Racks have been used for a long time in order to store things. They are used in every room of the house while adding a stylish piece of furniture that has practical use. Their materials range from stainless steel to wood, in a great variation of styles and designs to give you an excellent end result in the room. Today we are going to share with you our collection of 15+ rack designs for inspiration. You may also See Wine Rack Designs

Wine Rack Designs

wine rack designs

Structures, Inc.

Wine racks come in a multitude of designs that feature horizontal or vertical alignment for the bottles and in many cases a combination of the both that create an amazing synthesis. You should choose the right one according to your personal taste and the room’s style for a beautiful result.

Shoe Rack Designs

shoe rack designs

Acastrian Bespoke Fitted Furniture

Even if you live alone, a shoe rack will help you keep your shoes at one place and organized. These racks are suitable for hallways and entrances as well as for your bedroom. The designs consist of open layouts as well as cabinets in order to keep your shoes hidden.

Kitchen Rack Designs

kitchen rack designs

Pinemar, Inc

A kitchen has many items that might or might not be used on a daily bases. However having these items stored in an organized way will give you a tidy space to work on your culinary creations. The rack can be a part of the kitchen’s design or separate structure.

TV Rack Designs

tv rack designs

SK Designers - Shimrit Kaufman

A TV rack can act as a stand and a bookcase at the same time. There are so many racks that offer open or closed designs with drawers, shelves and cabinets. You can find them in many different styles in order to match them with the rest of the room.

Magazine Rack Design Ideas

magazine rack design ideas

Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist

Magazine racks come in various materials like wood, metal, plastic, fabric or glass. The combinations of these materials bring amazing designs of magazine racks that will provide you with a stylish and practical solution to store your magazines or your books in every room inside the house.

Clothes Rack Designs

clothes rack designs

Lucy Interior Design

Some apartments have no closets. A creative and affordable solution is the use of clothes racks. They come in minimalist designs that consist of racks and shelves to help your store your clothes and accessories with ease. They take less space while they provide an industrial look in your room.

Wall Rack Designs

wall rack designs

Meritage Homes

Wall racks are simple shelves that are mounted on the wall creating a stylish synthesis. You can use them as bookshelves or as decorative pieces in order to place accessories. From the dining room to the stairs area, you can place wall racks anywhere to add style on boring walls.

Corner Rack Design Ideas

corner rack design ideas


Corner racks are useful for decorating purposes. They are available in many different styles and designs offering a great way to make use an empty corner. Corner racks are stylish and delicate looking adding character to a room without monopolizing one’s senses.

Coat Rack Ideas

coat rack ideas

mackmiller design+build

A coat rack is practical. Nonetheless, it can have a creative and intricate design, giving a sophisticated look on the wall. Impress your guests with a unique coat rack design that will look well designed and beautiful. From modern to rustic you can find them in any style.

Spice Rack Designs

spice rack designs


If going through your spice cabinet is like a nightmare for you then you should try a spice rack. These rack designs will help you keep your spices in an organized order that will help you while cooking. Also you can find racks that fit in cabinets or drawers.

Built In Rack Designs

built in rack designs


In build designs have a great use. You can have it in your walk in closet or in the kitchen or the living room. They also look impressive in hallways providing a fashionable addition. Available in many designs that offer shelves and cabinets for extra storage space.

Modern Rack Designs

modern rack designs

Regan Baker Design Inc.

Modern racks aim for a minimalist approach. Store your things in style while maintaining the modern look of your house. There are many designs available that come in many materials like plywood, wood, glass and metal while you can also find a few with a plastic built.

CD Rack Ideas

cd rack ideas

California Closets of Louisville and Lexington

Keep your CDs and DVDs all in one place with a CD rack. This way you can organize them in categories and will always know where to find them. It’s a great and stylish way in order to put a stop to all those missing CDs.

Office Rack Designs

office rack designs

Lori Gentile Interior Design

From a simple set of shelves over your desk to a full blown bookcase, having an office rack will help you keep the space organized. This way you can always find every important paper and book easily and quickly without getting distracted from your work. You may also See Magazine Rack Designs

Racks provide you with practical storage solutions. Their design might be stylish, however they maintain a high level of functional use to help you around the house. In case the rack is placed against a wall then you can hang a large mirror in the same style design. A beautiful lamp on top of the rack or a pot with a plant will help you accentuate this piece of furniture with ease and ample style.

If you already have a bookcase but you need more storage solutions then you should consider getting a rack. Their variety in designs will help you find the right one for you. In any case we hope that our collection of rack designs gave you an insight for inspirational ideas.

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