When you have constrains in space then you have to think smart ways in order to achieve functional bathroom designs. Clever storage solutions along with smart use of the available layout will help you create a bathroom that will be full of style and character that will work well with a fashionable color pallet. For this post we have put together a guide that will help you understand the various options for small bathroom ideas. You may also see Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Small Master Bathroom Ideas

Use a large mirror for the master bathroom in order to make the space look wider. Also in case you only have space for a shower cabin make sure that the enclosure is made of clear class for larger space. You may also see Small Master Bathroom Designs

Victorian Small Master Bathroom

victorian small master bathroom


Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas

The bathroom vanity needs to have storage space with shelves, drawers or cabinets. This will help you store personal products while it will free counter space. You can choose the vanity in matching style or as a statement bathroom piece. You may also see Small Bathroom Vanity Designs

Small Modern Bathroom Vanity

small modern bathroom vanity

Annabelle Chapman Architects

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Storage is needed in every room. You can create storage by installing floating shelves in order to store various bathroom essentials and towels. You can think of many creative ways to style your bathroom with storage solutions that will help.

Small Vintage Bathroom Storage

small vintage bathroom storage


Small Guest Bathroom Ideas

For your guest bathroom you can choose an elegant color combination for the walls and furniture. Multicolored tiles along with a beautiful vanity design will help the bathroom look impressive to your guests giving you extra points for your style. You may also see Small Bathroom Remodel Designs

Cool Small Guest Bathroom

cool small guest bathroom

Tamara Mack Design

Small Apartment Bathroom Ideas

Apartments might have constraints in space but not in style. Add pops of color with colored tiles or with a vanity that has colored designs. You can also use shelving techniques to add storage space in your small apartment bathroom.

Small Apartment Bathroom Shower Idea

small apartment bathroom shower idea

Photo by Colin Cadle

Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Choose a wooden vanity that has visible grains. For a master bathroom you can replace the door with a sliding barn door that will add a rustic vibe on the space. You can also choose to have a wooden floor. You may also see Small Bathroom Tile Designs

Small Rustic Bathroom Floor Design

small rustic bathroom floor design


Small Bathroom Flooring Ideas

From stone, to tiles and from natural wood to synthetic, you have a great variety of quality flooring options for your small bathroom. You can choose a design with pops of color or a more classic choice with neutral shades.

Small Bathroom Tile Flooring

small bathroom tile flooring


Small Basement Bathroom Ideas

A small bathroom in the basement is needed in big families. You can use all your creativity in order to design a bathroom with bright colors and style. Choose a shower cabin instead of a bathtub to save space.

Modern Small Basement Bathroom

modern small basement bathroom

Photo by Arnal

Small Country Bathroom Ideas

A wood wainscoting is going to transform your bathroom into a country style. You can have it painted into any colors you might like and use shelves of the same color for your walls for a matching effect.

Small French Country Bathroom

small french country bathroom


Modern Small Bathroom Ideas

For a modern design you can choose floating vanity and toilet. This will give the illusion of wider space while it will look stylish and modern in a minimalist style. Furthermore you can choose a tile design in bright color.

Modern Small Bathroom Tiles Idea

modern small bathroom tiles idea


Small White Bathroom Ideas

White brings light in any space making it look larger that it is. A small white bathroom is going to look adorable and elegant. From the wall tiles to the vanity you can find everything you need in stark white colors.

Small White Bathroom Vanity Idea

small white bathroom vanity idea


Small Bathroom Lighting Ideas

From recessed lighting to glamorous chandelier designs you can choose anything you like. However in case you choose a chandelier design make sure that the pendant is in accordance to the room’s size in order to avoid it looking overwhelming.

Small Bathroom Pendant Lighting

small bathroom pendant lighting


Small Bathroom Shelving Ideas

You can have floating wall shelves or an elegant stand with shelves that will give you the opportunity to style your small bathroom while storing essentials. You can find shelves in a variety of designs and materials to choose from.

Small Bathroom Wooden Shelving

small bathroom wooden shelving


Small Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

Style you small ensuite with a glass counter or a wall mounted sink in order to make the space look bigger. Also the smart use of the available layout is going to make the space look tidy and in style.

Small Ensuite Bathroom Shower

small ensuite bathroom shower

Photo by Chris Snook

Small Spa Bathroom Ideas

Whether you choose a shower cabin or a bathtub you have the luxury to choose a design with a massage mechanism for some spa time. Turn your master bathroom into a relaxing paradise with the right color scheme and vanity.

Contemporary Small Spa Bathroom

contemporary small spa bathroom


Just because the space is small, it doesn’t mean that the style has to be nonexistent too. You can amp the amount of style using smart furniture and decorating the space in a way that will give the illusion of larger room while adding personality making the space look wonderful.

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