Lighting completes every room in your house. It adds mystery or adjusts to the mood you want to set. The same applies for kids bedrooms. Lighting must be fun and practical to create a pleasant and interesting room for your kids. Having the safety factor in mind you can design the most unique bedrooms for kids. So keep on reading to find out some cool kids bedroom lighting ideas we have put together for you. You may also see Modern Kids Bedroom Designs

Kids Bedroom Wall Lighting

kids bedroom wall lighting

Design by : Incorporated

Kids need places to hide and play. These hiding places need light too. Like this contemporary children’s bedroom you can add wall lighting for every bed. This way there will be adequate light for every kid.

Unique Childrens Bedroom Lighting

unique childrens bedroom lighting

Design by : Zinc Art + Interiors

You can choose a unique lamp pendant. This will add a fun feature to the room. Like this contemporary bedroom, where the lighting is chosen for its interesting shape. This is suitable for a teenager’s bedroom.

Girls Bedroom Lighting

girls bedroom lighting

Kids are known for their eclectic tastes. You can choose an eclectic pendant light, following the color scheme of the room. Like this girl’s bedroom, the spiky pendant in hot pink matches the accented wall in color and style.

Kids Bedroom Night Lights

kids bedroom night lights

Night lights are necessary for kids rooms. Choosing the suitable night light is paramount. You can decide on low power night light or on controlled lighting. You will be able to control the intensity of the light with ease.

Kids Bedroom With Chandelier

kids bedroom with chandelier

A chandelier gives a touch of elegance even to a kid’s room. For this eclectic room design, the chandelier was used as a luxurious feature. This style is suitable for a teenage girl’s room.

Modern Kids Bedroom Lighting

modern kids bedroom lighting

If your kid’s room is following after a specific theme you can adjust the lighting in the same way. For children bedroom designs like this modern one, you can choose to have custom made lighting that will complete the theme.

Kids Bedroom Bedside Lighting Idea

kids bedroom bedside lighting idea

You can install bedside lighting. This will be suitable for kids that like to read at night or for bedtime stories. The traditional style of this room gets complete with the bedside lighting installed on the build in a headboard.

Kids Bedroom Mood Lighting

kids bedroom mood lighting

Create the perfect mood with the appropriate lighting. For a contemporary kid’s room interior, choose a lighting with soft fringing. This will give an elegant tone in the room. It is suitable for girls’ bedrooms because of the romantic element it carries.

Transitional Kids Bedroom Lighting

transitional kids bedroom lighting

A colorful room needs to be balanced. To achieve that you can choose a suspended lamp with a transparent colored pendant. This will complete the style of your choice and it will also balance the colors in the kid’s room.

Kids Bedroom Ceiling Lights Idea

kids bedroom ceiling lights idea

Ceiling lights will give a night starry night in every room. Your kids will love the serene setting it will create, casting soft lighting for the night. Ceiling lighting can be used as a night light for children bedroom designs.

Pretty Girls Bedroom Lighting

girls bedroom with chandelier

Decorative Kids Bedroom Lighting

decorative kids bedroom lighting

Design by Anya Abramova

Trendy kids Bedroom Lights

trendy kids bedroom lights

Wall Decor Kids Bedroom Ceiling Light

wall decor kids bedroom ceiling light

Sea Style Kids Bedroom Chandelier

sea style kids bedroom chandelier

Sky Blue Kids Bed Orb Light Idea

sky blue kids bed orb light idea

Antique Kids Bedroom Bulb Lights

antique kids bedroom bulbe light

Kids Bedroom Wall Moon Light Design

kids bedroom wall moon light design


With the appropriate lighting, you can style a kid’s bedroom. Style a room with pendant lighting or with ceiling fairy lights. Use led lights as a safety measure because they stay cool. Think about your kids’ needs in lighting and choose accordingly the perfect and stylish lighting for their bedroom.

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