The living room is the central space where most family members spend their time either relaxing or watching television. It is also the main room where we first welcome visitors giving them a view of your home. With the right remodeling ideas, you can impress guests and make your living room a cozy place. Whether you prefer a small space, modern or traditional approach, the following living room designs will turn your space into a favorite hangout area.

Small Living Room Designs

You can use easy strategies to make your small living room attractive and give it a style that reflects you. The trick is to create an illusion of bigger space. Place mirrors near lights but in a way that prevents light from reflecting directly towards your eyes. Opt for elevated and big decorating tools such as tall lamps.

Modern Small Living Room Design

modern small living room design

Small Rectangular Living Room Design

small rectangular living room design

Small Luxury Living Room Design

small luxury living room design

Modern Living Room Designs

A modern living room design should be functional, comfortable and sophisticated for both your guest and family members. The idea is to mix and match bold patterns with neutral colors. If the sofa is your center piece, then lighting should be in a contrasting color and in a way that draws attention towards the sofa.

White Modern Living Room Design

white modern living room design

Design by Marie Burgos

Modern Country Living Room Design

modern country living room design

Ultra Modern Living Room Design

ultra modern living room design

Apartment Living Room Designs

Whether your living room apartment space is small or large, it should be arranged in a way that allows easy traffic flow and showcases your favorite collectibles. Choose chairs, rugs, and tables that add curves to the room. Hang flow to ceiling curtains and mix different pillow colors to make the room vibrant.

Contemporary Apartment Living Room Design

contemporary apartment living room design

Studio Apartment Living Room Design

studio apartment living room design

Photo By Todd Davis

Small Apartment Living Room Design

small apartment living room design

Photo By Coddington Design

Traditional Living Room Designs

A classic example of traditional living room designs is where sofas are paired with arm chairs; candles are placed closer to the sofas and a mirror is situated above the fireplace. Traditional style makes it cheaper to remodel your living room because you can find everything at a budget friendly price.

Traditional Formal Living Room Design

traditional formal living room design

Traditional Small Living Room Design

traditional small living room design

Traditional Red Living Room Design

traditional red living room design

Formal Living Room Designs

Formal living room designs are mostly intended for a social lifestyle. These types of rooms feature elegant furniture and statement décor. Luxurious colors such as dark blue and gray give the space an exotic image. The carpet should be in a pattern and color that gives the living room style and texture.

Small Formal Living Room Idea

small formal living room idea

Functional Formal Living Room Design

functional formal living room design

Large Formal Living Room Idea

large formal living room idea

Contemporary Living Room Designs

Contemporary living room designs combine two contrasting colors such as black and white or red and black. To create a space that is less showy and more subtle. You can opt to have a striped black and white rug with gray sofa. The furniture arrangement should allow easy movement around the room.

Rustic Contemporary Living Room Design

rustic contemporary living room design

Classic Contemporary Living Room Design

classic contemporary living room design

Open Living Room Designs

Open living room designs enable the owner to eliminate the outdoor-indoor boundaries. When situated on a beach or with an outside garden, the open space will offer scenery worth remembering. It features large windows which allow light to come in the room and allows guests to see the beautiful view outside.

Open Country Living Room Design

open country living room design

Small Open Living Room Idea

small open living room idea

Rustic Living Room Designs

A living room with a rustic style is suitable for people who prefer traditional values and unique handmade décor. Rustic curtains that partially cover the windows allow just enough sunlight to penetrate through and provide warmth. Wooden floors or ceilings and furniture tend to be in a brown color.

Rustic Cottage Living Room Design

rustic cottage living room design

Modern Rustic Living Room Design

modern rustic living room design

Country Living Room Designs

You can remodel or decorate your living room in a country style even on a budget. With imperfect finishes and inexpensive accessories, you give your space a country theme that will wow your entire guest. Go for colors with natural undertones such as creamy white, butter yellow, sand, and sage green.

French Country Living Room Design

french country living room design

Design by Hendricks Construction

Country Cottage Living Room Design

country cottage living room design

Small Country Living Room Idea

small country living room idea1

Luxury Living Room Designs

Add crisp white sofas and place silver mirrors on walls to give your living room a luxurious design. You can also opt to combine silver and white couches in the same living room and add small blue throw pillows to show sophisticated style. Avoid colors that points to a particular gender instead go for primary or neutral colors.

Modern Luxury Living Room Design

modern luxury living room design

Luxury Living Room Furniture

luxury living room furniture

Eclectic Living Room Designs

Eclectic living room designs have no systematic approach or one particular theme to follow. Mixing traditional and modern pieces is one way to go about this style. Add an antique table in living room with vintage paintings and oriental rugs or put modern furniture in a traditional space.

Eclectic Small Living Room Design

eclectic small living room design

Eclectic Apartment Living Room Design

eclectic apartment living room design

Eclectic Farmhouse Living Room Design

eclectic farmhouse living room design

Transitional Living Room Designs

Transitional style is a hot trend with many homeowners. Popular with the young generation, this style involves mashing classic with contemporary style in a way that creates a theme that reflects an individual’s style. With a transitional style, you can decorate your living room with opposing accessories or different textural elements such as wood and glass.

Small Transitional Living Room Design

small transitional living room design


Transitional Formal Living Room Design

transitional formal living room design

Cottage Living Room Designs

Cottage living room designs make use of handmade rugs, painted wall decorations to give the space a rural feeling. Decorations made from wood, stone or textiles complements furniture in a neutral color. A wood Dutch door, fireplaces, white interior walls and open shelves can give a welcome appeal to your cottage home.

Cozy Cottage Living Room Design

cozy cottage living room design

Photo by Russell Satterthwaite

Outdoor Living Room Designs

Outdoor living room designs are perfect for those warm seasons when you rarely want to spend time inside the house. Add birch trees to give your living room a nature theme. Enclosing a gazebo, adding an awning or creating a trellis can create a distinction of entering new space.

Outdoor Living Room Design

outdoor living room design

Outdoor Living Room Design With Fireplace

outdoor living room design with fireplace

Outdoor Living Room Furniture

outdoor living room furniture1

Gray Living Room Designs

Gray color is sophisticated and in a living room it portrays a peaceful mood. If you need other decorations to stand out, then go for furniture in a lighter shade of gray. Silver and gold decorations will also break the monotony of gray living room walls while blue-gray will complement the natural light.

Red and Gray Living Room Design

red and gray living room design

Purple and Gray Living Room Design

purple and gray living room design

Yellow and Gray Living Room Design

yellow and gray living room design

Tuscan Living Room Designs

Tuscan living room designs get their inspiration from the Mediterranean style. When giving your space Tuscan style go for colors such as Chianti red, salmonella yellow and sienna brown as well as textured walls. Adding a wrought iron fireplace or clay decorations will give the room a classic Tuscan appeal.

Tuscan Living Room Interior Design

tuscan living room interior design

Tuscan Formal Living Room

tuscan formal living room

L Shaped Living Room Designs

If your living room is in an odd shape such as L it can be difficult to optimize but not impossible. For the corners add bookshelves and make the odd angle a conversation area by placing a coffee table. You can also create space in the bookcase and display family photos or other decorative elements.

Small L Shaped Living Room Design

small l shaped living room design

L Shaped Couch Living Room Idea

l shaped couch living room idea

Loft Living Room Designs

When designing a loft living room space, the key is to emphasize the open floor plans and high ceilings. Since this type of space is from old commercial or industrial buildings, it will feature eye-catching architectural aspects that need minimum decorations. Add rustic or vintage furniture or mix and match leather sofas with metal accessories.

Urban Loft Living Room Design

urban loft living room design2

Loft Living Room Interior Design

loft living room interior design

Vintage Living Room Designs

You can give your modern living room an old element by adding accessories from the 1900s era. The vintage living room designs incorporate fabrics and classic furniture. For this design add mismatching pillowcases, pendant lights, dazzling chandelier, unique framed photos, faux fur rug, large black and white paintings or even empty picture frames.

Rustic Vintage Living Room Idea

rustic vintage living room idea

Country Vintage Living Room Idea

country vintage living room idea

Decorating Tips and Living Room Color Ideas

To make living room designs stunning, opt for neutral colors, saturate shades or cream walls with a brown floor.  Decorate with white furniture which will complement any patterned rug. If your sofas are in a neutral color, then add vibrant throw in pillows to give your living room a touch of life. To make a small room brighter put a sheer ceiling to floor curtains while to create the illusion of tall ceilings then put drapes above windows and doors.

Every homeowner wants a living room that is welcoming to both family members and guests. The décor should complement the sofa or arm chairs and highlight the style of the owner. Whether for relaxing or entertaining the above living room designs will meet the needs of any homeowner who wants to remodel the space.

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