People put in a lot of thought while decorating the interiors of their homes. However, when it comes to the outdoor areas like the open deck, terrace or garden, they are literally clueless. If designers are to be believed, decorating these areas just like you do your entire house can actually give you a chance to spend some time outdoors with your family. 

Thus, designing a cozy seating area outside your house is a great idea. In case, you are not sure how to do this, here are some amazing outdoor room designs that will help you to come up with your own ideas.

Two-Tone Exterior Design With Outdoor Room

two tone exterior design with outdoor room

Photo by FJP

If you have a huge outdoor deck, start off by decorating it in two tones of color. Paint half the wall in cream and the rest in dark brown. Put in wooden flooring and create a separate seating area with marble or tiled floor. Go for a rattan sofa set and cozy it up with soft cushions. You can even add a few rattan chairs to add more seating space. Place a teak wood coffee table in the center to complete the look.

Nice Outdoor Room design

nice outdoor room design

Photo By: Jessica McGowan

Add a seating space to your lavish backyard. Go for a square shaped dining table crafted from wood and place six matching chairs around it. Add a touch of elegance by placing a chic flower vase on the table. An open grill built into the side wall will make family time more fun and appetizing.

Circular Adobe Outdoor Room Design

circular adobe outdoor room design

Photo by Jamie Durie

If you have an elegant circular gazebo in your garden, do this up the rustic way. Plaster the inner walls with mud and add in some mud benches. A few throw cushions with embroidered cushion covers in bright colors will make this outdoor room a cozy haven for you and your family.

Outdoor Room For Dining Space Design

outdoor room for dining space design

Photo By: Mark Woolcott

Dining in the laps of nature definitely seems to be a great idea. So, go ahead and convert your covered open deck into a dining space. Put in a long rectangular table in wood in the area and add in ten chairs such that it can accommodate a large gathering too. Use unpolished wood to give the design a rustic look. A few ethnic lanterns on the roof just above the table would give the whole setup an earthy appeal.

Large outdoor Room Balcony Gardens Design

large outdoor room balcony gardens design

Photo By: TLA Studio,

If you have a really large balcony or open terrace with a well-tended garden in tow, there is no doubt that you would love to spend some time here. Well, create a seating space by adding in a three-walled structure in the center. Pick a cozy looking couch and push this to the far end of this structure. A few throw cushions and a rug on the floor would make for an inviting setting.

The Contemporary Deck Design Outdoor Room

the contemporary deck designe outdoor room

Designed by Jamie Durie

In case you have a very vast open deck with two ornate plants in the center, you can actually create two separate seating areas around these. First of all, design a boundary around these plants. Now add in a few concrete benches along the perimeter of the boundary wall. You can also place wooden benches around these. Add in comfortable leather cushions to these benches. Match the color of the cushions with that of your house. Light up the area with two tall floor lamps with elegant lampshades.

Festive Outdoor Dining Design

festive outdoor dining design

Designed by Jamie Durie

Rustic Covered Outdoor Room Kitchen Design

rustic covered outdoor room kitchen design

Photo By: Mid-Atlantic Timber frames

The Luxury Outdoor Room Design

the luxury outdoor room design

Penthouse Lounge and Outdoor Room Design

penthouse lounge and outdoor room design

Photo By: Malkin Mason Photography

Rustic Home with Outdoor Room Design

rustic home with outdoor room design

Simple Outdoor Room Design

simple outdoor room design

Designed by Jamie Durie

Neutral Outdoor Room Design

neutral outdoor room design

Outdoor Room Design On Terrace

outdoor room design on terrace

Photo By: Stribling Marketing Associates

Contemporary Desk Outdoor Room Design

contemporary desk outdoor room design

Designed by Jamie Durie

Outdoor Room Sitting Spot Idea

outdoor room sitting spot design

Photo By: Sarah Dorio

Outdoor Room Entertaining Space Design

outdoor room entertaining space design

Photo By: Jessica McGowan

Elegant Outdoor Room Design

elegant outdoor room design

Elegant Outdoor Room Design

awesome outdoor room design

Contemporary Patio Outdoor Room Design

contemporary patio outdoor room design

Contemporary Patio Outdoor Room Design With Green Garden

contemporary patio outdoor room design with green garden

Descent Traditional Patio Outdoor Room Design

descent traditional patio outdoor room design

Awesome Contemporary Patio Outdoor Room Design

awesome contemporary patio outdoor room design

Modern Contemporary Patio Outdoor Room Design

modern contemporary patio outdoor room design

Contemporary Outdoor Room Design With Deck

contemporary outdoor room design with deck

It is not always mandatory that you design outdoor rooms on balconies and open decks. You can put these up beside a swimming pool or in your garden. However, one thing to keep in mind is that you should pick durable furniture so that these are not ruined easily by sunlight, rain, and excess humidity. Do you have any other outdoor room design ideas? Share them with us.   

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