The living room is one of the few places in the household that the whole family will spend most of its time together. Be it setting up the birthday party centerpiece or introducing your boyfriend to your parents, everything happens in the living room! This makes it important for your living room to have a well balanced mood and ambiance and there’s no better tool to this end than proper lighting. Further, living room lighting doesn’t just act for aesthetics but also enhances its functionality.

Here are some unique living room lighting ideas that homeowners across the world are adopting. We would like to know what inspired you the most!

Two Tier Chandelier Lighting

two tier chandelier lighting

A simple but elegant living room lighting solution in recent years has been the Torino fixtures. Consisting of a two tier chandelier system and featuring nine individual lights, this fixture can light up a big living room space with a distinctive tea-stained illumination. The scroll accents and the colored bronze finish further add to the rustic charm of the design.

Traditional Living Room Lighting

traditional living room lighting

A chandelier system again but with a more modern touch, Invite’s living room lighting can be an effective solution. The installation comprises of a glass globe that is encircled with a translucent Mylar shade. The unique layering creates a dreamy effect, perfect for any modern living room.

Modern Living Room with Track Light

modern living room with track light

Design By :Shelly Riehl David

If you have the advantage of a big ceiling space, track lights can very well fit into the equation to make things unique. In addition to the basic chandeliers, track lights such as these ensure that plenty of light focuses is available to suit your flexible needs of entertainment!

Living Room Ceiling Lighting

living room ceiling lighting

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Ceiling lighting can be an effective way to properly light up a smaller living room space. Light from the above ensures that no corner of the living room is “kept in the dark” and you get an overall sense of spaciousness. Several homeowners have been using ceiling light fixtures to make their small living rooms look bigger!

Amazing Living Room Decorating Idea

amazing living room decorating idea

The use of several reflective surfaces and clean lines can add up to the overall ambience of the living room. Using only a few but strategic lighting installations, a smaller living room can be easily brightened up using mirrors, glazed furnishing and a subtle wall color. A fireplace in such rooms will be a delightful addition!

Retro Living Room Decoration

retro living room decoration

Hanging lights come in several models and in this case, different sized spheres! Hanging at different heights from the ceiling these lights look good regardless of being lit or not! During daytime, the retro look of the spheres can seek all the attention and after dark, they add on to the charm!

White Living Room with Fire Place

white living room with fire place

White can be an illustrious proposition when it comes to living room theme. White painted walls and furnishing don’t just look elegant but also work to reflect the available light multiple times and brighten up every corner. With the right type of décor and furniture arrangement, white rooms and pendant lights can be a great combination. Think of a fireplace to make things more insane!

Traditional Living Room Chandelier

traditional living room chandelier

For folks looking to bask in the charm of the rustic and old-world décor, a traditional living room chandelier can always be an easy pick. Complimented with big chairs and hardwood floors, the arrangement evokes the raw charm of the “old”.

Beautiful Living Room Chandelier Design

beautiful living room chandelier design

Chandeliers for living rooms are available in a variety of designs nowadays, with both the modern and traditional equally fused together. Don’t back out from experimenting a bit!

Rustic Living Room Lighting Idea

rustic living room lighting idea

A sunken lighting arrangement in the ceiling can be beautifully complimented by coffee themed floorboards, wall ply and furniture. A rustic theme is the best if you are trying to attach a bar to your living room.

Living Room With Pendant Lighting

living room with pendant lighting

Sectional Living Room With Chandelier

sectional living room with chandelier

Contemporary Living Room Design

contemporary living room design

Minimalist Living Room Design

minimalist living room design

Design By : Douglas Homes

Colorful Family Room Decorating Idea

colorful living room decorating idea

Coastal Living Room Lighting

coastal living room idea

Vintage Sectional Living Room Chandeliers

vintage sectional living room chandeliers

Luxurious Retro Living Room Lighting

luxurious retro living room lighting

Rustic Chic Living Room Idea

rustic chic living room idea

Photo By: Sarah Wilson

Family Room Lighting Design

family room lighting design

Best Living Room Decorating Idea

amazing living room with chandelier

When it comes to living room lighting, there is no dearth of options. Homeowners across the world are continually experimenting and giving us new directions and ideas to work towards. We would also like to get a glance at your living room! Do share the pictures!

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