In most cases, people walk into a bakery because they are attracted by the delicious smell of fresh baked bread. By using well-designed bakery icons, you can clearly tell customers the types of bread you sell including any other baked products. Food icons on the menu can also help capture the attention of clients. Creating attractive bakery icons can be time-consuming, and that is why we have compiled ten best bread and bakery icons that you can use in your business. You may also See Icon Designs

Rounded Flat Bakery icons

Rounded flat bakery icons is a set of 16 icons that show a customer the type of food items offered in your bakery. Each icon uses two or more bold colors to quickly capture the attention of clients. This set is easy to download, print and you can use it on your menu.

rounded flat bakery icons

Bread and Bakery Icons

If you sell different types of flour baked products in your bakery, then these bread and bakery icons are for you. From cakes, donuts to bread, this set has many yummy goods that are sold in most bakeries.

bread and bakery icons

Hand Drawn Bakery Icons

These bakery icons are hand drawn to maintain the traditional look of a bakery. Each icon is well designed to give a clear representation of the item. So your customers can quickly select the type of baked product based on the shape. You can easily download the set based on the size you want.

hand drawn bakery icons

Bakery Flat Shadowed Icons

Bakery flat shadowed icons are colorful and make the food look visually appealing. Each icon is vibrant, vector illustrated and can be used separately. It features tasty cupcakes, donuts, and cake icons which will make great advertisement materials.

bakery flat shadowed icons

Colorful Bakery Vector Icons

Do you have a restaurant that specializes in cooking and selling pastry? Then this set of 10 colorful bakery vector icons is what you need to promote your food. It features colorful baked goods, an apron, and coffee. You can use these icons if you have a blog that is related to baked foods. You may also See Business Icons

colorful bakery vector icons

Bakery Flat Multicolor Icons

This is a set of 50 bakery flat multicolor icons that can be used for websites, print, presentation and food illustrations. Be it a rolling pin, cupcake, slice of bread, cake, pie, pizza or biscuits; this design has all icon that represent sweetness of baked food. It also has 100% vector icons which are easy to edit and scale.

bakery flat multicolor icons

Bakery and Confectionery Icons

Bakery and confectionary icons are suitable for a person who owns a bakery or and a confectionary. This set contains various icons such as cupcakes, bread, pretzel, bagels, donuts, croissants, candies, and cookies. Each icon is colorful and on a brown background. Choose different file sizes from small to maximum.

bakery and confectionery icons

Bakery Vector Line Icon

These bakery vector icons are arranged in a line to make it easier to see and pick the icon you want to use. You can download and print the images and use them on your menu or advertising on your website. They are creatively designed to give a clear presentation of baked goods.

bakery vector line icon

Bakery Pastry Icons

If you have a confectionary business, then this set of bakery pastry icons are for you. It comes in hand drawn design which can be used on a website, restaurant or café menu.

bakery pastry icons

Bakery Cooking and Baking Icons

This set has bakery cooking and baking icons. The icons are well designed and set on an isolated white background which makes every icon stand out. These images are appropriate for any bakery business. You may also See Home Icons

bakery cooking and baking icons

There are so many bakery icons so you can choose from hand drawn designs, colorful to those that utilize geometric shapes. Instead of wasting time designing an icon from scratch, you can use any of these beautiful icons to increase the appetite of customers and boost sales. You can even promote your bakery and improve user experience by using internal link anchor text.

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