Living styles are fast evolving, and so are the trends of lighting up the rooms. Proper lighting bridges the gap between the functionality of a room and personality traits of the people living there. In this context, the Living Room Lighting needs to be tailored as per the aptitudes of individuals and the architectural designs of the rooms. Here are ten modern lighting ideas for living rooms. You can incorporate any of these patterns at your home. You may also See Living Room Ceiling Light Designs

Living Room Ceiling Lights

If you have a large and spacious living room, you can incorporate indirect lighting in the ceiling. These envelop the room in a soft hue. You can also opt for small and bright pendant lights, if you have white walls in the room. Make sure that the lights go well with the furniture and other accessories within the room.

living room ceiling lights1

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Wall Lights For Living Room

Wall lights make the rooms look elegant and cultured. If you have light coloured walls like pink or beige, you can use similar colours for the lights. Fix bright yellow or light orange wall lights in the corners to let the hue spread throughout the edges of the room.

wall lights for living room

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Modern Living Room Lighting

Modern living room lighting presents a mixed bag of illuminations. You can install pendant lights of various sizes and according to the wall colours. If you have a tray ceiling, install these lights along the edges. Small lights along the mirror frames add to the beauty of the room.

modern living room lighting

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Track Lighting For Living Room

Track lighting involves in incorporation of small lights along a particular pattern. You can fix these lights along the ceiling, the edges of the walls and along supporting beams. In modern homes these lights are fixed in solid geometric patterns in the ceiling. The lights should be compatible with the wall colour and floor design of the rooms.

track lighting for living room

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Living Room Flush Mount Lighting

Flush mount lighting is a comparatively new trend in living room lighting patterns. These look like modified chandeliers and you can personalize them according to your tastes and aptitudes. These lights look refined when they are suspended from the ceiling. Circular lights look classy and crystalline the room.

living room flush mount lighting

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Hanging Lights For Living Room

Hanging lights deliver a cultured look to the living rooms. You can incorporate beads and crystals in the lights and these look trendy indeed. The colour of the hanging lights in the room calls for personalization, keeping the wall colours under consideration. You may also See Gothic Living Room Ideas

hanging lights for living room

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Pendant Lighting Idea For Living Room

Pendant lights look chic and smart. If you have a modern finish, you can install small pendant lights on the ceiling. These lights look elegant when they are attached with sheds. Use different sizes of shades in the pendant lights, as per the dimensions of the room. You can also suspend a lampshade with pendant lights over the tables.

pendant lighting idea for living room

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Small Living Room Lighting Idea

If you have a small living room, you can opt for a small chandelier in the centre. Pendant lights can also serve the purpose. Install tiny pendant lights along the edges of the walls. These lights also go well with the furniture and other living room accessories.

small living room lighting idea

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Living Room Floor Lighting Idea

When you arrange lights along the floor, follow the geometric patterns of the room. These can be tiny dots of spot light or tree lighting accessories. The colour of the lights must complement that of the floor.

living room floor lighting idea

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Living Room Led Lighting Idea

LED lighting are relatively new to the lighting trends in modern houses. These make the room bright and beautiful. You can install LED lights of various colours in the room. For instance, pink LED lights can be used for indirect lighting in the living room.

living room led lighting idea

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Importance of Lighting in a Living Room

Lights form the basics of the aesthetic value of a room. It has significant effect on the moods of people residing there. A well-lit living room also has illuminating functions, besides the functional values. In rooms with good architectural traits, the lights add to the structural aspects of the house. The lighting patterns in a room can be customized according to the activities of people. For instance, people prefer to install small and bright pendant lights in front of mirrors. Thus, lighting forms an indispensable aspect of housing. You may also See Lighting Designs

Evidently, lighting patterns need to be considered when you remodel your home. You can chalk out the living room lighting while installing the electrical accessories. Trends or lifestyle are changing and people are opting for chandelier lighting in elegant living rooms. If you have any innovative living room lighting idea, you can share them with us.

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