A logo performs the task of branding and giving a given company some unique identity. While there are many multicolor logo design options such as the pink colored logo existing today, black and white logos still remain popular. These logo designs are especially useful in a company’s offline locations that may require a black and white version of the corporation’s logo. Black and white logos come in all sorts of designs. For instance, designs featuring Palm Tree Logo have been quite popular over time. For insight, we have rounded up this collection of black and white logo designs for you.

Black and White Alligator Logo

black and white alligator logo

This logo design featuring a scary alligator in black and white can be a nice way of giving your zoo, wildlife, cartoon or nature-related corporation a spectacular identity. This logo design comes in impressively high resolution and assorted sizes to meet your needs.

Trojan Security Group Black and White Logo

trojan security group black and white logo1

If you are looking for a way to give your security-related company a unique identity and branding emblem, then this could be the right logo design worth consideration. Available in Vector EPS and AI Illustrator formats, this logo design is fully resizable.

Marine Black and White Logo

marine black and white logo

The doodle element adds a touch of uniqueness to this logo featuring marine illustrations. It can be perfect for a marine company’s identity or branding. It is available in vector EPS file format.

Monogram W letter logo Black And White Logo Batman

monogram w letter logo black and white logo batman

It is perhaps the simplicity of this monogram logo design that makes it unique and ideal for use in creating a custom logo for your company. Such a logo is likely to stand out on your cards, invitations, etc.

Music Antiquities Black and White Logo

music antiquities black and white logo1

Want to present your music-related company in a unique way? Then this black and white logo design featuring a microphone can be the ideal way to do so. It is downloadable as vector EPS and AI formats.

Set of Minimalistic Black and White Logo

set of minimalistic black and white logos

Whether you are designing a logo for your music shop, media or gym business, you will find this pack of black and white logos quite helpful.

Indian Chief Black and White Logo

indian chief black and white logo

This logo design featuring an Indian chief in black and white looks stunning and, it can be a perfect way of giving your native company a unique identity. It is available in EPS and AI file formats.

Tree-of-love Logo Template

tree of love logo template

This logo template featuring a tree-of-love can be edited and customized with ease to meet your needs. This fully layered vector logo template is available in AI file format. This logo template comes with impressive 300 DPI high-resolution quality.

Logo Fitness Girl Silhouette Black and White

logo fitness girl silhouette black and white


Cute Dog and Bird Black and White Logo

cute dog and bird black and white logo


Black and White Tiger Head Logo

black and white tiger head logo


World Wave Black and White Logo

world wave black and white logo


Eagle Black and White Logo

eagle black and white logo


Typography Black and White Logo

typography black and white logo


Black and White Soccer Logo

black and white soccer logo1


Charity Black and White Logo

charity black and white logo1


Black Fast Lizard Reptile Black and White Logo

black fast lizard reptile black and white logo1


Black and White Boutique Logo

black and white boutique logo


Black Identity Logo Design

black identity logo design


Black & White Logo Collection

black white logo collection


Minimal Logo Design

minimal logo design

It is our hope that you have found the above collection of black and white logo designs quite inspirational. From the above collection, you can easily create a black and white logo design that can help identify your company in the most unique and appealing manner possible. A design featuring an Angel Wings Logo in black and white can be good for a unique identity.

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