Circular icons are ideal for use when you are creating app designs, business logos, embellishments and different website designs. In order to add the perfect finishing touches to your business logo or app design, we have put together this list of striking circular icon designs, which focus on many different niche areas and picture designs. We hope that this list will give you the inspiration that you need to develop your flat circular icon.

Circular Communication Icons

circular communication icons

These communication Icons use brightly colored circular backgrounds and 2D pictures of things like phones, microphones, and other communications icons in a simple white silhouette. These icons are ideal for social media apps and advertisings.

Flat Circular World Flag Icons

flat circular world flag icons

These world flag icons are simple 2D circular icons that are designed with the flags of the world. This could be used for language learning apps and many other uses for a modern styled flag icon.

Circular Finance Icons

circular finance icons

These icons are similar to the circular communication icons, using bright colours and a 2D white silhouette design using icons such as moneybags, piggy banks and credit cards. These icons can be used for finance and money apps, or even as a money based gaming app icon design.

Summer Games Icons

summer games icons

These summer games icons use brightly coloured circular backgrounds and 3D picture icons such as balls, boats and horses to create these icons for summer games. It could be used as an app icon, as a business logo, and for many other uses.

Circular Saw Blade Icons

circular saw blade icons

These say blades are a simple circular black and white design with cut out edges in different saw shapes. This design is ideal for packaging in order to show the cut and design of a saw blade for customers when buying.

Circular Social Icons

circular social icons

These social icons use the icons of social media platforms and the colours that they use to create these social media themed icons. They can be used for app icons, business or website logos, and many other different social media themed uses.

Circular Web and Mobile Icons

circular web and mobile icons

This circular web and mobile options have over 100 different options of colourful 2D icon designs with white picture icons in different styles. These icons can be used for a number of different apps and business or web logos.

Flat Circular Icon Set

flat circular icon set

This flat icon set uses a number of different pictures and designs in order to create these cute icon designs, which can be used for a range of uses such as app logos, business logos, or embellishments for a business design.

Color Basic Interface Icons

color basic interface icons

These circular icons are simple 2D designs with different pictures such as scissors, paper and CD disks in order to create these cute icon designs. They can be used for many different purposes, such as advertising or business logos.

Circular Textured Icon

circular textured icon

Circular Arrows Icon

circular arrows icon

Round Tie Icon

round tie icon

Circular Social Networking Icon Collection

circular social networking icon collection

Circular Food Icons

circular food icons

Circular Android Icons

circular android icons

Circular Icons Set

circular icons set

Circular Arrow Icon

circular arrow icon

Circular Chart Free Icon

circular chart free icon

Circular Home Icon

circular home icon

These circular icons can be used in many different business niche areas for incorporation into logos, embellishments, and web designs. We hope that this list has helped you to find the inspiration and options for design your business logo and app design so that you can add the perfect finishing touch to your professional business.

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