When creating a logo for your cake or bakery business, finding the right one is vital in creating the brand for your business. There are many designs and styles available, with a wide range of styles and themes. This list has put together a myriad of cake logo designs in order to help and inspire you to find the cake logo designs that are perfect in completing the overall style and feel of your business.

Love Cake Logo

love cake logo

The Love Cake Logo design is a hand drawn logo that uses reds and creams to create a cute and quirky logo design. This design is perfect for a smaller, family owned bakery as a logo or crockery and napkin embellishment for a homely feel to your small business.

Cake House Bakery Logo Template

cake house bakery logo template

This cake logo design incorporates a cake design onto a building like design, collaborating the two. The design uses pinks, blues, and creams in order to create a cute and fun design, perfect for a small business logo and embellishments on crockery.

Cake Point Shop Logo

cake point shop logo

This design takes inspiration a maps pin point and uses a cake design with a bite out of it to create a cute and quirky logo for a small chain cake business. The design is available in a number of different colours and is fully customizable to your own specification.

Cake Spray Logo Design

cake spray logo design

This logo design uses spray cans and a chef’s hat to create a cute and different design to suit your business niche. The design uses a hand drawn effect to create a cute but professional logo for your cake decoration business.

Cake Chocolate Logo

cake chocolate logo

This logo is a simple 2D cartoon cake design to create a cute and homely feel to your small business as a logo, menu embellishment, crockery embellishment, or any other usage. The design uses simple creams and browns to create the shape of the cake, and coloured sprinkles and a cherry.

Data Cake Logo

data cake logo

The data cake is a computer, digital style of logo design, which is ideal for an online cake business or as a logo for a digital or online business in other niche types. It uses 2D coloured lines to create a stylish and modern design.

Cake Angel Logo

cake angel logo

This cake logo design uses a 2D cartoon cake image and has added wings and a halo so that the cake resembles an angel. This logo suits any cake business with angel in the name or an angel theme, or just as a simple cake business logo.

Cake and Tart Logo Design

cake and tart logo design

This cake design uses light lines and block colour to create a cartoon cake logo design. It comes in many different colours and is customizable to your specifications. It is ideal for any cake or bakery based business as a logo or embellishment.

Song Cake Logo

song cake logo

This logo takes inspiration from cake layers, featuring a triangle with lines underneath in the general shape of a cake, with a circle around the shape. This logo is suitable for a wide range of business niches, including cake business, but also many other niche areas.

Smash Cake Logo Design

smash cake logo design

This logo is a black and white 2D cartoon cake with pink on the body of the cupcake to resemble icing. It also uses a hand written writing font to make a cute and home made feel to the design, which is perfect for a cake business logo.

Cake Shop Retro Logo Design

cake shop retro logo design

Music Song Cake Logo

music song cake logo

Pixel Cake Logo Design

pixel cake logo design

Glace Cake Logo

glace cake logo

Cake Slice Logo

cake slice logo

Cupcakes Logo Design

cupcakes logo design

Cake Monster Logo

cake monster logo

Highly Decorated Cake Logo

highly decorated cake logo

Bari Cake Logo Design

bari cake logo design

Delicious Chocolate Cake Logo

delicious chocolate cake logo

These designs give you plenty of choice and variety in order to find the logo to perfectly suit your business, or simply to help you find the type and style of logo that you would like to design. We hope that this list has helped you to decide on the perfect logo to suit your business.

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