A Mediterranean garden design is lush green, beautiful and has a breath of fresh air. One of the best things about these gardens is that they are easy to maintain. The Mediterranean landscape surrounding greenery can add an exotic feel to your garden. A typical Mediterranean garden involves walls, stairs, wooden gates, vibrant flowers and plants. Have a look at some of the below Mediterranean garden designs as follows:

Small Mediterranean Garden Design

small mediterranean garden design


This small Mediterranean garden landscape consists of several vibrant flowers which makes the garden look colorful. Surrounded with pebbles and rocks, this is a natural style garden with native California plants. The landscape is full of colorful plantations and because of that it allows a lot of fresh air in.

Modern Mediterranean Garden

modern mediterranean garden


This modern Mediterranean landscape garden has a pathway in the center and the garden has been neatly planted with several shrubs and herbs. The color of the house is brick red which matches beautifully with the garden.

Formal Mediterranean Garden

formal mediterranean garden

Design by Exterior Worlds Landscaping & Design

This Mediterranean garden landscape has a neatly trimmed pattern with square shape cuts and contains cross shape designs in it. This landscape contains a lot of greenery with several wild trees and a large garden next to the pool.

Mediterranean Courtyard Garden Idea

mediterranean courtyard garden idea


This Mediterranean style patio features several flowers planted in the backyard. It is a beautiful garden with green clipped hedges around the walkway. This courtyard garden allows a lot of natural air and greenery inside the landscape.

Front Yard Mediterranean Garden

front yard mediterranean garden


This beautiful front yard garden made in Mediterranean style is lush and awesome. It has several colorful flowers and is right outside the house wall gate. This is an open concept garden and contains unusual flowers and shrubs.

Mediterranean Patio Garden

mediterranean patio garden


This gorgeous patio garden landscape contains a middle pathway with surrounding green plants and white flowers. It is a gravel garden with container pots hanging pretty in the door of the landscape. The house gate design is pretty and inspired from a cottage style garden

Mediterranean Vegetable Garden Idea

mediterranean vegetable garden idea

Design by Jonathan Raith Inc

This is a vegetable garden built in Mediterranean style having rectangular blocks of gardens and includes veggies like lettuce, jasmine vines, grape stake fence etc. This is a rustic style garden with loads of fresh flowers and vegetables that have been neatly landscaped.

Mediterranean Herb Garden

mediterranean herb garden


This is a beautiful Mediterranean herb garden with loads of colorful plantations and container pots as well. It features several distinct plants with succulent gardens and pottery plants.

Mediterranean Garden Furniture

mediterranean garden furniture


A garden is almost incomplete without the right garden furniture. This succulent lush green garden is complete with a proper furniture¬†including sofas that have been placed in the opposite direction along with the center table. It looks like the perfect place for families to spend some time nurturing one’s self.

Simple Mediterranean Garden

simple mediterranean garden


This simple Mediterranean garden is huge and spacious. It has a luxurious design and features traditional rustic colors that go well with the colorful garden plants and flowers. It features stone engraved wall and has a round shaped black intricate design gate inside. The sideways are enriched with lush greenery and rich flora and fauna.

Container Mediterranean Garden Idea

container mediterranean garden idea

Design by Katrina Fairchild

Exterior Mediterranean Style Garden

exterior mediterranean style garden

Design by Katrina Fairchild

Trendy Mediterranean Garden Idea

modern mediterranean garden idea

Design by Paul Brant Williger

Attractive Mediterranean Garden Idea

attractive mediterranean garden idea


Fantasy Mediterranean Garden

fantasy mediterranean garden


Private Mediterranean Garden Design

private mediterranean garden design


Mediterranean Style Home Gardens

mediterranean style home gardens


Mediterranean garden designs are known for their luxurious style. They feature several distinct categories of plants, flowers and greens. There are several designs and twists to the Mediterranean garden designs which are old and traditionally original. Nowadays, Mediterranean design is combined with modern ideas to give it all a new look. A true blue Mediterranean garden requires certain types of plants to be used in the garden. The above design ideas can give you a picture on how you can design your own landscape garden with a Mediterranean touch also having modern ideas combined together.

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