Attic bedrooms are the most appealing for many people in their houses. They have a special charm and a warm feel. They are mostly warm and cozy with sloping ceilings, dormer windows with a gable end that can be used for hanging clothes. Previous versions were not as exciting, for example the craftsman design with white walls and medium tone hardwood floors.

White Transitional Attic Bedroom Decor

white transitional attic bedroom decor

White Nautical Attic Bedroom Idea

white nautical attic bedroom idea

Blue and Orange Attic Bedroom Design

blue and orange attic bedroom design

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Recent designs include utilizing the space beneath the ceiling which is extremely versatile. It could be a living space with a hammock in the middle or an exhibition interior for a miniature train collection. Also a shabby-chic style with blue walls and painted wood floors.

Attic Master Bedroom Suite

attic master bedroom suite

Photo By: Jessica McGowan

Rustic Attic Bedroom Design

rustic attic bedroom design

Photo By: Eric Striffler

Modern Attic Bedroom With Platform Bed

modern attic bedroom with platform bed

Photo By: Jessica McGowan

White Attic Cottage Bedroom Idea

white attic cottage bedroom idea

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Beautiful Attic Bedroom Wall Design

beautiful attic bedroom wall design

Photo By: Kady Dunlap

Traditional Bedroom Design

traditional bedroom design1

Hask Custom Homes

Different styles include beach style bedroom with beige walls and rug and simple wall illumination over the bed. We could also have a mid-sized rustic bedroom with brown walls, average tone hardwood floor and no hearth.

Small Attic Bedroom Design

small attic bedroom design

French Attic Bedroom Idea

french attic bedroom idea

Beautiful Attic BedRoom Design

beautiful attic bedroom design

Cleverly Attic BedRoom Design

cleverly attic bedroom design

Different types suit different peoples’ needs. We could have a traditional one in a loft-style room with light and airy beams. For people in need of space we could have simple wall lights above the bed, a pop of colour at the end of the room and sloped sides all painted in the same warm colours.

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