Designing a premise requires a lot of consideration to every minute detail, starting from the structure to the color of the cabinets and even the small fittings. Among all these, getting the right flooring can make a huge difference in the overall look of the space. If you want to revamp your place, then the most convenient and effective way is to change the floor design. Here we have shared some trendy floor design ideas that will give you a luxurious living experience.

Kitchen Floor Designs

While kitchen designing can be a bit confusing, getting the right floor design can instantly revamp the look of your kitchen and it can overshadow any design blunder in the kitchen. The flooring material can be chosen according to the fittings used in the kitchen. Hardwood flooring is the trending design in this genre.

Kitchen Marble Floor Design

kitchen marble floor design

Photo by Eran Turgeman

Ceramic Tile Kitchen Floor Design

ceramic tile kitchen floor design

Design by Country Classics

Kitchen Stone Floor Design

kitchen stone floor design

Design by Charleston Building and Development

Bathroom Floor Designs

Bathing can be made a lavish experience by incorporating a nice floor design. Flooring material for a bathroom should be chosen rightly as it is frequently flooded with water. That does not restrict your options as you can choose from a wide range of natural stone and beautiful tiles.

Bathroom Shower Floor Design

bathroom shower floor design

Black and White Bathroom Floor Design

black and white bathroom floor design

Brooke Wagner Design

Travertine Bathroom Floor Design

travertine bathroom floor design

Garage Floor Designs

If you have luxurious cars to flaunt then your garage should be at par with them and a gorgeous floor can do the job quite well. If you have a budget constraint then you can choose from the variety of coating options. They will instantly rejuvenate the look of your garage.

Concrete Garage Floor Design

concrete garage floor design

Design by Bella Homes LLC

Cool Garage Floor Design

cool garage floor design

Design by A Closet Case

Elevated Garage Floor Design

elevated garage floor design

Photo by Paul Johnson

Office Floor Designs

Based on the type of office you run, the flooring material can be chosen to give it either a funky look or a professional one. An office space should be inspiring to people who work there. If you want a low maintenance flooring then you can opt for sturdy materials otherwise, you can go creative and experiment.

Small Office Floor Design

small office floor design

Modern Office Floor Design

modern office floor design

Gym Floor Designs

A hard workout session can be turned into an interesting experience by getting a decorative a cool floor design. 3D floor design ideas are in trend these days. You can remodel the floor with sports equipment designs and even the personalities that inspires you.

Rubber Gym Floor Design

rubber gym floor design

Design by Surefield

Basement Gym Flooring Design

basement gym flooring design

Design by Heritage Hills Colorado

Open Floor Designs

An open floor gives a spacious look to any place and the flooring material draws all the attention in such designs. The floor should be designed in such a way that it flaunts the doors and windows giving an expensive look. Hardwood floors look amazing on open floor designs.

Open Kitchen Floor Design

open kitchen floor design

Tobin Dougherty Architects

Small Open Floor Design

small open floor design

Cliff Spencer Furniture Maker

Open Living Room Floor Design

open living room floor design

Photo by Chris Snook

Modern Floor Designs

Floor layout is seeing many trendy concepts these days and a contemporary floor design is the best thing to get done with if you want to flaunt a modern house. You can incorporate abstract design to give the floor an edgy look.

Modern Hardwood Floor Design

modern hardwood floor design

Modern Mosaic Floor Design

modern mosaic floor design

Modern Living Room Floor Design

modern living room floor design

Cottage Floor Designs

Cottage floors are an amazing opportunity to integrate the old world charm with elements like wooden floorboards and complimented by fireplaces and chandeliers. Go for a rustic décor to complete the look.

Beach Cottage Floor Design

beach cottage floor design

Cottage Stone Floor Design

cottage stone floor design

Design by Charleston Building and Development

Minecraft Floor Designs

Minecraft would be a perfect idea for your floor design if you are looking to create a fun place for the younger people. The look is both edgy and colorful and will be a great way to spice up the ambiance.

Living Room Floor Designs

Depending upon the décor theme you want to create and the amount of available space, living room floor designs need to be functional and lively. You would want to go for broad tiling to add a sense of spaciousness to the premises. Alternatively, you can also seek a striking contrast with the use of monochrome.

Living Room Ceramic Floor Design

living room ceramic floor design

Granite Floor Design for Living Room

granite floor design for living room

Photo by Sarah Greenman

Marble Floor Design for Living Room

marble floor design for living room

Design by Willoughby Construction

Entrance Floor Designs

As obvious, the entrance of your home needs to be inviting, clutter free and fulfilling. With minimal installation of furnishing and a lighter themed tile arrangement, you can achieve the necessary.

Entrance Hall Floor Design

entrance hall floor design

Front Entrance Floor Tile Design

front entrance floor tile design

Photo by Ibi Designs

Entrance Foyer Floor Design

entrance foyer floor design

Claudia Lujan Interiors

Patio Floor Designs

The functionality requires patio floors to be sturdy and weather proof. You would consequently want to go for materials that are strong and also offer a natural look at the same time. The patio is always a doorway to the outdoor and the design you choose needs to stick to this.

Wood Patio Floor Design

wood patio floor design

Concrete Patio Floor Design

concrete patio floor design

Backyard Patio Floor Design

backyard patio floor design

Design by Crawford Builders

Colorful Floor Designs

Modern homeowners are bringing in a trend where a lot of experimentation is done with the color of the flooring. While this is easy to achieve, you will need to think about a theme to attach it to. Generally, it is the kid’s room that is made to be the most colorful when it comes to floor tiling.

Colorful Floor Tiles Design

colorful floor tiles design

Design by Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects

Colorful Bathroom Floor Design

colorful bathroom floor design

Apartment Floor Designs

The design choice for you apartment would again depend on the amount of available space. Using special materials and designs, you can even create a sense of spaciousness even when there is limited floor space.

Apartment Laminate Flooring

apartment laminate flooring

Design by Floor Coverings International

Apartment Balcony Flooring Idea

apartment balcony flooring idea

Small Apartment Flooring Idea

small apartment flooring idea

Bedroom Floor Designs

Bedrooms are meant to be private and cozy affairs. Consequently, the choice of floor tiling needs to be natural. The idea is to create an ambient mood that isn’t too dull either.

Bedroom Wood Floor Design

bedroom wood floor design

Master Bedroom Floor Design

master bedroom floor design

Bedroom Diamond Pattern Floor Design

bedroom diamond pattern floor design

Design by The Cottage Company

Victorian Floor Designs

Now, this is where this gets highly decorative. Victorian floors offer a balanced mix of old world charm and high-class luxury. Not only is the floor space widely spread out but is also highly reflective to add to the charm of the warm indoors.

Victorian Bathroom Floor Tile Design

victorian bathroom floor tile design

Victorian Hall Floor Design

victorian hall floor design

Basement Floor Designs

Basement floors are one part of the house that would take the maximum amount of hit when it comes to environmental damages. Consequently, you will need to invest in high quality flooring material. Even when looking for wooden basement flooring, invest in high quality laminated teak.

Concrete Basement Floor Design

concrete basement floor design

Design by Concept Builders

Basement Hardwood Flooring

basement hardwood flooring

Design by Meridith Baer Home

3D Floor Designs

A new trend in home designing, 3D texture creates a unique and fun space. If would be a perfect choice if you are trying to create a special space or add some fun to your kid’s room.

3D Bedroom Floor Design

3d bedroom floor design


Dining Room Floor Designs

Here, the choice would again depend on the availability of space. Using unique tile textures, you can add a sense of spaciousness to a smaller dining or make a larger space cozier. Also, the choice of flooring will depend on the type of furniture installation you would want to have in the space.

Dining Room Hardwood Floor Design

dining room hardwood floor design

Dining Room Floor Tile Design

dining room floor tile design

Whatever you do with your flooring, it is recommended that you spend some time over the internet and look at various options available at nearby stores. Even with a limited budget, you can choose to bring in something unique and functional into the space. Research would be the key to creating perfect flooring.

Floor designs are useful to completely transform the look and feel of the room. The materials, textures and patterns you choose can liven up the mood, make your space look more spacious and bring is a sense of luxury and fun. Functionality would also be a key element in the choice you make. Secondly, the décor and layout you achieve with a floor design should be in sync with the rest of the room. It will thus be necessary to think of a whole design collectively and place the ideal floor design in it.

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