The term loft style bedroom delivers the essence of a sound, cosy sleep in an elevated area of your house. These days, new master bedroom ideas are being innovated, and you will find various designs of these bedrooms. The blend of modern and industrial styles of bedrooms have resulted in a number of elegant lofted bedroom design. With the right incorporation of furniture, you will be able to get a stunning interior. Here are ten sophisticated loft style bedroom ideas that you will love to have in your home.

Loft Style Master Bedroom

loft style master bedroom

Most people have a fascination towards Attic Bedroom designs. This room in the attic is designed to be a master bedroom, with clean lines and elegant walls. There are two shades of brown for the wooden walls that arch above the floor. You can fix some paintings on the gray walls for further sophistication. The grey floors go well with the walls.

Industrial Loft Style Bedroom

industrial loft style bedroom

Design by Guilherme Alexandre

Contemporary housing designs have caught up well with the Industrial Bedroom ideas. There are white walls in the room with a light brown floor. The spotless white walls look elegant, and you can opt for a brown bed frame to make it compatible with the floor.

Small Loft Bedroom Idea

small loft bedroom idea

Homes with a small space in the attic sometimes look compact and elegant with a small loft bedroom. The wooden planks look natural with the white bed. You can get a contrasting carpet for the wooden floor. Simple furniture and lighting yield the perfect beauty in the room.

Kids Loft Bedroom Design

kids loft bedroom design


Kids are fond of colorful bedroom designs. When it comes to bedrooms, you can choose darker shades like blue and this goes well with black. There is a theme on the wall, with moons and night sky. This is an ideal setting for the kids and the white walls are perfect for the room with square floor patterns. You can also see Skylight Bedroom Designs

Contemporary Loft Style Bedroom

contemporary loft style bedroom


You can customise an attic room for your kids, with tailored portraits and pictures on the wall. Place the bed in front of the portrait. A grey carpet is ideal for the polished wooden floors in the room. Place matching grey chairs along the sides to get a nice view outside.

Teenage Loft Bedroom Design

teenage loft bedroom design

When you look out for a funky teen bedroom in the attic, get various shades of grey and blue. The bedding accessories go well with the brown floor and white walls. The large windows and bright interior are ideal for teens.

Loft Style Apartment Bedroom

loft style apartment bedroom

You can incorporate the Industrial Bedroom design idea in a loft style bedroom in an apartment. With dark wooden floors and walls, you will find the brick-like designs in the walls elegant. There are bright lights creating an orange hue in the room. Choose for dark brown cabinets with low drawers for the room.

Modern Loft Bedroom Design Idea

modern loft bedroom design idea

This is a luxurious loft bedroom idea with polished walls. The small pendant lights make the room beautiful. You can fix a swing-arm wall lamp above the bed. The cream-colored theme goes well with the setting. You can even fix a large TV high in the wall to get the right dose of entertainment in the leisure hours.

Rustic Loft Bedroom Design

rustic loft bedroom design

Green Room Loft Bedroom Design

green room loft bedroom design

Design by H. Gary Frank Architects

Loft Bedroom Furniture Design

loft bedroom furniture design

Attractive Loft Bedroom Design

attractive loft bedroom design

White Modern Loft Bedroom Design

white modern loft bedroom design

Design by Diego Alejandro Rincon

Loft Style Bedroom Design

loft style bedroom design

Design by Tricia Messeroux

Vintage Loft Style Bedroom

vintage loft style bedroom

Gray Loft Bedroom Design

gray loft bedroom design

When you crave for a tailored loft style bedroom, you need to consider the bedroom paint ideas wisely. There are different themes for the attic bedrooms and each of them delivers a particular ambience in the room. After all, you need to be choosy about the furniture, floor design and wall paint colours. If you come up with any new loft style bedroom idea, you can share it with us.

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