When talking about businesses, we all know that to be able to build an identity, these businesses would need to make use of a logo to represent themselves. These logos should have a design that would be unique and distinguishable from the ones used by competing businesses. For a business to grow, they will really need to establish a name and a brand for themselves so that people would be able to recognize them easily and tell them apart from their competition, and not only big businesses will need to use logos but also small and urban businesses.

On this website, we will be showing you an entire collection of farming logo designs that you can use for your business. We have farming logos ranging from flat, simple designs to the more creative, embossed, or three-dimensional style designs. The business logos that we have also range from those used for packaging of dairy products to those for business branding purposes. These logo designs vary according to its theme, its purpose, and its style in general, though a logo design intended for one purpose can still be used for another if appropriate. If you want to check out what kind of logo designs we have on this page, scroll down and check them out yourself.

Farm Field Logo Designs

Let’s start with this farm field emblem type logo design, which is the perfect choice for branding purposes because of the way it is presented. The design involves a round symbol with an image of a ribbon in the middle for writing the typography. Looking at the graphics on these business logo designs, you can right away associate it with farm fields because of the way it is illustrated—a field with a sun shining in the background even when it is presented in black and white. So for those looking for a logo that can be use for packaging on products that were manufactured from their farm, then we would recommend looking at this design.

Rustic Vintage Farm Logo Designs

Here is another logo design that was made ideally for product packaging. By the looks of these designs, they look similar to patches, which is one way that these logos can be used. If you wish to use this for product packaging, especially the jam & preserves logo seen above, we would recommend that you have it printed on a sticker paper and cut out the logo so it can be stuck on the product’s jar container. For the other designs, they can be used for printing on banners or posters and be used for advertisement and promotional purposes. To fully take advantage on these vintage logos, it would be best to have them printed in color so that the design would be emphasized and appreciated.

Rustic Creative Local Farmer’s Market Logo Design

Here is a creative approach to logo designs, in which the design itself has a rough look on its surface and the edges appear uneven. As seen on the sample image above, the design appears to have a worn and torn look, which gives it a rustic feel to it. This is a common outcome for logos that are printed on a rough wooden surface, which means that even though these creative logo designs are printed on a smooth paper, plastic, or cloth, it would still give the illusion that the logo is done on wood. If you wish, you may change the color scheme for this logo design to something that would be more appropriate to the color theme of your business, or simply according to your own preference, though it would be better that you stick to the green color since you can associate the color with fruits, vegetables, and nature, in general.

Agriculture Organic Farm Line Logo Designs

When we think of farm food, some of us would usually think of meat, poultry, and other animal-based products such as milk. But then most of us would also associate farms with fruits and vegetables, which is exactly what these set of logo designs is about. These plant logo designs are all about organic farms, and the green color scheme being used appropriately fits the design as well as the business and products that they represent. If you choose to have these logo designs in the green color, make sure that the background color is able to compliment the design (e.g., light-colored background for a dark green logo, and a dark-colored background for a light green logo), but if you prefer to use a different color for the logo design, then it would be best to go for a simple, solid green background. These logo designs are perfect when used as packaging for fruits, vegetables, and other organic products.

Flat Emblem Style Vector Farming Logos

For a flat yet colorful emblem type logo design that can be used perfectly for product packaging, then we would suggest that you check out the creative farming vector logo designs shown above. For these logos, the color of the border and the inner background are of the same hue though the latter is of a darker shade than the former. The illustration inside the emblem is done using the design’s negative space, and bears a symbol that appropriately resembles the label written below it. So for a logo that says organic products, the negative space illustration is of a vegetable, while for a logo that says farm roaster, the illustration bears an image of a hen with some eggs. What’s great about these flat logo designs is that they can be used not only as product packaging but also as signs and as logos for posters, banners, and flyers.

The Farm House Logo Designs

If you are managing a business that exports goods that were produced or harvested in your farm, then these PSD logo designs would definitely look good on the packaging of those products. If you want to go for a more detailed version of this logo design, then we would suggest the colored version since it emphasizes each feature on the design plus some added features such as the sun on the background, the wheat ears that act as the round border, and the different typeface used. On the other hand, if you choose to go for a flat and simpler version of this logo design, then you could go with the two designs on the bottom that make use of only two colors. But regardless of which version of this logo design you would choose, rest assured that it will look good when used on product packaging or on promotional tools.

Family Farm Market Logo Designs

For this set of farming logo designs, it shows us a collection of colorful logos that are slightly washed out, giving them a vintage-inspired appearance, but with a more modern twist. As you can see on the sample image above, this set of logos includes three of the five most commonly used types of logo designs, namely, wordmark type (all text and no symbol), combination type (both text and symbol but separated), and the emblem type (text within the symbol). For most, if not all, of these logo designs, these are ones that you can commonly see on product packaging at the supermarket, which is why you should be careful when editing these logo designs. Be sure to make your logo design unique and different so that consumers can easily distinguish the products that are being offered by your business from those that are being produced by competing businesses.

Set of Farming Logo Designs on Dark Background

These next logo designs are perfect when printed on dark surfaces, since they make use of multiple bright colors. Though you don’t necessarily have to stick to the color being used in the sample image above, just be sure to go for something dark to make the design stand out. With these logo designs, you may also choose not to use a lot of colors for them to be appreciated, just as long as the color of design is able to contrast with that of the background. For example, if you choose to use only black for the logo, a white background would be the best one to use, and vice versa. What’s unique about these logo designs is that they don’t have their own separate border.

Luxurious Organic Farm Logo Designs

If you prefer to go with a more luxurious design for your logo, then you can go with the designs shown above. The most prominent colors being used for these logos are green and gold, with green being an appropriate color to represent farm and organic products, and gold to give the designs a sense of luxury. Aside from looking grand, these logo designs also look vintage, especially with slightly desaturated colors and the slight increase in contrast. As with most farming logo designs on this page, this one would look good when printed on product packages and on advertisement media, but because of the elegance of these designs, they may also look good when printed on business cards.

Agriculture Farming Vector Logo Designs

Here is another emblem type logo design that somehow looks similar to a previous one that involves various-shaped borders to contain the graphics and the text. But unlike the previous one that made use of the negative space to illustrate the symbols, this one is more on the colorful side and actually presents the symbols in color. While the most common way of using these logo designs is by printing them directly on advertisement tools or the packaging of products, you may also do it by printing it on sticker paper, cutting it out, and then attaching the sticker to the surface that you want your logo to appear. So if you are looking for flat but colorful food logo designs, then this set of logos may be what you need.

Rounded Farm Vector Logo Designs

The circle logo designs shown above consist of both colored and achromatic versions of the design, and this is to provide you with a visual example of how these logos would look when colored is applied to them and how they would look in black-and-white. Both versions of these logo designs make use of a sufficient amount of white space, which is enough to outline the illustration on the logos. Because of the simplicity of these designs, you may be able to use them not only as logos but also as Web icons, which means that if you are a Web designer and are developing a website that is about farming or agriculture, then these designs will work perfectly as icons on that website. But then again, if these are being used as logos, then we guarantee that these designs will look visually attractive regardless if you have them printed on large or small materials.

Featherstone Farming Logo Designs

Here is another emblem type logo design that you may find interesting. On the sample image provided above, these designs are intended to represent a business that produces farm seeds, but these logos can be used for other kinds of businesses as well just as long as it is still related to farming. For as low as $12.00, you have four professional logo designs to choose from, which you can use to print not only on a product’s packaging or on advertisement tools but also on other merchandise such as shirts and caps.

Modern Farm Fresh Vector Logo Designs

Here is a set of farm logo designs that is more on the modern side as evidenced by the rich and vibrant colors, and the style of the designs itself. All of these vector logo designs are emblem type, which means that they contain both text and symbol, but unlike the combination type that also has both, the text for emblem logos are found within the symbol. As mentioned in previous samples that are also emblem type logo designs, you have the choice to either have these designs printed directly onto the product packaging or onto the material being used to print marketing tools, or you may also print this on sticker paper and stick those onto the packaging and marketing tools.

Colorful Linear Farming Logo Design

If you enjoy simplicity and line art designs, then the farming logo design above may be what you are looking for. Though the minimalist logo designs above are between colorful lines on a white background and a colored background with white lines, you may use other colors for either the line illustration and the background. The advantage of using line art in designs is that it is able to maintain its simplicity regardless of the number of elements added to the design, and having a simple-looking design is easy on the eyes, which makes it visually appealing and able to capture people’s attention better than designs with solid-colored elements.

Flat Agriculture Farming Logo Designs

The last farming logo design that we are showing you involves flat designs that resemble farming equipment, goods, products, and anything relating to farming and agriculture. Flat logos have slowly become a trend among graphic artists and designers, and you can see it being applied on icons for computers, mobile devices, and even on websites. One reason why logos nowadays have gone back to their roots and become flatter is that with flat logo designs, given that the colors being used are bright and vibrant, are able to stand out even more than those that have an embossed or three-dimensional look, as others have expected. Another reason behind the growing use of flat logo designs is that they are also easier to create, which makes the task simpler for graphic designers. So if you’re looking for flat logo designs that make use of bright and noticeable colors, then you may want to check out this set of logo designs.

Importance of Logo Designs

  • A well-designed logo can make your business look stable and professional, which can help in building people’s trust toward your business. After all, people would rather do business with companies that they can trust.
  • A logo can provide people with an idea on the nature of your business or the kinds of products and services that you are offering.
  • A business logo can guide people to distinguish your business from your competitors, especially those that have the same nature of business as yours.

These farming logo designs were carefully chosen and gathered from among thousands of the best ones all over the Internet and from various reliable websites. Not only that, these designs were also done and contributed by creative and talented graphic artists from all over the world who have had a lot of experience in designing logos for businesses, companies, and organizations. Just as we want to provide our audience with the best logo designs available on the market, these graphic artists also aim to provide their clients with high quality designs that will guarantee them their money’s worth. Though if you want to take the easiest route, you may always use online logo makers, and we may just have a list of the top ten logo creating websites for you.

Talking about the quality of these farming logo designs, they are saved in high resolution vector format and were made using sharp vector graphic elements. These logos are also easy to edit, thanks to it being in vector format. Why is that? Vector graphics are easier to edit since designs done in vector format consist of multiple layers of elements, which can be individualized during editing. Another reason why working with vector format designs is that you won’t need to worry when resizing the elements or the design in general since, unlike raster graphics that are made up of pixels that stretch out when enlarged, vector graphics are made up of codes and pathways that adjust during resizing, thus being able to retain its sharp resolution even when enlarged.

Just like open-source software that can be downloaded and modified by other developers, the design templates on this website can also be downloaded by anyone for a reasonable fee and altered according to the person’s preference. These farming logo designs are easily accessible and downloadable, they can be downloaded with a single click of a button. Just as long as you have a good and stable Internet connection, you simply need to search for the farming logo design that you need, click on the download or buy now button below the image, pay the required fee, and save the design template onto your system. Before you start downloading a design, refer first to our guidelines on the logo design strategies of this year to help you out in making your own logo for your business.

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