A refreshing dip in a pool of cool water is something every person craves for, especially when it is hot outside. Or, just think of the visual pleasure you rejoice when you sit around a landscaped pool in your backyard, observing the natural beauty of the place. Irrespective of the nature of pool, people consider them to be a place offering mental pleasure and visual appeal. Here are twenty popular pool designs that you can incorporate in your home.

Small Pool Designs

A small pool in your compound looks like a beautiful piece of asset. When you incorporate small pools, install blue tiles to make it look gorgeous. The surrounding areas may have turf and trees. It is important to trim and roll the turf to make the pool look prominent.

Modern Small Pool Design

modern small pool design

Design by Gib-San Pools Ltd

Small Indoor Pool Design

small indoor pool design


Small Courtyard Pool Design

small courtyard pool design

Mirror Lake Designs

Backyard Pool Designs

Backyard pools look good when there is a bit of greenery around the place. You are free to choose the desired shape, rectangular, round or ‘L’-patterned. Use dark blue tiles for the floor of the pool and light brown tiles for the walkway around it. Patches of grass around the sidewalk enhances the visual pleasure.

Tropical Backyard Pool Design

tropical backyard pool design


Traditional Backyard Pool Design

traditional backyard pool design

J.Brownlee Design

Small Backyard Pool Design

small backyard pool design

Mirror Lake Designs

Indoor Pool Designs

When you go for an indoor pool, make sure it has good compatibility with other elements of interior designing. Round pools with wooden borders look great. You can install pendant lights above the pool on the ceiling to deliver a more sophisticated look to it.

Luxury Indoor Pool Design

luxury indoor pool design


Indoor Endless Pool Design

indoor endless pool design1


Rectangle Pool Designs

Rectangular pools are the simplest and most popular pool designs that people love to install in their homes. These are generally featured by light or deep blue floor tiles. The sidewalk around it is paved with tiles, light brown or yellow in colour. The sitting arrangement around the pool needs to be compatible in terms of colour contrasts.

Modern Rectangular Pool Design

modern rectangular pool design


Rectangle Inground Pool Design

rectangle inground pool design


Rectangle Pool Deck Design

rectangle pool deck design

Vinci-Hamp Architects Inc

Outdoor Pool Designs

Outdoor pools can be made quite innovative and sophisticated. You may opt for a wooden platform surrounding the pool. The sidewalks can be made of marble or tiles, as you wish. These pools are found in resorts and luxurious hotels.

Outdoor Pool Design with Fireplace

outdoor pool design with fireplace

Bruce Palmer Design Studio

Traditional Outdoor Pool Design

traditional outdoor pool design


Outdoor Kitchen Pool Design

outdoor kitchen pool design


Contemporary Pool Designs

Contemporary housing patterns are evolving and people love to sit around pools and enjoy the view. So opt for a patio just beside the pool. The sidewalks around the pool have to complement the looks of the patio. You can use bright tiles in both the areas to strike a good match.

Small Contemporary Pool Design

small contemporary pool design

Design by Apex Landscape

Contemporary Lap Pool Design

contemporary lap pool design

Photo by Steve King

Mediterranean Pool Designs

These pools are featured by blue-green water and a lot of greenery around. For a change, you can incorporate a wooden sidewalk. Get matching furniture for sitting arrangements and customize the setting. These pools generally have a rounded shape.

Mediterranean Pool Landscaping Idea

mediterranean pool landscaping idea

Maienza - Wilson Architecture + Interiors

Mediterranean Indoor Pool Design

mediterranean indoor pool design

Design by Covers in Play

Mediterranean Infinity Pool

mediterranean infinity pool


L-Shaped Pool Designs

‘L’-shaped pool designs are common in commercial houses and hotels. These can be enhanced in look when you pave the surrounding area with matching tiles, square in shape. Make the right choice of colour, go for shades of light yellow or cream.

L-Shaped Lap Pool Design

l shaped lap pool design

Design by Gib-San Pools Ltd

Above Ground L-Shaped Pool Design

above ground l shaped pool design


Luxury Pool Designs

If you want to pamper yourself with the best of luxury, install fountains in the pools. With accurate lighting and designs, you can yield perfect beauty of the place. A marble platform around the pool looks bright and sophisticated.

Outdoor Luxury Pool Design

outdoor luxury pool design1

ARC Design Group

Luxury Backyard Pool Design

luxury backyard pool design


Landscape Pool Designs

Landscaped pool designs are popular in exotic venues, resorts and hotels. These pools are featured by a lot of accessories like inbuilt islands with plants, complementing tiles and lights. You can use gray or slate coloured tiles to pave the walkway around.

Spa Pool Landscape Design

spa pool landscape design1

Design by Cool Pool

Backyard Landscape Pool Design

backyard landscape pool design


Garden Pool Designs

Garden pools are irregular in shape, most of the times. You can make the pool look compatible with the surroundings. If you have a rock garden, place a few boulders around the water body. In case you go for a particular theme, you can create a small island and place a few boulders in it.

Small Garden Pool Design

small garden pool design

Molly Wood Garden Design

Outdoor Garden Pool Design

outdoor garden pool design

Eberlein Design Consultants Ltd

Backyard Pool Garden Design

backyard pool garden design

Design by Selective Designs

Residential Pool Designs

Residential pools have customized sitting arrangements around them. You can install wrought iron chairs around the area for a sleek and sophisticated look. Create some plant areas as well, so that the entire setting looks well-planned. These pools can be circular, rectangular or even heart-shaped.

Outdoor Residential Pool Design

outdoor residential pool design

LRO Residential Dallas Custom Builders

Small Residential Pool Design

small residential pool design


Custom Residential Pool Design

custom residential pool design

Design by Bradford Products LLC

Lap Pool Designs

Lap pools are generally narrow and rectangular. There are green patches on three of the sides of the pool. On the other side, you can incorporate a compatible sitting arrangement with fashionable chairs.

Small Lap Pool Design

small lap pool design


Modern Lap Pool Design

modern lap pool design

Design by Frameless Impressions

Geometric Pool Designs

Geometric pools are innovatively designed to attain optimum visual pleasure. These are common in hotels and resorts. You can design a few concrete projections into the water to create innovative geometric patterns. These pools also have customized sitting arrangements around them.

Small Geometric Pool Design

small geometric pool design


Geometric Pool Design with Spa

geometric pool design with spa

J. Brownlee Design

Pool Patio Designs

Pool patios need to be customized according to the available space and compatibility. You can arrange for a couple of chairs in an area paved with stone tiles. There are other patio designs as well, with shades and awnings.

Inground Pool Patio Design

inground pool patio design


Concrete Pool Patio Design

concrete pool patio design

Hoffman's Custom Contracting, Inc.

Infinity Pool Designs

These pools are designed in such a way that the horizon seems to be merging with the water. Places with good natural beauty are chosen for these pools. For instance, you can find these pools in hotels in the sea-shores. Thus, you reap the benefits from the natural setting of the place.

Small Infinity Pool Design

small infinity pool design


Modern Infinity Pool Design

modern infinity pool design


Elevated Pool Designs

The sides of elevated pools are raised to give it a new attire. These pools look like waterbodies in large containers with walls. The walls can be enriched with some fine architectural elements and colours. The surrounding area and walkway tiles have to be in lines with the pool walls.

Elevated Above Ground Pool Design

elevated above ground pool design


Elevated Swimming Pool with Glass Walls

elevated swimming pool with glass walls


Beach Entry Pool Designs

These pools are so designed, as to resemble a natural sea beach. The floor of the pool has an inclination towards the deeper side, so that the water level gradually rises as one goes deeper into it. You can install boulders and luxury chairs around the place.

Beach Entry Inground Pool Design

beach entry inground pool design


Small Beach Entry Pool Design

small beach entry pool design


Pool Deck Designs

Pool decks have to be in good compatibility with the surrounding areas. If you have a round pool, you can opt for a wooden deck, raised to a height with the help of stairs. Wooden decks with a polished finish are elegant to look. You can also have decks with wooden railings in the case of rectangular or round pools.

Round Pool Deck Design

round pool deck design1


Paver Pool Deck Design

paver pool deck design2

Design by Travertine Warehouse

Square Pool Designs

Square pools are common in both residential and commercial areas. These pools are customised to the surrounding areas with matching furniture and sitting arrangements. The sides of these pools can be raised to create an elevated pattern. You can also install lights around the corner to present a symmetric pattern. It looks splendid when the lights are functional at night.

Small Square Pool Design

small square pool design


Modern Square Pool Design

modern square pool design


Why are Pool Designs Important?

Designing a pool requires a lot of planning. For instance, the colour and dimensions of tiles that are to be placed at the bottom need to be considered at an early stage. The installation process, landscaping and designing have to be accurate so that there are no flaws or safety loopholes in the pools. You need to put every element in the pool in the right position so that it turns out to be a visual treat to watch.

There are other variations of pool designs that you can incorporate in your home. The most important aspect you need to consider is the compatibility of the pool design to the surrounding areas. For instance, the pool design at the front of a house will obviously be different from that in the backyard. The shape of the pools also plays a determining role in its look. If you have a new pool design idea in your mind, feel free to share it with us.

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