Safety and security comes first with any matter you are dealing, be it your residence, health, or office. With the hike in burglary and cybercrime, several developers have come up with various security icons which find use for any of your projects from e-commerce to banking websites, templates, mobile apps and others. While you search for the best in the range, here are some of the safety sign icons you might be finding appealing to proceed with.

Home Security Icon

home security icons

This set of home security icons find use to any projects concerning the safety and security measures like indication of an area under CCTV coverage, having security alarms and others. Finding it fitting your needs? Get this set of vector illustration downloaded in the EPS and JPG format. However, make sure you possess an updated version of Adobe CS.

Flat Safety and Security Icon

flat safety and security icons

This set of layered Flat safety and security icons find compatibility using with Adobe CS3+. While icons offer you the advantage of easy editing as per your needs, the set comes with 100 SVG and 1 each of AI, EPS, JPG and PDF files.

High Quality Security Icon

high quality security icons

This set of simple security web icons finds reach to any project from websites to templates. The editable icons file comes with 10 EPS, and 1 JPEG, AI, PSD, PDF AND SVG file each. You can download the one as per your requirement and enjoy designing.

Security and Safety Icon

security and safety icons

With the world moving towards development at a faster pace, burglary and cybercrime has also made out its reach to a very high extent enhancing your concern about security. This set of security and safety icons come with designs fitting myriad of project needs indicating security of information and data, objects and others. The file can be downloaded in PNG, SVC or EPS format as per your needs.

Information Security Icon PNG

information security icon png

Online information is most subject to cybercrime. Indicate protected information using icons from this set of information security PNG file which can be edited as per your project needs. Get this file downloaded in EPS and JPG format to enjoy browsing and designing with websites, templates, mobile apps and others.

Security Unique Icon

security unique icons

This set with 50 vector security health icons and e-commerce icons comes in 20 different sizes of 6 types and 12 styles providing you a wide array of choices to make your requisite selection. You can use these icons for designing website, print, templates, illustrations and mobile apps. Download the file in any of the 6 formats including AI, EPS, CDR, EPS, PNG, JPG and SVG and make sure you have Adobe CS1+version to access it.

High Resolution Security Icon

high resolution security icons

These colorful vector security icons finds use for designing websites, mobile apps, templates and various illustrations concerning the need of alerting the onlooker. This graphic file can be downloaded in EPS and JPG format finding compatibility being used with Adobe CS.

Biometric and Security Icon

biometric and security icons

Biometric security icons are yet another one in vogue and include icons that represent eye and voice recognition, fingerprints and DNA for secure access to any website, mobile app or template. This set consisting of 12 icons fits any of your project needs and comes in EPS and JPG format.

Data Protection Security Icon

data protection security icons

These icons can be used for representing protection of your business from unauthorized sources. These editable vector icons come designed on vibrant colored backgrounds giving an appealing look to your project. Liking it? Get it downloaded in EPS and JPG format to start designing.

Security Psd Icon

security psd icons

Designed with a black and white font, these icons are simple yet stylish to look and use. The Icons represent keypad, security camera, walkie talkies, police badges, siren, padlock, stop sign and others. Get it downloaded in any format fitting your requirement and enjoy access.

Computer Security Vector Icon

computer security vector icons

Internet Security Vector Icon

internet security vector icons

Fully Editable Security Icon

fully editable security icons

Flat Round Security Icon

flat round security icons

Security Flat Shadowed Icon

security flat shadowed icons

Linear Computer Security Vector Icon

linear computer security vector icons

Internet Security Icon

internet security icons

Computer Security Vector Icon Set

computer security vector icons1

Information Technology Security Flat Icon Pack

information technology security flat icons

Black Home Security Icon Set

black home security icon set

Security Flat Icon Set

security flat icon set

Though the internet offers you with a myriad of options; you might be confused regarding making the selection. Easing out your dilemma, this list of communication icons for security and safety offers you with 10 best sets possessing that oomph factor to enhance your project. So why wait anymore? Make your selection and go ahead with your creativity.

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