A logo is a symbol comprising of images and/or words that works as the visible face of the company.
Book logo designs therefore would have to associate with the book store or the publishing company as the case may be. Another unique aspect of book logo design is that they almost always carry the image of a book in some form or the other. However, the challenge for the designer will be to still have an element of uniqueness with the design while at the same time depicting the policies and ideas that the company stands for.

Book Library Logo

cool library book logo

Book Talk Logo

discussion club book logo

Even within the wider domain comprising of books in general, there are books on almost every conceivable topics. Be it books dedicated to kids to those dealing with higher philosophical thoughts, companies dealing with specific types need to be represented by suitable logos. The same applies to books dealing with academic topics as well.

Progress Logo Design

progress logo design


Books Logo Design

sample book logo

American School Book Logo

school book logo

Lektury Online Logo

online learning book symbol logo

Logo Design For Inspiration

religional symbol book logo

Sweden Borg Logo Design

professional institute book logo design

Awesome Book Logo

awesome book logo design1

Word Refuge Logo Design

solid mark book logo

Knowledge Logo Design

creative book logo

Chambers and Partners Logo

chambers and partners logo

Book Cover Logo

book cover logo

Book Bird Logo

book bird logo

Handy Books Logo

hand books logo

book reading logo design

Education Logo Design

graduation cap logo design

Colorful Open Book Logo Design

colorful book logo design

Lotus Book Logo Design

education institutes book logo symbol

Another unique segment of books that has emerged off late is the electronic books or ebooks that are meant to be read off a PC, tablet devices or dedicated ebook reading devices. Depicting such companies or bookstores dealing with ebook therefore poses a challenge of its own as the logo need to have the right balance of books in general as well as the electronic medium they are associated with.

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