As far as business logos are concerned, celestial objects are favorites. And the symbol of a moon is ranked pretty highly as preference. You’re going to find that a good number of commercial interests worldwide have moon featuring as the main or supporting element in their business logo.

Blue Moon Logo Design

Amazing Moon Logo Design

Moon Logo Design for Restaurant

Fullmoon Productions Logo Design

Half Moon Logo Design

Cresent Moon Logo Design

Yellow Moon Logo Design

Moon and Stars Logo Design

Moon Logo for Pets Store

Cake Shaped Moon Logo Design

Strunning Moon Logo Design

Honeymoon Logo Design

Depending on what your choice is, you can either use the mere outline of a half moon. Or better still, embellish it with other designs and little details. In fact, recently you will get to find that many moon logos have use the moon shape as font as well.

Moon and Parrot Logo Design

Creative Moon Logo Design

Rocket and Moon Logo Design

Moon Logo Designs for Travel Agency

Moon Logo Design for Play School

Moon Logo Design for Spa

Creative Moon Logo Design

Moon Logo Design for Restaurant

Cute Moon Logo Design

Moon Logo Design for Footwear

Simple Moon Logo Design

In terms of color composition, you need not stick to the standardized black and white color scheme only. Moon as a celestial object is believed to inspire and trigger imagination. By this principle you can also let your imagination loose and come up with umpteen ways to feature the moon in a logo.

If you need some motivation and ideation, check out the comprehensive collection of moon logos that are available online!

You can employ your creative acumen to be at play as much as you’d like. The moon, as a pattern has ample scope and space for improvisation and experimentation.

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