination type since this also features both a symbol and a textual element. To make things clear to everyone, while the combination type has a distinct separation between the symbol and the text, the emblem type shows the text within the symbol, thus the name. Sometimes, the text is written right in the middle of the symbol, while some also have it written on a space within the symbol that is meant entirely for the name of the company. The emblem type is mostly used by those companies and establishments that prefer the traditional look, which includes schools, public agencies, and some private businesses as well.

Minimalist Cake Company Logo Design


Two-Toned Electric Company Logo Design


Abstract Development Company Logo Design


Tropical Homes Company Logo Design


Growing Tree Company Logo Design


High-Rise Real Estate Company Logo Design


Auto Car Company Logo Design


Rounded Car Wash Company Logo Design


Characteristics of a Good Logo Design

  • A good logo design should be simple and easily recognizable. The entire purpose of using a logo in the first place is that they are much easier to remember than the name of the company itself. Therefore, if logos were designed for easy recognition, making a complex logo design would simply defeat that purpose.
  • A good logo design is distinct from its competition, but not only that, it should also stand out from other company logos. In today’s generation, every single industry already has thousands of competition, which is why these companies find different marketing strategies for enticing prospects. The simplest way they can do this is by making a very unique and very different logo design that will definitely stand out.
  • A good logo design should be versatile enough with regards to size, color, and even medium. Since the goal of having a logo is for it to be noticed and remembered, you should always consider whether or not it will look good when printed on large surfaces such as billboards or on small ones such as business cards. With color, always see to it if the logo design can still be appreciated when it is printed in grayscale or in black-and-white just as much as it is when printed in color. And with regards to medium, a good logo should also be appealing enough when printed on various types of material, whether these are colored, textured, or both.
  • A good logo design is able to target and connect with its audiences. These can be done by the shapes and colors applied on the design, and should be able to catch the attention from the target audience. When designing a logo, take into consideration the age group, gender, as well as the preferences of your target audience, and see to it if your logo is able to connect with those people.
  • A good logo design should make a good initial impression to its audience, and should also be memorable. We combined these two characteristics since they actually go hand in hand when it comes to excellent logo designs. And while not the simplest thing to achieve, aiming for both characteristics on your design can definitely make your logo stick to people’s minds regardless of how often they have seen it.
  • Lastly, a good logo should be able to stand the test of time. Many logos of large businesses today have started with a rather different design, with some being subtly different and others being a completely overhauled version of their previous logo (see Evolution of Famous Logo Designs). Reasons behind these modifications include the impact that the logo has on the public, its trendiness, and its relevance. When designing a logo, always ask yourself whether or not the design will be just as relevant and catchy in five to ten years as it is today.

Minimalist Equalizer Music Company Logo Design


Home Shield Company Logo Design


Aside from health and life insurances that individuals aim to avail as they grow older, a home should also be protected by that kind of service as well, wherein whatever happens to a household, its residents won’t have to worry much about the expense. Here is a logo design exactly for that purpose. But aside from being used by home insurance companies, this modern logo design is also perfect for those companies that offer home security services as well.

Abstract Media Company Logo Design

Flat Mixing Truck Construction Company Logo Design


Flat Airplane Illustration Company Logo Design


Elegant Minimalist Flame Symbol Company Logo Design


Tips on How to Design Logos

  • Understand the logo designs of other successful companies, most especially your competition or those companies that offer the same products and services as yours. By understanding, we actually meant research about their logo designs, take note every detail on the logo including the shapes and colors used.
  • In relation to the previous tip, never ever try to imitate the logo designs of other companies, because aside from getting yourself into legal issues, it will also leave the impression that your company is unprofessional, which will drive away audiences. Only take inspiration from other logos, but make your own logo design as different as possible.
  • Earlier, we have listed down the characteristics of a good logo design along with some questions or things to consider before actually designing the logo. While the questions that we were referring to were ones that you should ask yourself, you can also use those to ask others in order to gather feedback. Always have questions prepared and always have an open mind when it comes to gathering opinion.
  • Just as we would want our logo designs to be flexible when it comes to size and color, as mentioned earlier, we should also be flexible during the entire process of designing the logo. This tip is somewhat connected to the previous one, wherein while in the process of gathering feedback from others, you should always be open-minded and flexible based on the information received.
  • Learn the basics of color psychology and apply it on your logo design. While this has been commonly neglected by many logo designs, it would be a very good addition if the color used on your logo can be interpreted based on the study of colors.
  • Aside from gathering feedback from people within the company, always be prepared for feedback coming from the outside world once you roll out your logo design. There may be some praises and some criticisms from the public, and it is up to you on how you would accept and learn from these feedback. If saying it twice isn’t quite enough, it’s better to tell you once again that you should always be open-minded when designing logos.

Colorful Oil and Gas Company Logo Design


Mosaic Light Bulb Creative Company Logo Design


Vector Hand Click Company Logo Design


Tri-Colored Media Company Logo Design


Colorful Mosaic Healthcare Company Logo Design


The Red Cross has been symbolic of the health care profession since it was used during the War of Italian Unification—otherwise known as the Second Italian Independence War—of 1859. This symbol, along with the Red Crescent, was invented in the battlefield by a Swiss businessman named Henry Dunant. Dunant was a firsthand witness of the horrors during the war and became troubled with regards to the injured and the casualties. He gathered locals around the area to lend their hand in the caring of the victims regardless of which side they ere from, and the Red Cross and Red Crescent were the symbols that they used. For the colorful logo design shown above, it shows a multicolored circle, with a cross as its negative space in the middle.

Grunge Golf Company Logo Design


As we have mentioned earlier, designing good logos is not an easy thing to do, which is why companies and organizations seek the help from professional graphic artists. Thankfully, instead of having to look for graphic artists to ask for assistance in designing logos, you can instead look for semi-finished logo designs that are available all over the Internet, but you’ll have to look for the good ones. And to save you from all that stress, we did the gathering ourselves and went through various sources to find the best of the best company logo designs that were created by today’s best graphic artists.

Since these logo designs are already halfway done as mentioned earlier, you will only need to make some modifications to it before you can actually use them. Which leaves us with the question, “To what extent are you able to make changes to these logo designs?” Fortunately for you, these company logo designs are fully editable and many of these are in the format most preferred by graphic artists, which is the vector format. The reason behind this is because vectors logo designs are capable of withstanding changes in size and a lot of other alterations done to it. With that covered, we are left with one more concern in mind.

That concern would be with regards to the cost of downloading these company logo designs. For most people, the price of a design will depend solely on its quality, which means that high quality designs will have a higher price tag and vice versa. While this may be true in most cases, it’s a lot different here. Surprisingly, the company logo designs that you have just seen can be yours for a very reasonable price. Surprising because you will be getting not only high resolution but also impressively creative logo designs for less. Now that we have said our part, it’s our turn to ask a question, “What are you waiting for?” Download a design now so you can start making your own logo for your company.

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