When you long for an outdoor area to rest your bones, lounges crafted beside pools are the ideal places. You get a cool place to relax and at the same time, enjoy the view of the pool. There are a number of pool lounge ideas that you can incorporate into your homes, and each of these provides with a unique ambience. Here, you will find ten classy ideas related to pool designs and you can incorporate any of these designs in your home.

Tropical Pool Lounge Idea

tropical pool lounge idea


When you have a backyard patio beside a pool, you can enjoy the shade and composure of the place in true serenity. The wooden reclining chairs are elegant in look and provide a lot of comfort. The pool of water has a greenish tinge and it looks great under the shade of trees.

Floating Pool Lounge Furniture

floating pool lounge furniture


In many homes, you will find a sophisticated backyard landscaping. In these areas, there are backyard fire pits, and it looks great with the crystal-blue water in the pool. Arrange for necessary sitting areas in the room. You can also see Plywood Furniture Designs

Traditional Pool Lounge Design

traditional pool lounge design


These pool designs are ideal for houses with front elevations. The pool has a granite edge and the water in the rectangular area looks great. It has a sloped backyard with stairs leading up to the upper areas. You can enjoy the clear view of the water in this setting.

Shallow Pool Lounge Idea

shallow pool lounge idea


When you have a patch of greenery in your backyard, you can seamlessly incorporate a pool in it with customised features. The blue hue of the clear water goes well with the wall finish of the house. The surrounding area is made to look like a lawn with artificial green colour and you can install a few chairs and a table for sitting arrangements.

Contemporary Pool Lounge

contemporary pool lounge


There are homes where you will find simple landscapes around the pool. Here, limestone pavers are used to create a grey surrounding the pool. This type of pool goes well if there is an adjacent mansion with white walls.

Beach Style Pool Lounge

beach style pool lounge


If you are fond of sea beaches, you can re-create the same ambience in your backyard. In the beach style pool design, there are large decks with cushions. The salt water pool has a few date trees around it. You can use a few boulders to yield a classy look.

Modern Poolside Lounge

modern poolside lounge


This pool lounge is based on a desert landscape. There are covered areas for sitting arrangement. With fancy chairs around the pool, you can rest your senses in the leisure hours and stare at the mesmerising view over the water and across the horizon. Use slate stamped concrete slabs around the pool.

Midcentury Pool Lounge Design

midcentury pool lounge design


If you want to take the pool lounge design in your backyard a few decades back, you can opt for a desert landscape with blue stamped patio. There are gravels lying around the place, and you will like to have a mid-century house across the other side of the pool. The blue hue is just mesmerising.

Inflatable Pool Lounge

inflatable pool lounge

Design by Pence Hathorn Silver

Pool coping is popular in many parts of the world. You can install sectional chairs in the pool in order to get an innovative sitting arrangement. There are turquoise chairs in the pool, and the colour contrast is just awesome. This is one of the best lounge designs where the chairs are installed along the interior sides of the pool.

Farmhouse Pool Lounge Idea

farmhouse pool lounge idea


A wooden touch in your lounge pool area can refine the looks of the pool. With minimalist furniture on the raised platform, you can enjoy the sight of crystalline waters all the time. You can install a couple of resting accessories on the deck and some round, fashionable sitting areas in the nearby area for the perfect sitting arrangement.

Attractive Pool Lounge Idea

attractive pool lounge idea


Classic Pool Lounge Idea

classic pool lounge idea


Luxury Pool Lounge Idea

luxury pool lounge idea


Asian Pool Lounge Idea

asian pool lounge idea


Backyard Pool Lounge Idea

backyard pool lounge idea


Residential Pool Lounge Idea

residential pool lounge idea

Design by Coastal Screen and Rail

Modern Farmhouse Pool Lounge Idea

modern farmhouse pool lounge idea


When you customise the various designs for a perfect look, you need to choose the Lounge Chair sceptically. The size, color, and type of chair determine whether the lounge is fine in terms of compatibility. Apart from these ideas, you too can come up with your innovative pool lounge design ideas. feel free to share them with us, if you have anything new in mind.

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