Designing the floor of your bathroom with tiles gives you a myriad of possibilities to create a statement with your bathroom. With an appropriate tile floor design, you can partition the room, create some point of focus or design some path. By contrasting assorted kinds, sizes and shapes of tiles, you can come up with a unique, breathtaking style.

Traditional Bathroom With Ceramic Tiles

traditional bathroom with marble tiles

Jones Design Build

Simple Floor Tiles For Bathroom

simple floor tiles for bathroom

Small Bathroom With Dotted Floor Tiles

small bathroom with dotted floor tiles

Tile designs that define different spaces of your bathroom floor are quite common. This may involve using differently colored tiles to define bath tub and shower pan separately. Pebble tile designs come with the advantage of adding texture on your floor.

Neutral Color Tiles For Bathroom

neutral color tiles for bathroom

White Bathroom Tiles With Black Dots

white bathroom tiles with black dots

Arbuckle Design Builders

Floral Designed Bathroom Tiles Idea

floral designed tiles idea

Cork Flooring Bathroom Design

cork flooring bathroom design

Decorative Bathroom Tiles Design Idea

decorative bathroom tiles design idea

Meritage Homes

Marble Floor Tiles Bathroom

marble floor tiles bathroom

Non Slip Bathroom Floor Tiles

non slip bathroom floor tiles

A design with some ornamental tile border around the room, bathtub, vanity, etc can create very captivating look. Tiles arranged in the form of a framework at the centre of your bathroom floor are great looking. Such a design creates the impression of an attractive tile rug.

Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

porcelain bathroom tiles

Contemporary Bathroom With Mosaic Tiles

contemporary bathroom with mosaic tiles

MLB Design Group

Black and White Checkerboard Floor Tiles

black and white checkerboard floor tiles

Traditional Bathroom Vinyl flooring Design

traditional bathroom vinyl flooring design

Granite Floor Tiles For Small Bathroom

granite floor tiles for small bathroom

Mosaic Tiled Shower Ideas

mosaic tiled shower ideas

Classy Bathroom Floor Tile Designs

classy bathroom floor tile designs

Brown Color Flooring Idea

brown color flooring idea

Tropical Bathroom With Pebble Tile Designs

tropical bathroom with pebble tile designs

Turkish Bath Designs With Decorative Tiles

turkish bath designs with decorative tiles

Bathroom floors with luminous marble tiles look quite gorgeous especially when paired with colorful glass tiles on the walls. White marble tile floors come with an exhilarating classical appeal. Generous bands of mosaic tile designs can create a dramatic textural effect. Careful selection and blending of colors and styles can create quite sophisticated designs.

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