Whether you want to entertain guests or want to spice up your home, an outdoor bar is ideal for serving drinks and playing various board games. During the day you can use it to serve nonalcoholic beverages or throw a weekend party to showcase your mixology skills to close friends. They are functional as indoor home bar designs and can be simple enough to include a few chairs, table and a cooler for keeping your drinks chilled. You may also see Outdoor Designs

Modern Outdoor Bar Designs

Bring a touch of luxury to your outdoor space by adding a modern bar.  Place it closer to the pool so that after swimming or sunbathing you can quickly get access to your drinks. These bars tend to be all weather resistant.

Contemporary Modern Outdoor Bar

contemporary modern outdoor bar


Rustic Outdoor Bar Designs

The best way to combine culture or showcase your ethnic roots is to opt for rustic outdoor bars. They are rugged and reflect the natural outdoor elements. With this bar design, you will add natural elegance to the outdoor space without sacrificing personal style. You may also see Outdoor Kitchen Bar Ideas

Rustic Outdoor Bar Stools Idea

rustic outdoor bar stools idea


DIY Outdoor Bar Designs

It is not uncommon to see wooden furniture in DIY outdoor bar designs. They add an interesting ambiance to space and help show a person’s creativity and love for recycled materials. A table made from wine barrels is cool and shows unique style.

Small DIY Outdoor Bar

small diy outdoor bar


Small Outdoor Bar Ideas

Small outdoor bar designs are the perfect as a personal bar and for those who love the outdoor scenery. To maximize space go for portable bars that can be easily placed on the balcony. You can add two or more benches to stimulate conversation around the guest. You may also see Outdoor Ceiling Designs

Small Outdoor Patio Bar

small outdoor patio bar


Concrete Outdoor Bar Designs

Do you want a unique bar? Then go for concrete outdoor bar designs. They have an organic look that will easily complement the outdoor environment. They come in different finishes and concrete is naturally weatherproof hence ideal as an outdoor item.

Concrete Outdoor Kitchen Bar

concrete outdoor kitchen bar


Portable Outdoor Bar Designs

The best way to serve your drinks outdoor when you are limited on a budget and space is with a portable bar. They often contain wheels which make it easier to move around and serve the guests who are attending a small intimate party. You may also see Outdoor Seating Designs

Portable Outdoor Bar Furniture Design

portable outdoor bar furniture design


Outdoor Patio Bar Designs

Outdoor patio bars are the perfect place for showing off your cocktail mixing skills. If your patio is large then when remodeling add sinks for washing the glasses and a refrigerator for keeping your drinks at the right chilled temperature.

Outdoor Covered Patio Bar

outdoor covered patio bar


Outdoor Wood Bar Ideas

Outdoor wood bars are great for adding an authentic outdoor experience. The natural wood color and texture will complement the natural landscape. Add wooden chairs to make the space more authentic. Teak, eucalyptus, and cedar are great wood choices. You may also see Outdoor Living Room Designs

Traditional Wood Outdoor Bar

traditional wood outdoor bar


Outdoor Garden Bar Designs

If your backyard has a garden, then integrating an outdoor bar can help more people appreciate the beauty of that garden. Opt for wood bar designs that will match the outdoor scenery.

Rustic Outdoor Garden Bar

rustic outdoor garden bar


Outdoor Pool Bar Designs

Outdoor pool bar designs can be the ideal place to entertain family and guests. The ambiance of the pool will make the bar a focal point for enjoying good food and drinks. The best pool bar will complement outdoor surroundings.

Awesome Outdoor Pool Bar

awesome outdoor pool bar

One Specialty Landscape Design, Pools & Hardscape

U-Shaped Outdoor Bar Designs

U-shaped bar designs function to provide ample space to mix drinks and socialize. While they tend to suit luxurious settings you can maximize the space of the U-design by turning the tail of this shape into an outdoor kitchen. These designs have minimum cleanup hence are perfect for integrating a card or board game.

U-Shaped Outdoor Stone Bar

u shaped outdoor stone bar

Olive Branch Integrated Outdoor Design

Outdoor Kitchen Bar Ideas

Other than on the dining table, kitchen bar designs provide the ideal space to eat food outdoors. A gleaming glass bar with padded leather stools will create a minimalist outdoor bar space free of clutter. You can even include metallic tables with a matching sink. You may also see Outdoor Kitchen Island Designs

Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen Bar

contemporary outdoor kitchen bar


Outdoor Wet Bar Ideas

The wet bar outdoor design differs from a regular home bar as it features a sink which guests and family members can use to wash their hands or to maintain the general hygiene of the space. The floor is sloped towards the drainage area. It is also equipped with refrigerator or ice maker.

Outdoor Patio Wet Bar

outdoor patio wet bar


Outdoor Brick Bar Designs

Brick bar designs are the popular choice for most outdoor spaces as they are durable and have that authentic natural look.  Brick is a noncombustible natural material hence makes an excellent choice for outdoor bars especially those that include electrical wiring or kitchens.

Spacious Outdoor Brick Bar

spacious outdoor brick bar

Suite Design Group

Outdoor Deck Bar Ideas

Whether you prefer a wet, drink cart or dry bar, outdoor deck bar designs can meet all your needs and lifestyle. Dry bars are economical and are ideal for hosting smaller crowds. Apart from allowing a smooth flow of drinks, a drink cart can be put aside to provide more floor space.

Traditional Outdoor Deck Bar

traditional outdoor deck bar

Photo by Dennis Mayer

Outdoor bars are practical as indoor bars and work to make your life more comfortable and enjoyable. When choosing the bar chairs consider those made from materials which are durable and all weather without sacrificing comfort. Depending on your lifestyle you can choose from portable to permanent outdoor bars for serving both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

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