Are your outfits, shoes, and accessories the most prized possessions for you? It’s time to show them off like pieces of artwork. All you need is a fabulous walk in closet and you have all your favorite stuff at one place. You don’t need to live in a mansion to have one; a walk in closet is now seen as part of most home designs. You can create a functional, stylish walk in closet in small spaces as well. You need to have a closet design and determine how to organize it immaculately. Here are some awe-inspiring small walk-in closet designs.

Small Square Walk In Closet

small square walk in closet

This walk-in closet feels more like a boutique with all your stuff on display. Use of hangers allows you to see all your clothes as soon as you walk in and make your pick easily. This room has good lighting as well. Drawers and cabinets are also designed to store accessories and other artifacts.

Diy Small Walk In Closet

diy small walk in closet

Create a small walk in closet by assembling some of your gardening equipment and furniture. Add railing to hang your clothes and use storage cubes to store shoes and other accessories. This is a very neat display of clothes in small space.

Small Corner Walk In Closet

small corner walk in closet

This walk in closet makes excellent use of space by adding shelves in the corners for storage. Hangers are used in the middle for display and there is a shoe storage shelf as well. A bench is added here that allows you to sit and try out shoes. Dresser with drawers is another great choice. You can also see Closet Storage Designs

Modern Small Walk In Closet

modern small walk in closet

This small walk in closet for a contemporary home looks very organized. Corner shelves are used for storing bags and other items. There are railings on the sides for hanging clothes and the shoe shelves in the center make a splendid display with mirror backing.

Small Attic Walk In Closet

small attic walk in closet

You can turn your narrow attic space into an impressive walk in closet. This space looks very stylish and cozy in the cognac color. The combination of pull out drawers and shelves creates a perfect balance. You can make use of top most shelves for storing items that are rarely used.

Small Oak Wood Walk in Closet

small oak wood walk in closet1

If space is not a constraint for you, then go for a neat little walk-in closet in your master bedroom. This looks pretty simple, yet stylish. The corner space is put to good use for hanging long clothes and storing bags.

Small Bedroom Walk In Closet

small bedroom walk in closet

This is an incredible idea of an open concept bedroom closet design. The divider in the room is used for two-way storage. Both the spaces receive a good amount of sunlight, keeping the room bright and airy.

Small Teak Wood Walk In Closet

small teak wood walk in closet

This walk in closet with intricate wood work looks extremely chic. A small chandelier adds beauty as well as brightness to this room. An island is designed in the middle with drawers for ease of access.

White Walk In Closet With Shelves

white walk in closet with shelves

You can turn an entire room into an impeccable, luxurious walk-in closet. This sleek looking space in white features a glossy chandelier and an island with a contrasting bright pink countertop.

Custom Small Walk In Closet Idea

custom small walk in closet idea

For slanted spaces and low walls, this is a perfect design for a walk in closet. You can customize it according to the shape and size by using hanging rods and drawers. A chandelier and ottoman bring an element of charm to this space.

Small Black Walk In Closet Idea

small black walk in closet idea

Tiny Walk In Closet Design

tiny walk in closet design

Classic Walk In Closet Idea

classic walk in closet idea

Small Master Walk In Closet Design

small master walk in closet design

Small Narrow Walk In Closet

small narrow walk in closet

Classy White Walk-in Closet

classy white walkin closet

Small Hard Wood Walk In Closet

small hard wood walk in closet

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Modern Small Walkin Closet

modern small walkin closet

With latest designs and models, you can have the walk-in closet of your dreams. These days many closet accessories are available such as sliding racks, sliding baskets and boot hangers that help make even small spaces neatly organized and functional. You can add other items such as a dresser, stool or an “entryway bench” for more functionality.

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