Your house is largely your humble abode therefore, it is best to surround it with colour and warmth than circumferencing it with a moat. If you are looking for landscape ideas to add variety to your garden, we have collected a list of 10 designs that will serve you with the best and elegant inspirations. From glowing blooming shrubs to all-round season plants and perennials, the house when enveloped in a pleasing atmosphere makes the look both attractive and functional.

1. Elevated Steps

elevated steps

If you are landscaping your front yard, adding elevated steps can change the look of your garden easily and effortlessly.

elevated steps design

Along with adding texture and dimension, the steps when coordinated with plants and flowers can accentuate the look of your home naturally.

2. Decorated Pathway

decorated pathway

Boxed hedges whether rounded or square, can act as a brilliant border to the garden pathway. Elaborate and decorative, the pathway decorated with pebbles or stones can make your daily walk inside or outside the house a refreshing and pleasant experience.


You can also alternate the look by adding flowers alongside the walkway. The inclusion will definitely make the short stretch equally beautiful and fragrant.

3. Floral Front Yard

floral front yard

Cover the front yard with your favourite flowers, window boxes act as an impressive attraction for the eye. Try and complement the look of your home with the colours of the flowers. You can even bring in the drama by adding contrasting and striking shades and types of flowers.

4. Garden Courtyard

garden courtyard

If you wish to give your garden a sense of height try and include a vertical stand for holding tangle of geraniums and sweet potato vines outside your home. Apart from framing your garden, the stand will also make way for a dramatic entryway.

5. Rose and Shrubs

rose and shrubs

Landscape your garden with roses and trimmed shrubs for a classic and organised touch. Add a vintage wooden bench to give a fairytale touch to your garden.

6. Pedestrian Plants

pedestrian plants

You can also bring a green sheen right at your foot by including pedestrian plants in your garden. A green cover that shines all year round will definitely complement your everyday walk to the home.

7. Romantic Archway

romantic archway

A soft and flowery archway is the perfect solution for a romantic entrance to the garden. You can include the type of flowers and the respective colour as per your preference. We are certain an entryway like this would be hard to walk away and ignore.

8. Geometric Garden

geometric garden

Having a dispersed geometric spread of flowers and plants in your garden is one way to create an even natural presence in your backyard. Mix and match the look by including some shrubs, flowering plants and even some sweet jalapeno and paprika pepper.

9. A Secret Garden

a secret garden

Landscape your garden with a secretive and covered look by fixing a structure with plants to grow on. With a dense cover forming a natural roof, the setup comes out to be intimate and relaxing for dining in a closed group.

Give your garden a fresh look with these amazing landscaping ideas that are imaginative and beautiful.

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