Logo is the pictorial representation most commonly used by the business firms, organizations also by the individuals for the purpose of identification. This creative power of Logo Designs has evolved the utilization of Tigers, to exhibit the strength.

Tigers are known as the Asian big cats, mainly focused towards sight and sound and not the smell. Despite the fact, tigers are known for its cruel and are the most ruling animals from the wild family, with their sharp teeth and powerful claws. As a symbol for courage and strenuousness, tigers are also associated with violence, emotion and sensuality, beauty and speed, cruelty and anger.

In most Asian regions, particularly tigers are observed as many companies logos in the modern times for its vigorousness.

The first and foremost tiger logo used company, Esso. Exxon was replaced by a trademark of Jersey Standard Oil. For promoting Enco Extra and Esso Extra gasolines, company has incorporated the, “Put a Tiger in Your Tank”. This advertising campaign was introduced in 1959.

Aarhus Rolling Tigers Logo

aarhus rolling


Friendship ISD Logo Design

friendship isd

Liger Television Logo Design

liger telivisions

Wittenberg Athletics Logo Design

witternberg unversity

Power Rade Tigers Logo Design

power rade tiger2 1024x736


Prime Intertrade Limited Logo Design

pil2 edited

South London Swords Logo

untitled 17


Ask Investment Group Logo


untitled 16

The Giant Hr Logo

the giant hr2


Scherkhan Logo Design

sherkhan 2


The Cat’s Pajamas Logo

cats pajama 2


Huntsville Tigers Football Team Logo Design

untitled 16


Tuff Tigers Baseball Team Tattoo Design


Image Source

Le Tigre Squad Logo Team

tiger logo designs2

Image Source

Tiger Logo for Sports Team

tiger logo designs1

Image Source

Secret Booze Logo Design

tiger logo designs4

Image Source

Tiger Vision Logo Design

tiger logo designs6

Image Source

Spitfire Wheels Logo Design

tiger logo designs8

Image Source

Thundertiger Logo Design

tiger logo designs11

Image Source

TigerRing Logo Design

tiger logo designs12

Image Source

Tiger Fox Logo Design

tiger logo designs13

Image Source

Seldom Used Reserve Logo


Image Source

Blue Bobcat – Mascot Logo Design

tiger logo designs6

Image Source

Tiger Logo for NBA Team

tiger logo designs7

Image Source

Tiger Weaving Logo Design


tiger logo designs14

Image Source

Tiger Logo For Designing Firms

tiger logo designs18

Image Source

Tiger Burger Logo Designs

tiger logo designs19

Image Source

Tiger Pride Logo Design

tiger logo designs20

Image Source

Esso Company Logo


Most renowned companies are already in use of this tiger logo for the resemblance of delegation of authority, intelligence and sharpness. Few among the motivational logos, Aarhus Rolling Tigers, Trigrar, Frenship ISD, Inter trade Company, Liger Television, Wittenberg University, Power rade tigers, Trail of a Tiger, Judo, South London Sword, PIL 2, UAPSA – CITU, Ask Investment group, EL Tiger, The Giant HR, Scher-khan, and The Cat’s Pajamas, and many.

Sports too has inspired by this Tiger Logo. The Huntsville tigers team will take the field in 2015 sporting with a newly designed helmet. One side of the helmet is characterized with a newly immersed tiger logo and the other side has claw marks topping over the helmet.

As Logos are designed for a long run use. The selection and usage of animals for a company’s trademarks is for the successful progress of an organization. Beware of taking the necessary precautions while selecting particular animal. To safeguard the company image and trademark, copy write the logo. By considering the company’s efficiency, everyone and every organization has the right to utilize any logo. Tiger is one among them. And there won’t be any rule of violation.

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