Have you been trying to make the best out of your long but narrow bathroom space? Several homeowners across the globe face this problem but a few have been able to come out with just the right kind of layout that maximized efficiency. A rectangular bathroom design can be a gorgeous space, if you are ready to do some renovations. Here are some ideas that should give you the cues you have been looking for long.

Small Rectangle Bathroom Design

small rectangle bathroom design


A small and rectangular bathroom space means that you are always looking for ways to save floor space. It is necessary that your cabinets go on to the wall and the sinks adjust them to the corners of the room. The far end of the space is perfect to establish a shower space with glass walls/doors. Further, using adequate lighting in the right places ensure that there is a sense of spaciousness throughout.

Rectangular Bathroom Tiles Design

rectangular bathroom tiles design


Surprising, but the choice of tiles can affect the mood of a rectangular bathroom. Smaller sized tiles will give the illusion of a bigger space as opposed to bigger tile sizes. Again, try to keep the floor space clean and vacant as much as you can.

Contemporary Rectangular Bathroom

contemporary rectangular bathroom


A contemporary bathroom layout is perfectly established by investing in a white theme. With a lot of glass and smooth reflective tiling, you will be surprised how gorgeous the overall setting looks. You can also see Masculine Bathroom Designs

Modern Rectangular Bathroom Idea

modern rectangular bathroom idea


A modern bathroom like this is supposed to follow a contrasting theme in décor. The idea is well established using a combination of white and chocolate colored walls. The use of wooden cabinets and unique sink shapes further adds to the sophistication.

Rectangular Bathroom Small Tiles

rectangular bathroom small tiles


Here’s another example of how smaller tiles can spruce up a rather small bathroom space. Using the right type of lighting, you can always seek to bring in an illusion of space.

Narrow Bathroom Wooden Interiors

narrow bathroom wooden interiors


Wooden bathroom always have a rustic and exotic feeling to it. Using it in combination with walls and smooth tiles, you can bring in sophistication even in a small bathroom space.

White Rectangle Bathroom Design

white rectangle bathroom design


When you are crunched for space, white is always the best solution to balance the limitation. A white themed bathroom that uses a lot of glass and modular cabinets will be perfect way to make the most of the available space.

Rectangular Bathroom Wooden Cabinet

rectangular bathroom wooden cabinet


Wooden cabinets in a lighter themed bathroom design will always bring in a charming rustic addition to the space. With wooden cabinets, you can also go for customized shapes and even wall hanging designs to save floor space.

Gray Rectangular Bathroom Design

gray rectangular bathroom design


A gray themed bathroom, as shown in this example will be a beautiful décor option as long as you are willing to invest in a bit. Using decorative tiling and unique glass, the homeowner has been able to make the most out of the available space. It’s both gorgeous and cozy, and will be an exciting space in any modern household.

Rectangular Bathroom Glass Shower Idea

rectangular bathroom glass shower idea


A glass shower is always the perfect answer if you have limited floor space. Glass walls give you functional bathing quarter that is easy to maintain and also adds to the illusion of space. Further, glass showers are perfect if you are looking for a rather private setting.

Rectangular Bathroom Wooden Sink Cabinets

rectangular bathroom wooden sink cabinets


Marble Rectangular Bathroom Design

marble rectangular bathroom design


Rectangular Bathroom White Wall Tiles

rectangular bathroom white wall tiles


Mosaic Rectangular Bathroom Backsplash

mosaic rectangular bathroom backsplash


Long Rectangular Bathroom Design

long rectangular bathroom design


Rustic Rectangular Bathroom Wall Tiles

rustic rectangular bathroom wall tiles


Rectangular Bathroom Base Cabinets

rectangular bathroom base cabinets


We hope that you would now stop complaining about your narrow bathroom and do something about it! Popularly called Zen bathrooms, you can even choose to have unique installations like rectangular chandelier to add uniqueness to the space. Do talk to an interior design specialist about the options you have.

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