Emergency service icons can be used for many different projects, not only for emergency services, but also as themed events, app development, business logos, and many other projects in order to create an emergency service theme. This list compiles a wide variety of emergency services icons to help to give you options and inspiration so that you can create a great project, no matter what the aim of the project or product you are creating.

Emergency Paramedic Icons

emergency paramedic icons

These emergency medical icons use simple cartoon styles to create these cute and fun medical icon designs. These designs can be used for many different uses, such as business logos, advertising, and many other medical themed projects.

Simple and Stylish Emergency Icons

simple and stylish emergency icons

These emergency icons are simple grey silhouettes in the shapes of typical objects related to emergency services, such as traffic cones, fire hydrants, and Band-Aids. These icons can be used for advertising, labelling, logos, and many other emergency service projects.

Vector Emergency Icons Set

vector emergency icons set

These emergency service icons are simple black and white silhouettes of different emergency service themed pictures on a white and yellow background. They can be used for banners, event invitations, logos, and many other projects.

First Aid Emergency Flat Icons Set

first aid emergency flat icons set

These emergency first aid icons show cartoon images of people providing first aid. These icons are perfect in use for a hospital waiting room or a nurse’s office to show patients what they need to do to perform First Aid or CPR in an emergency.

Medical and Health Care Icons

medical and health care icons1

These medical icons are simple 2D cartoon styled icons. These icons can be used for many different uses, such as an app icon, a logo, designs on a Band-Aid, and many other cute and quirky medical themed products.

Emergency Medical Icons

emergency medical icons

These emergency medical icons are 2D red shapes on a white background. They use simple icons that are easily associated with emergency services. They can be used for labels, safety notices, and other emergency service notifications.

Warning and Danger Icons

warning and danger icons

These icons use the typical yellow triangular warning sign design to draw attention to these warning signs. These icons are perfect for use in warning people of hazards and hazardous areas because the yellow draws the eye to the icons.

Flat Rounded Emergency Icons

flat rounded emergency icons

These flat icons use simple, brightly coloured, round backgrounds and a white image embellished into the centre. These icons are ideal for use in the design of an app, as a business logo, or as a label or advertisement.

Fire Fighter Icon Set

fire fighter icons set

These fire fighter icons are simple grey 2D pictures on a black background and use typical icons that are easily associated with fire fighters, such as ladders, hoses, and fire. They can be used in an app design, a business logo, as labelling and advertising, and many other emergency service themed projects.

Fire Safety Icons

fire safety icons

These fire safety icons use coloured circular backgrounds and white 2D picture embellishments, such as a ‘Way Out’ sign and a fire extinguisher to create these icons that are easily associated with emergency services. They have many uses, such as app development or logos.

Fire Emergency Icons

fire emergency icons

Emergency Square Icons

emergency square icons

Fire Safety Emergency Icons

fire safety emergency icons

Safety and Emergency Brush Icons

safety and emergency brush icons

Exit Emergency Icons

exit emergency icons

Red Emergency Icons

red emergency icons

Set of Fire Emergency Icons

set of fire emergency icons

High Resolution Emergency Icons

high resolution emergency icons

Medical Emergency and Healthcare Icons

medical emergency and healthcare icons

High Quality Medical Emergency Icons

high quality medical emergency icons

These icons can be used in the design of many types of products and projects that are not simply the typical emergency service projects. These icons create a beautiful finish to any project you are creating, as well as a professional and fun feel, depending on the design you have chosen.

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