If you’re a graphic or web designer working on an office or workplace related project, then you’ll definitely find the office and workplace icons quite helpful. The icons are ideal for giving your design project a touch of professionalism and elegance that such design projects require.

Office Round Icon Set

office life icon

Office and Workplace Line Icons

office and workplace line icons

Office Meeting Icon

office meeting icon

Icons featuring items such as printers, faxes, telephones, a smartphone, pens, files or documentation are quite ideal for use in the office-themed design projects. Remember, the essence of any given icon is to convey the intended message. An icon featuring employees or staff holding a meeting or having a coffee break will be perfect for portraying a workplace.

Vector Office Worker Icon

vector office worker icon

Office and Workplace Business Web Icons

office and workplace business web icons

Office Workplace People Icons

office workplace people icons

Vector Office Icons

vector office icons

Vector Working People Icon

computer work with people icon

Office Flat Icon Set

office flat icon set

Workplace Fun Icon Set

workplace fun icon set

Flat Style Office Workplace Icon

flat style office workplace icon

Business Meeting Table Icon

business meeting table icon

An icon featuring an email or message note is good for use in an office related design project. Definitely, an office or workplace would be incomplete without some given set of equipment or machines such as a computer. Therefore, an office icon featuring a computer, keyboard, mouse, etc is just perfect for such design projects.

Office Tools Free Vector Icon

office tools free vector icon1


Workplace Meeting Icon

workplace meeting icon

Designer Workplace Icon Design

designer workplace icon design

Vector Office Icon Set

vector office icon set

Work Station Icon

work station icon

Icon Set for Office

icon set for office

Free Vector Office Icon Set

free vector office icon set

Workplace Computer Icon

workplace computer icon


Set of Workplace Icons

set of workplace icons

Graphic Design Workplace Icon

graphic design workplace icon1

Icons featuring common office furniture such as tables, chairs, cabinetry, etc, can match well with office and workplace design projects. Regardless of the impression or message that you’d like to portray to the target audience, you can get the perfect office and workplace technology icons to use in your project.

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