When you think of a seamless comfort pampering your body, an Outdoor chaise lounge completes the sensation. These are widely used in outdoor areas, gardens, patios and so lounges. Trends are changing and people are using these in sea beaches as well, or on the rooftops to enjoy the warmth of sun on bright days. The taste and preferences of people are subjected to variation, so the chaises are to be customized as per the aptitudes. Here are ten classy outdoor designs for chaises that you may incorporate into your setting. You may also See Chaise Lounge Designs

Modern Outdoor chaise lounge Ideas

Modern outdoor chaises lounges are polished and have a refined look. You may incorporate contemporary ideas like sliding chaises or low ones. These are used extensively in beaches and resorts with waterbodies around. Choose bright colours like white and light blue for the purpose.

Modern Outdoor Black Chaise Lounge

modern outdoor black chaise lounge

Coppercreek Landscaping

Modern Outdoor White Chaise Lounge

modern outdoor white chaise lounge

Paul Brant Williger Architect

Wicker Outdoor Chaise Lounge

These are classy furniture for relaxation. Innovation plays the key role in determining the nature of the wicker work. You can use attractive colour blends for the purpose. The comfort level as well as the looks of these chaises make them compatible for the users.

Vintage Wicker Outdoor Chaise Lounge

vintage wicker outdoor chaise lounge


Traditional Wicker Outdoor Chaise Lounge

traditional wicker outdoor chaise lounge


White Outdoor Chaise Lounge

White furniture adds to the sophistication of the place where these chaises are arranged. You can choose a wooden chaise or a steel one, according to the area where they are placed. If you want to install them in your garden, get a white chaise with broad legs. In other cases, you can choose the steel ones with rollers.

Simple White Outdoor Chaise Lounge

simple white outdoor chaise lounge

Beach Chic Design

Wood White Outdoor Chaise Lounge

wood white outdoor chaise lounge

Matthew Niemann Photography

Outdoor Double Chaise Lounge

In case you need a spacious chaise for the outdoor lounge, you can get a broader furniture that can accommodate two people. Choose a matching colour for the chaise, as most of the furniture are placed in the patios. If you have a stone patio, choose a similar colour for the chaise. You may also See Lounge Chair

Natural Outdoor Double Chaise Lounge

natural outdoor double chaise lounge

Terra Firma Design

Large Outdoor Double Chaise Lounge

large outdoor double chaise lounge

Michael Wolk Design Associates

Outdoor Round Chaise Lounge

The round chaises are larger in size and can accommodate two or more people. The accessories like cushions and pillows must look compatible in terms of colour and design with the chaise. A thick cushion adds to the comfort level and you can opt for light coloured chaises, that go well with almost all designs.

outdoor round chaise lounge


Luxury Outdoor Chaise Lounge

If you look out for luxury, make sure that the comfort level is optimum. You can opt for sleek and slanted chaises to boost up the comfort level. The wooden ones with wheels have thick cushions, and one can enjoy a good time relaxing on them.

Luxury Outdoor White Chaise Lounge

luxury outdoor white chaise lounge

Martin Kobus Home

Awesome Luxury Outdoor Chaise Lounge

awesome luxury outdoor chaise lounge

Ike Kligerman Barkley

Small Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Small chaises are ideal for a single person to rest. You may go for the high chaises with raised legs. Choose a light colour that looks classy and goes well with any situation. A thick cushioning refines the degree of comfort you yield from the furniture.

Small Outdoor Blue Chaise Lounge

small outdoor blue chaise lounge

Scarlett Custom Homes & Remodeling

Small Outdoor Wood Chaise Lounge

small outdoor wood chaise lounge

Wettling Architects

Contemporary Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Contemporary outdoor chaises have thin bodies and sleek accessories. The steel bodies are light to carry and you can choose a sweet colour, as per your preference. You can also get a polished wooden chaise with thick edges, that make it look elegant.

contemporary outdoor chaise lounge

Ike Kligerman Barkley

Outdoor Wood Chaise Lounge Ideas

Wooden chaises come across different colours and shades. The polished ones with bright burnishes look classy. You can also buy cane chaises and these are comfortable too. Incorporate soft and comfortable cushioning on the chaises to make them personalized. You may also See Outdoor Chair Designs

outdoor wood chaise lounge ideas

Rick Ryniak Architects

The comfort level and colours of chaises are greatly varied and thus, you need to get your specifications tailored from the lot. The design of a chaise lounge has to be determines keeping in mind where it will be placed. Apart from the ones presented above, you may come up with your own ideas and share them with us.

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