The way you incorporate the light in a room makes a big difference to the atmosphere it creates. Add character to a room by hanging a chandelier design. These lighting fixtures can be found in a great range of sizes, designs, styles and shapes, bringing you countless options to install in every room from the attic to the bathroom. We are sharing with you, our collection of majestic chandelier designs to brighten up your home.

Modern Chandelier Designs

The combination of metal with crystals creates the most amazing modern chandelier designs. You can choose a waterfall design that incorporates these two materials. A waterfall chandelier will give the illusion of constant movement making your space look modern and timeless at the same time.

Modern Crystal Chandelier Design

modern crystal chandelier design1

Modern Chandelier Lighting Design

modern chandelier lighting design

Modern Dining Room Chandelier

modern dining room chandelier

Antique Chandelier Designs

Antiques have a certain level of quality that can transfer your space to a past time. Go through a vast variety of antique chandeliers for your house and choose the right one according to your personal taste. These chandeliers can be incorporated in any style adding character and boldness.

Antique Kitchen Chandelier Design

antique kitchen chandelier design

Small Antique Chandelier Design

small antique chandelier design

Design by Sherwood Custom Homes

Crystal Chandelier Designs

You can find numerous designs of crystal chandeliers. Every design has a unique layout with artfully shaped crystals that create a stunning synthesis suitable for every room. From dewdrops to rectangular shapes you can find many designs that range from drums to tree branches for stylish approach and glamor.

Antique Crystal Chandelier

antique crystal chandelier

Crystal Chandelier Floor Lamp

crystal chandelier floor lamp

Photo by Angela Flournoy

Outdoor Chandelier Designs

Outdoors spaces need style. You can light your patio or your garden with an intricate chandelier design that will make the place look amazing. Keep in mind that you need a chandelier design that is resistant against weather conditions in order to ensure that you will have it for years.

Modern Outdoor Chandelier

modern outdoor chandelier

Photo by Adrian Lambert

Outdoor Patio Chandelier

outdoor patio chandelier

Outdoor Candle Chandelier

outdoor candle chandelier

Faith Sheridan Interior Design

Rustic Chandelier Designs

Reclaimed materials feature in the rustic chandeliers category. These designs range from antlers to mason jars fixtures hanging from a wood plate. These designs have a subtle elegance that makes them ideal for many rooms inside and outside the house. A bronze design would be perfect for your kitchen island.

Outdoor Rustic Chandelier

outdoor rustic chandelier

Rustic Dining Room Chandelier

rustic dining room chandelier

Industrial Chandelier Designs

Old pipes, stainless steel racks and every combination of metal with glass can give the most stunning industrial chandelier designs. Suitable for every space in your house you can choose the right design according to the look you want to achieve for the specific room.

Industrial Dining Room Chandelier Design

industrial dining room chandelier design

Artistic Designs for Living

Industrial Pendant Chandelier

industrial pendant chandelier

Photo by Twist Tours

Industrial Chandelier Lighting Design

industrial chandelier lighting design

Farmhouse Chandelier Designs

Bring an all time piece in your house with a farmhouse chandelier. These designs are available in a variety of designs that are recreated on the farmhouse style and range in a multitude of colors and layouts. Choose a chandelier according to your personal tastes and transform every room.

Modern Farmhouse Chandelier

modern farmhouse chandelier

Farmhouse Kitchen Chandelier Design

farmhouse kitchen chandelier design

Design by Chloe Joelle Beautiful Living

Kitchen Chandelier Designs

A chandelier design has to follow your kitchen’s dimensions. An oversized chandelier in a small room will overpower it making the kitchen look smaller. There are available in the market many different designs that range in size, material combinations, and layouts to choose the best one for your kitchen.

White Kitchen Chandelier Design

white kitchen chandelier design

French Country Kitchen Chandelier

french country kitchen chandelier

Kitchen Table Chandelier Design

kitchen table chandelier design

Bathroom Chandelier Designs

Give an upgrade to your bathroom with a chandelier design. This will add glamor and elegance making your bathroom look exquisite. You can find many designs in a variety of materials and colors to match your bathroom’s color scheme. If you follow the sizing rules you’ll have a majestic look.

Crystal Bathroom Chandelier Design

crystal bathroom chandelier design

Small Bathroom Chandelier Design

small bathroom chandelier design

Kid’s Chandelier Designs

The designs that fall into this category are true pieces of art. With funny designs, vibrant color combinations and a variety of styles you can find the perfect one for your kid’s room. Complete the room with a crystal chandelier in pink or in every possible color for amazing results.

Kid’s Bedroom Chandelier Design

kids bedroom chandelier design

Kid’s Chandelier Lighting Design

kids chandelier lighting design

Photo by Jeri Koegel

Small Chandelier Designs

In interior design, size can be very important in how a room will look. Small chandelier designs are suitable for small rooms. Every style can be incorporated into these small designs while maintaining their high levels of elegance and glamor. These pieces are suitable for bathrooms, hallways, and small kitchens.

Small Foyer Chandelier Design

small foyer chandelier design

Small White Chandelier Design

small white chandelier design

Bedroom Chandelier Designs

From gothic to shabby chic you can find any style you want for your bedroom. A chandelier in this room will dictate the general look leading the eye upwards or downwards depending on the design. They are available in a variety of materials and designs to help you choose from.

Master Bedroom Chandelier Design

master bedroom chandelier design


Bedroom Chandelier Lighting Design

bedroom chandelier lighting design

Entryway Chandelier Designs

Your entryway has the ability to impress and prepare your guests for what is to come next. So make that first impression count with a chandelier design. You can find amazing designs that range in size, materials, and styles that add style and elegance to your entryway.

Traditional Entryway Chandelier Design

traditional entryway chandelier design

Entryway Crystal Chandelier Design

entryway crystal chandelier design

Design by Cindy Ray Interiors

Country Chandelier Designs

Bring the country’s elegance in your city apartment with a country chandelier design. They are available in many designs that have incredible material combinations of wood, metal, and crystals to give an extraordinary makeover.

French Country Chandelier Design

french country chandelier design

Country Cottage Chandelier Design

country cottage chandelier design

Dining Room Chandelier Designs

Every dining room has a different style. You can complete the look with the appropriate chandelier design. Choose according to the dining table’s shape and go for the most gorgeous chandelier you can find. You can go for modern minimalism or you can choose a dramatic design for gothic effect.

Contemporary Dining Room Chandelier

contemporary dining room chandelier

Synthesis Design Inc

Dining Room Crystal Chandelier

dining room crystal chandelier

Toronto Designers

Living Room Chandelier Designs

From drums to crystal pendants you will find amazing designs for your living room. Choose the right one according to the room’s style and size. Be mindful that you want something that will either match the room or that it contradicts it in a subtle and elegant way.

Living Room Ceiling Chandelier

living room ceiling chandelier

Living Room Drum Chandelier

living room drum chandelier

Heather Garrett Design

Luxury Chandelier Designs

Luxury chandeliers might cost a fortune, their beauty though is priceless. They have regal designs that make them perfect for formal rooms like the living room, dining room, and the entryway. However, you can choose to install them in other rooms like the bedroom to add a touch of luxury.

Modern Luxury Chandelier Design

modern luxury chandelier design

J Design Group

Luxury Crystal Chandelier Design

luxury crystal chandelier design

GooseNest Interior Design

Rectangular Chandelier Designs

Rectangular chandeliers are great examples of creativity and elegance. They are suitable for every room, however, they look extraordinary when used in kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms. The reason for this is the symmetry. A rectangular coffee or dining table along with a kitchen island even out the shapes.

Rectangular Dining Room Chandelier

rectangular dining room chandelier

Rustic Rectangular Chandelier Design

rustic rectangular chandelier design

Chandeliers provide light and style in a room. You can choose a design that is contradicting with rest of the room’s style or you can choose one that follows the room completing it. In 2016 the interior design trends offer for a combination in traditional with the modern designs. Waterfall chandeliers for endless movement and orbital pendants have been great choices for homeowners around the world combining modern metal and crystal syntheses with candle designs.

Take into consideration the size of the space you want to install the chandelier in. You have to be sure about the design’s size to avoid an overwhelming result. Making the right choice will help you make your space look polished, luxurious and brighter with a stylish and ornate design.

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