Children need schools to grow and prosper. A school is a location, which provides a learning space to the child. It not only gives him a place to learn, but it also provides him an environment, which promotes learning.

A school logo is an emblem created to represent a school. It is akin to the flag of a country. A school logo designs should be so created that it embodies the principles and beliefs which the school seeks to propagate among its students. Some school logo samples are explained below.

Carlton School logo

carlton school logo design

The Carlton school logo created for its drama club is vibrant with four colors used in it. White, black, pink and green are the four colors used. School logo design software free download can easily assist you to give the vibrancy to the logo.

Logos Drafted for Educational Institution

school logo concept

Logos drafted for any educational institution are sober, made up of a few colors, look vibrant and depict the principles for which the educational institution stands for. Each school logo maker uses a color in the school logo that represents a certain quality.

Logo Designed for Code School

code school logo design

Code school is another name for a more practical school, which teaches children the tricks of the trade. Therefore, right at the outset, the logo for a code school should make it clear that it has been made for a code school.

Logo Designed for Public School

public school logo design1

A public school may mean different things in different countries. In the UK, a logo designed for a public school may have to depict a logo for an autonomous school, with freedom being its central message.

Fish Logo for School

fish logo for school

Using a fish to make a logo for a school gives out the fact that it is a cooking school. A fish is something that we eat in various forms.

Ninja Logo Design for School

ninja school logo1

A Ninja school is a martial arts school. Therefore, a school logo creator for a martial arts school should depict a ninja with his weapons. A Ninja school is known for its martial arts education and for its fighters.

Logo Design for American Bartending School

american bartending school

A bartending school is an institution, which imparts training in bartending. The book shown in the logo depicts a school, with the words Bartending School giving out the nature of training imparted to it and the date below it, laying down the date of establishment.

Logo Designed for Pre-School

pre school logo

A pre-school is a preliminary school where elementary training is provided. Some pre-schools also provide training in music. The school logo shown here is for a music class.

Pie School Identity Logo

pie school logo design

A pie school is an institution that teaches children the secret to baking the perfect crust. Here, children learn the art of making tasty and gluten free crust and excellent baked food items.

Creative Logo for Educational Institution

creative school logo

Simple Logo for Educational Institution

stunning school logo design1

Edu Castle Logo Design

edu castle logo design

This stunning logo design is created by Grigoriou. It is a castle owl logo design inspired by the four-pronged learning, education, skill building, and wisdom. This logo is yellow in color in the background with the owl shown in light green and a gray colored font showing the name of the institution whose logo it is.

Simple Logo Design for School

learning time school logo

A simple logo design is one that is not very jazzy but at the same time conveys the message that the parent institution wishes to propagate. This logo is showing a clock showing the time, below which is written “learning time” in black color. The watch too is shown in black color.

Stunning Logo for School

future skills logo design

This logo is created for Future Skills high school, by folks. It is  a symmetrically shaped object within which are drawn stars and the name of the school is given in yellow letters.

Graduate Home Logo Design

graduate school logo

A graduate home logo design shows a rectangular frame which shows  the picture of a house, below which are the letters Graduate Home, written in brown and orange colors.

Trademark for kingsmills Primary School

logo for primary school

This is a stylishly designed logo for the Kingsmill primary school. It has the emblem of the school showing against the backdrop of a beige colored rectangle. The letters Kingsmill primary school is written below the emblem.

Circular Logotype Designed for School

cifrcular school logo

This creatively designed logo for a school has a triangular object juxtaposed in front of a beige colored rectangle backdrop. Below the triangle is written Gradguide. This logo designed for a school is stylishly created by mmmaddela.

Creative Logo for School

creative logo for school

Abacus Logo for Educational Institute

abacus logo for school

Amazing Emblem for Graduation School

amazing logo for school

Beautiful Logo Design for School

beautiful school logo

Designed for Junior School Emblem

children school logo

Outlined Logo for School

school logo illustration

Vector Logo Design

vector logo design

Circular Symbol for School

creative circular logo design

Guitar Logo Design for School

guitar school logo design

Preschool Logo Design

pre school logo design1

Thus, we have seen the different types of logo designs for different institutions, with a majority of them being schools. Schools can be of different kinds, they can be baking schools, music schools and schools teaching normal subjects. Overall, a school is a place where skills are taught and therefore it should be represented by a well-designed logo.

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