Office desks come in varied sizes and designs. Some are meant for big office rooms for accommodating everything on a single stand while some are customized to a one-man workstation that fits into your small office room. If you are looking for a mid-century vibe inside your office room, you can build your own working desk. If you have unused old shelves, place a wooden plank on top of two shelves and paint according to your taste. It will give you the provision of storing your knickknacks as well as serve as a working desk.

For something chic and yet functional the KKanapetko Desk can be a worthy option for you. Its versatile design serves as a single workplace to a large conference table for multiple users. On each side there are 3 drawers for placing printer/scanner, or stereo speakers or even for keeping your files that you often need. Unfolding the desk gives you more space for accommodating 2 or 3 people working together.

Beautiful Wooden Office Desk Design

beautiful wooden office desk design

Home Office with Dark-Stained Partner’s Desk

home office with dark stained partners desk

Designed by Troy Beasley

Home Office with Coastal Wooden Desk

home office with coastal wooden desk

Photo By: Brian Kellogg

For those who want minimalist furnishing for their office room that will give them optimal facilities, here is the floating desk which can be made just by fixing a few hard planks with some elbow grease. It is very modern and highly functional unit even when you are not using it as a desk for keeping books or showpieces on its surface.

Blue Home Office With Contemporary Desk Design

blue home office with contemporary desk design

Eclectic Office With Stone and Wood Desk

eclectic office with stone and wood desk

Photo By: Ralph Kylloe

Modern Corner Office with Elegant Desk Design

modern corner office with elegant desk design

Photo By: Brian Kellogg

Parallel Designed Desk in Office

parallel designed desk in office

Photo By: Jeff Pelletier

A Stunning Wood Desk Design For Office

a stunning wood desk design for office

Photo By: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Vibrant Modern Office With Vintage Orange Desk

vibrant modern office with vintage orange desk

Contemporary Home Office With White Desk and Chair

contemporary home office with white desk and chair

Photo By: Brian Kellogg

Home Office with Custom Designed Desk

home office with custom designed desk

Photo By: Frank Paul Perez

Small Home Office With Built-in Desk

small home office with built in desk

Photo By: Blake Gordon

Glass-Top L-shaped Desk Idea

glass top l shaped desk idea

Photo By: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Spacious Office With Dark Wood Desk

spacious office with dark wood desk

Photo By: Nick O’Neill for Laurel & Wolf

Home Office With Modern Conference Table

home office with modern conference table

Photo By: Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

Simple Office Desk Design

simple office desk design

Traditional Home Office with Built-in Desk

traditional home office with built in desk

Traditional Home Office With Wooden Curved Shape Design

traditional home office with wooden curved shape design

Contemporary Home Office with Black Designed Desk

contemporary home office with black designed desk

Traditional Home Office Custom Desk Idea

traditional home office custom desk idea

Awesome Home Office With Well Designed Desk

awesome home office with well designed desk

There are various online portals which give you detailed information about office desk and their designs. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and design your office room ergonomically.

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