It is the aspiration of any given company to create an easily memorable impression of its brand. Although companies can achieve this through a number of ways, a set of custom icons such as a well designed Office and Workplace Icon can have a significant impact on a company’s branding or website. Seemingly simple, an icon can be a very powerful campaign tool for your company. Today, we are sharing some gorgeous icons that you can use for your company branding.

Flat Company Icon

flat company icon

The colorful icons in this pack of flat company icons come with remarkable simplicity and attractiveness. Featuring some of the common business elements including analytics, people, etc, these icons can help promote your company to clients in a spectacular way. You can get them as EPS and JPG files.

High Resolution Business Icons

high resolution business icons

This pack contains 100 smart, highly gorgeous company icons that can be very useful in your branding. You can use them for designing and develop the website of your company or promotional print materials and presentations. You can get these nice icons as PNG and SVG files.

Construction Company Icon Set

construction company icons set

If you are in the construction industry, then this pack of icons can prove to be very helpful. Featuring silhouettes of towers, skyscrapers, etc, these icons are really relevant to your construction company. This set comes in an impressively high resolution.

Company Services Icon Set

company services icon set

If your company is involved with service provision, then it stands to benefit from this collection of company services icons. Whether it is social media marketing, SEO consultancy, video marketing, etc, these icons will have a big impact on the image of your service company.

100 Business Icons

100 business icons

Featuring 100 gorgeous business icons, this is undoubtedly a set befitting all your company branding needs. These two-colored icons come with a spectacular resolution quality of 300 DPI. The vector icons are available as SVG and PNG files.

Organization and Company Icon Set

organization and company icon set

This set of icons featuring organization and company icons can be a perfect way of presenting an impressive image to your clients and prospective. Featuring icons of people or team, this can be ideal for your company’s human resourcing, team building, etc.

Cleaning Company Icon

cleaning company icon

Your cleaning company needs to be presented to clients in a highly professional manner and, these icons will help you accomplish just that. Portraying a professional cleaner in full gear together with some commonly used items in the industry, these colored flat icons looks stunningly great!

Thunder Bolt Company Icons

thunder bolt company icons

These vector icons featuring colorful thunderbolt silhouettes looks highly impressive. This set of attractive company icons can be downloaded as vector EPS and JPG file formats. You can easily edit, customize and rescale these icons to suit your company needs.

Vector Company Icon Set

vector company icons set

Featuring a wide range of business icons including Financial Icons, this set of icons can be very helpful in portraying your company positively before clients. The vector illustration icons featured here can be scaled to the required size quite easily.

70 Abstract Company Icons

70 abstract company icons

This set featuring assorted abstract icons including Shop Icons, cloud icons, etc could be all that your company needs to have a positive image before the clients. You can download the abstract icons as a Vector EPS file.

Black and White Company Icons

black and white company icons

Bank Company Icon

bank company icon

Company & Business Flat Icons

company business flat icons

Colorful Business Company Icon Collection

colorful business company icons collection

Factory Icon

factory icon

Black Company Building Icon

black company building icon

Company Building Icon

company building icon

Hopefully, you have found this pack of icons really inspiring. Indeed these are some of the Real Estate Icons that you can use to enhance and make the image of your corporation easily memorable among your clients and prospective. Make a point of using these icons in your branding and, the result will be good.

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