After looking through a number of visuals and images, we can duly say that black and white photography if done well adds a timeless quality to a picture. It is true that every shot might not look good in B&W, but certain photographs with their monochromatic composition add an essence and depth to the portrayed emotion. We have today compiled 10 such frames which beautifully reflect subtlety and grace with absolutely no use of bright hue.

1. Take a Spin by Martin Nittala


Beautifully captured by the photographer, this photo of stunt rides on the wall of death in India reflects well on the nature of the game and the horizontal and circular composition of the elements make the photograph justify the theme and the game.

2. Lost in Thought by Daryl Tannis


Captured in the right moment, the photo was taken by the photographer during a safari photographic adventure event at the Dallas Zoo. The image portrays the human-like emotions and expressions of the gorilla patiently sitting deep in thought. Furthermore, the black and white combination accentuates the overall demeanour of the photograph.

3. Cold Light of Day by Andrew George


With a brilliant play of light and nature, the sun rays in the back add a dreamy feature to the trees in the front. The beautiful frame in black and white make the composition look like it has been translated from a fairytale.

4. Sea Life by Anuar Patjane


This brilliant composition shows the diver mingling with sharks in Cuba’s Jardines de la Reina marine preserve, located off the island country’s southern coast. The comprehensive photograph reflects well on the beauty of aquatic life.

5. Fan Girls by Kate Parker


The photograph grips on the innocence of childhood with kids enjoying the blow of cool air in front of the huge fans. The realistic emotions are elegantly emphasised with the monochromatic composition.

6. Pandarama by Marco Mattiussi


The rainy, foggy climate with wet weather in the backdrop acts as a complementary contrast and addition to the panda on the tree.

7. Free Fall by Chester Boyes


The free fall of the diver is brilliantly captured with the onlookers patiently looking over from the top. The frame of the bridge lends a second internal frame to the surrounding elements in the photograph.

8. Sweet Dreams by Zab Coloma

The dancers catch a few moments of rest on the pavement before a performance at the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila. The photo presents the moments of calm and composure with a completely involved and proportionate frame.

9. Ankara, Turkey by Sukri Celil Advan

The lines of the floor in the photograph create a connective thread between the Sufi dancers performing their ritual dance in a showroom in Ankara. The repeated spins allow them to forget their earthly body and move closer to God.

10. Istanbul, Hagia Sophia

The beam of sunlight entering through window pane acts as a natural spotlight to the running kid in this exquisite and compact black and white composition.

Take inspiration from these photographs and click your personal black and white composition with poise and balance.

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