Download icon designs may not be that important for site owners, because they believe that it’s only a very small part of their whole package. However, for big websites and even the small ones who want to look perfect in every way, even the download icons matter. You may also see Arrow Icons

Blue Download Icon

blue download icon

Folder Download Icon

folder download icon

Black Download Icon

black download icon

These download icons have been in the electronic industry for as long as we can remember, maybe as early as when they started to make computers. Download icons’ trademark are the arrows facing down. Some companies / websites use their logos on the download icon together with an arrow, for the users to distinguish that they are actually downloading something from that company’s website. You may also see Multimedia and Entertainment Icons

Colorful Download Icon

colourful download icon

Cloud Download Icon

cloud download icon

Circular Download Icon

circular download icon

Simple Download Icon

simple download icon1

Companies have started to become very creative in designing all features on their websites, to get more traffic and to rank as high as they want. Clearly, they are all doing this to be noticed and to have a specific or particular trademark to consumers/ users.

Download Tray Icon

download tray icon

File Download Icon

file download icon

Database Download Icon

database download icon

Music Download Icon

music download icon

Download Folder Free Icon

download folder free icon

Unique Download Icon

unique download icon

Hand Drawn Download Icon

hand drawn download icon

Multimedia Download Icon

cool download icon

Eject Arrow Download Icon

eject arrow download icon

Clipboard Download Icon

clipboard download icon

Computer Download Icon

computer download icon

Vector Download Icon

vector download icon

Internet Download Icon

internet download icon

All download icons nowadays have one same feature which is the arrow. Companies and websites just customize their arrows on how they want them to look like, by trying different colors, or going more creative by making the arrows look like something else, which of course has to have a meaning to their business/ company. Some websites have their download icons with colorful folders and an arrow pointing inside the folder. Others prefer to go simple by showing an arrow facing down and a straight line down where the arrow is pointing. You may also see Booking Icons

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