If you look for interior decoration ideas in any search engine you will receive plenty of results for decorating your living space room by room. Every room does need a unique decor, but sometimes while enhancing the look of your home, we tend to overlook the small spots in our living space. Now, if you live in a small space, you would certainly agree that every square inch counts.

So, today we have come up with 10 ideas to decorate the small but very noticeable section of your house, that is the stairs. Yes the very stairs which help you reach the top floors of your house, can be decorated too. It doesn’t require much paint or paper, so if you are planning to start your way into decorating your home, why not take it to the next level first.

Add Peachy Pink Color

peachy pink stairs


If you have complete white stairs, try and include a little bit of color. You just need to buy sample paint pots from market to achieve this ombre look all by yourself. You can even experiment and make the look more challenging by adding one particular color to each stair.

Add the Touch of Tile

tiles on stairs

Tiling the entire floor of your house with Moroccan tile can only be possible if you land yourself in the pool of money, till then you can include the look of the tile in smaller surface area like stairs. It can be one of the luxurious inclusion to your house without spending exorbitant amounts of money.

Stencil the Look of Tile

stencil stairs1


If spending on the Moroccan tile seems too much. You can always copy the look of the tile, all you will need is stencils, good quality floor paint and stippling brush. It will be a time taking and a hardworking job but the end result will surely be worth it.

Pattern Play

removable wallpaper on stairs

Add the touch of wallpaper to your stairs. If you wish you can mix and match with different patterns or just stick to one. If you stick to one pattern, a single roll of approximately 40 ft will suffice the decorating cause. This easy makeover can help to bring color to room as well as stairs.

washitape stairs

Another economical and easy to do decorating task for your stairs would be to include removable wallpaper or washi tape. The advantage of adding removable wallpaper is you can peel it away when you are bored with the look or planning to shift your apartment.

Add Color to Some Stairs

colored stairs

In some condos and apartments a couple of stairs are used as transition between living areas. These stair can be experimented by adding bright neon colors to make the look bright without overdoing the colorful appearance.

Black Stairs

black stairs

If you have a complete white interior to your home you can add an absolute black look to stairs and the railing- the look will turn out to be nothing but a perfect neutral contrast.

Color Outside the Lines

colored outside tile

If you are planning to color the stair risers, don’t stop at the edge instead paint couple of inches above the wall for an fascinating look to your stairs.

Add a Striped Runner

striped runner stairs

Adding a striped runner across or middle of the stairs makes the look instantly striking. When balanced with a white interior the look straightaway gets its charm.

Add a Countdown

numbered stairs

If you have young kids an interesting way to paint the risers is include vinyl sticker numbers in each stair riser, so that the little ones can count their way to the top.

As stairs appear to be the most overlooked spot in the home, decorating them might seem too much of work, but you can always make the overlooked beautiful with some easy transformations.

This could definitely be your way to make the unnoticed  noticeable.

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