How many miles to Babylon’, you must have heard of this rhyme when young. Babylon was a place that used Pythagoras theorem for making the buildings. As the buildings were inspired by the geometrical shapes, so were other things too. How could lights have been left behind?

Traditional kitchen with Mine Craft Chandelier Light

Photo by Reed Lewis

Elegant Dining room with Mine Craft Chandelier Light

Dawna Jones Design

Dining Room with Mine Craft Chandelier Light

My House Design Build Team

Mine craft, as the name suggests is connected with the word mine, and the images are almost geometrically correct. Similarly, a crystal chandelier that is of the shape of a pyramid / inverted pyramid, with glass or the source blocs clearly visible may be called as mine craft inspired chandelier.

Rustic Living Room with Mine Craft Chandelier Light

Transitional Living Room with Chandelier Light

Breakfast Room with Mine Craft Chandelier Light

Unique Chandelier Light in Home Office

Meritage Homes

Gorgeous Chandelier Light for Bedroom

Eddie Lee Inc

Large Mine Craft Chandelier Lights in Kitchen

RLH Studio

Luxury Bedroom with Simple Chandelier Light

Highmark Builders

Gorgeous Mine Craft Chandeliers Provide Cool Lighting

Photo by Moshi Gitelis

Modern Bathroom with Mine Craft Chandelier

Clay Construction Inc

Outdoor Area with Elegant Mine Craft Chandelier Light

Photo by KuDa

Vintage Living Room with Mine Craft Chandelier Light

Photo by Kathryn MacDonald

Beautiful Mine Craft Chandelier Light Gives Rich Look

Michael Abrams Limited

Kids Bedroom with Modern Chandelier Light

Entry Room with Mine Craft Chandelier Light

KannCept Design

Mine Craft Chandelier Makes Room Classy

PURE Design Environments, Inc

Unique Living Room with Mine Craft Chandelier

Peace Design

Classy Mine Craft Chandelier in Transitional Bathroom

Trilogy Construction Co

Trendy Bedroom with Round Mine Craft Chandelier

Having fetish for something is natural and human. Same applies to the geometrical shapes. Such contemporary chandelier look real nice provided there is correct blend of interiors. The chandelier may be kept at any place, may look real nice, if planed well.

When you refer to mine craft, the images that struck your mind are the blocks or cubes, such shapes may be used to create any form – pyramid, square, cuboids and many more such shapes. Chose right to have the right chandelier, all you need is to check your specifications to make shopping easier. Market is full of options, explore yourself.

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