With the everyday growing social needs of the society, social media has well gotten its perks in the marketing industry.

Firstly social media usage is almost free and you can interact with your customers and clients more upfront and directly. The importance of having the right specific icons even helps attract relevant customers fairly easily and quickly too.

Choosing the right icons

Selecting the right social media icons for your website, can really help you boost your image as well as business to new levels un-imagined. Hence choosing the right icons for your blog or business is really mandatory to having the best advantage out of the social media. One can:

Check what types of other accounts most of their clients are using, use those which can be shareable to those websites too.

For example Facebook is the most popular website on which it can be shared hence including such an icon is really essential to your business’ growth to be linked everywhere and be accessible easily. This way, those who are not coming to you would read your material on their version and can later make an effort to contact you on your basis.

Facebook Social Icon Set

flat facebook social icon set


Include the main domains from each site type to cover all types of audiences reacting to your content and material viewed, showed or shared at any time.

There are a few icons which have surely become the representation for some categories like Facebook lets you remain social, Twitter lets you gain nature of others, Linkedin helps to stay professional while Google lets you stay updated.

Flower shaped Linkedin Social Media Icon set

flower shape linkedin icon set


Free social media icons

There are numerous free social media icons and vectors to choose from for your website. You even have a package of the best buttons tailored according to the most general needs. These include the very mainstream Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Business Insider, Google Plus, YouTube, Vines etc to choose from.

Free social media icons set download

free social media icons download1

Instagram social media icon free download

instagram social media icon ready for use e1460013733961


Snap-chat icon in simple yellow

snap chat icon download e1460013053796

Vine social media icon set download

vine social meida icon set download

Have a type for those who are not too much of savvy according to trends and remain specific to use internet on their own terms.

This includes those people who use internet just for their regular usage like those who open Pinterest for recipes and styling etc and Goodreads for those book lovers who need daily book exposure.

Round Outlined Pinterest icon pack

round outlined pinterest icon pack e1460012308176


Social media icon vectors

Social media icons help designers in a very long way. These icons reduce the need to sizing or placing different variables for their website in addition to having whole methods for them already.

For instance, a designer can use any icon such as the Twitter icon in any size and color he wants by using the ‘Iconmonstr’ and therefore does not need to go open Photoshop or anything else just to change its outlook.

Social Media Vector icons set

free social media icons download

Social media icon png

Png format social media images help a designer in many ways too. By placing them at the right place one does not need to have prototypes unnecessarily to make more complexities for him. Just apply the image and you can say much more without designing tables and other things for the same.

Rounded square social media icons pack

80 rounded square social media icons png


Flat social media icons

With the flat design trends coming in the market for a sleeker and compact look. The new layout is all about elegance on the go and impressive at the same time. These contain those boxed, jellyfish, subtle, line, metro icons, long shadow icons and circled flat icons with 32×32, 64×64 and up to 128 sizes.

Social media icons jelly fish style

social media icons jelly fish style e1459933121232


45 Subtle social media icons

45 subtle social meida icons

Line format social media icons

line format social media icons e1459933547861

Metro style social media icons

metro style social media icons

Social media icons with long shadow

social media icons with long shadow

Round Outlined Pinterest icon pack

round outlined pinterest icon pack e1460012308176


White social media icon

White icons are available for both vectors and png formats, the white icon sets are the biggest collections of all time and you can use them to enhance the look to concentrate on to specific areas as well. These are available separately and free of cost too.

7000+ White social media icons ready for use

7000 white icons ready for use e1459932796122


White and Dark Minimal Social Icons Pack

white and dark minimal social icons pack

Social media icon sets

Not to forget we have complete sets of different social media icons which can include those which are flat, round, jellyish, colored or even black, grey or white. Ranging from different types, these sets are offered everywhere on the web. Iconset and Iconfinder are some very renowned names of set providers.

Latest social media icons pencil sketch style

42 new social media icon set


Round social media icons

When it comes to web designing, round icons have a greater value since they comes in six different sizes, have equal precision all around, are perfect in detail, can be easily fit due to their round aesthetics. Hence they help the designer to go a long way without the need to have much complexity.

Round color social media icon set download

round social media icon set download e1459935060396


Black and white round social media icon set

black and white round social media icon set


Black social media icons

Black color also has very much importance in accordance with the design needs since it helps to keep things simpler and much dominant. Black is the mainstream and remains easily usable at every niche required since it is already chosen as default. Hence many designers prefer having black social media icons in their usage.

Black Normal and Square shaped version social media icons

30 black normal and square shaped social media icons

Circled lone  Black shaped social media icons

circiled lone black shaped social media icons


Black and white social media icons

However, on the contrary if black and white are used in fusion and both are used in perfect balance with a little sharpness by the designer, this gives the designer an edge towards the user who likes it more appealingly to differentiate efforts from simpler ones.

Black and white squared media symbols

black and white squared media symobls


Social media icons 2 in 1 pack

social media icons 2 in 1 pack e1459935970794


Grey social media icons

Since our childhood times we have known what is shown to be important remains highlighted but here if we change the colors of the original logos, this might change their meaning to being dull or too bright. Hence it is a worldwide and accepted practice to use grey one to be at a safe side and refrain from changing the company’s original meaning.

Transparent social media icons

Using transparent social media icons is definitely comfortable since you don’t need to take care if the website looks too colorful or if its color is overlapping or unclear or too bright for your website background. If you have a dark background, you can simply apply them and continue spending time on other important things.

Transparent blue social icons

trasparent blue social icons

Square social media icons

Square shaped icons work best for those home buttons where they remain distinguishingly visible and appropriate according to flexibility. Square shaped social media buttons help in creating counter effects for the website as they give it a more profound and bold look.

Top social media icons

With the growing social media usage, there have emerged many sites which have become extremely popular with every type of audience. Top social media platforms include the very well known Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Flickr, Snapchat, Xing, Linkedin Pulse and many more.

Collection of popular social media icons

collection of popular social media e1460019728506


Facebook icons

Facebook icons include the very popular signature icon, the like icon, newly updated emoticons which now include like, love, laugh, surprised and angry emotions and share button along with the status update button as well. The like button is the most popular button and has almost become independent of its usage outside the website too. The most suited is the mainstream original icon.

Facebook Icons set

facebook icons set

Twitter icons

Twitter signature icon consists of the very upside opposite button as of Facebook and the very cute bird emotion spreading all over with its blue splendor. This social media button has also become independent of its usage outside its own website for sharing purposes from other known websites and the best suited for this is the black social icon.

Twitter icons pack

twiter icons pack

Linkedin icons

The Linkedin market share is nevertheless since it has tremendous significance in the professional arena. Its endorsements and updating options remain very relevant for all employees as well as employers to have a firm professional relation between them. The icon that best suits them is its signature icon which is perfect for the while.

Flower shaped version of Linkedin icons

flower shaped version of linkedin icons


Google+ icons

Google+ has a lot of share in the market too, with its usage too much around the web, the icon is seen everywhere and the market share is quite near that of Twitter as the third most popular among all. The most suited though is the transparent social media button among all.

Google plus icons pack

google plus icons pack e1460020469814

YouTube icons

With Youtube being the most popular when it comes to video watching category, there is no other name than YouTube that is even close to it. It has most of the market share when it comes to streaming media while also being the second most popular over all too. The icon which most suits it remains the shdow over social media icon.

YouTube compilation icons

youtube complation icons1

Pinterest icons

Pinterest also remains in the place with about twenty percent of the market share, but it does remain quite popular over the creative category speaking of which it has no other competitor. The creative category seeking the internet usage for the same purposes will always have their favorite towards the square rounded corner social media icon for the website.

Pinterest abstract Icons download

pinterest abstract icons download


Instagram icons

Instagram has market share that is even less than 1 percent due to many other websites popping up as near competition. Instagram has been very widely used especially for those fashion sensed individuals but the share still has gotten down quite low. The most suitable icon for this would be the ultimate colorful version of the logo.

Instagram icon pack

instagram icon pack e1459939800975

Tumblr icons

Whenever there is a presentation or some office or student type help, one can never make an assignment without an image from Tumblr. It is always Tumblr having the most collection of the item you desire having the most suitable appearance. The most suited icon though for this social media website remains the iconic letter colored icon again.

 Tumblr vector icons

tumblr vector icons

Flickr icons

It’s a photo capturing era and no doubt Flickr is very suited when it comes to your photos. Flickr market share has increased over time as photo sharing has become more popular with the increased usage of camera and such types. The most suitable icon for Flickr is very distinguished and is the one having a circular appearance in which the logo is centrally focused.

Flickr Round vista like social media icon

flickr round vista like social media icon 1

Reddit icons

You won’t believe but Reddit has market share increasing more than Facebook. Facebook does remain on the top, but the way Reddit has come from the 12th position to the third position in just a year is very surprising. The most suited Reddit social media icon is the one in the square design with black square concentrated corners.

Reddit icons set

reddit icons set

Xing icons

Xing is the second professional linking website where professionals can use their profiles to create their new links. The site is used in over 200 countries having an increased market share over time. The best Xing icon is the latest icon having two diagonal folded sides with its shadow appearance in the middle.

Xing social networking icon

xing social networking icon e1460023118774

Renren icons

Renren is a Chinese social networking website like Facebook and it had become quite evident when Facebook had been banned in some countries though it still has a stable market share due to the Chinese population stability. The most suited icon is the white and blue half shaded social media icon as if it spread inner peace through its logo.

Renren icon in color and black

renren icon in color and black e1460023630963

Disqus icons

With its most suited original blue iconic logo everywhere when it comes to blogs and their blogging websites and links, Disqus remains very cool with little increase in its market share day by day. The icon is very familiar to all those associated with the Blog world and its attributes.

Flat Social Icons including Disque icon

flat social icons including disque icon e1460023786265

LinkedIn Pulse icons

Since LinkedIn has gone 1.48 percent up in the growth rate among all social media websites, LinkedIn Pulse has also grown along with it. LinkedIn Pulse is used for balancing out all those important factors related to risks involving shares, stakes, ranges and bonds while helping all investors on their analysis. The most suited icon remains the Black square round corner icon at every stage.

Linkedin and Linkedin plus icons

linkedin and linkedin plus icons

Snapchat icons

Snapchat has become too popular as soon as it came into the market. Grabbing each photo addict’s attention immediately the app has become the most addictively spreading rumor. The market share has been continuously challenged by its owners and they have come out shining at all times. The best suited icon is the dancing sparkling grey icon.

Snapchat icon download

snapchat icon download

Twoo icons

It is all about playing games and gaming in the new tech world. Twoo is the place where you can chat, take photos and play simultaneously. The market share might not be too much but it is getting popular over a limited number of users. The orange icon looks good when having a shadowed social media button for it.

Twoo icon for download

twoo icon for download e1460025517280


Vines icons

With the advent of the camera technologies and many other video making fun apps, Vines became evidently popular and many versions named after different celebrity’s reenacting to different situations came up front as Twitter benefitted from its new branch. The most suited Vine icon is the most popular fluorescent icon which appeared as its very first version for the website.

Vine Icon collection

vine icon collection

Whatsapp icons

Facebook wasn’t very much satisfied after having the number one website under its hood and bought WhatsApp which became so evidently popular that it broke all market share records ever made for any application making its debut. The best suited icon for Whatsapp is the lightly and partly shaded icon.

Whatsapp Shaded icons pack

whatsapp shaded icons pack


VK.com icons

Step in Europe and it’s the largest social networking website the region has. Facebook won’t be that popular in Europe but VK.com surely will have a large chunk in the market share of the European Region. Though available in many other languages as well but it is truly popular amongst Russians who love the medium background blue square round option that they think suits the best to the app.

Vk.com icon download


Meetup icons

Meetup is the largest network for local groups to have a joint type meeting or hangout for their short leisure around. These people get together each day in their communities to improve themselves as an individual to gain confidence and exposure. Though a low market share but the intent is truly strong and thousands are already meeting up with the original red and black option doing tremendous justice to its aim.

Social media icon meeting icon

soical media icon meeting icon

Secret icons

Secret icons are the ones not openly available as the name indicates. These range from those for which you need to type some actions or words jointly typed together and they are created for those special effects or transitions or some specific desired characters. There are secret icons in each app and these have a widely evident mysterious share in the market though they are always suitable in their original forms.

Secret vector icons for Apps

secret vector icons for apps

Medium icons

All medium icons icon vector tray on the web are available on the flat vector style though varying in thickness, fill and corner radii. The medium vectors show that for Windows 8, Windows 10, Android 5 Lollipop, iOS 9 etc. The market share is the known icon seen everywhere but known lesser by the name hence valuing more than imagined since operating systems have a whole lot of share. The most suited icon is the bold black and white contrast social media icon.

Windows 8 Medium Metro Icons

windows8 medium metro icons e1459946353849

Medium icons for windows, ios, android

medium icons for windows ios android e1459946926415


With their true nature, intent and purpose remaining the same, it is the stylized world and the designer world that has brought forward the existence of varied social media icons. Though their importance in each place cannot be in anyway denied, they continue to make the web easier and more appealing.


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