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The design of space is created by structural boundaries and human interaction. It is used as the initial design to accommodate purpose. Interior design is the process or art of designing the interior space of a home or a building. Interior design is categorized into three specialties: Residential, Commercial, and other. Residential interior design is created to meet the needs and wants for the individual. Commercial design varies in retail, branding, hospitality, corporate, healthcare, institutional, exhibition, sports, and industrial facilities. Other special areas include theme parks, exhibitions, museums, and events. Read More

What are the styles of Interior Design?

Arabian interior design consists of silk fabrics, Persian rugs, ornate prints, a variety of accent pillows and lampshade. Japanese interiors inspire the natural essence of simplicity and minimal architecture with Zen designs. This style includes the bare essentials that are clutter free with wooden elements. The minimalist style of interior design is charming for any space as it manages less clutter while letting the beauty of minimal furniture stand out. Muted colors, essential furniture, hard floors, and clean walls and hidden storage makes up the design of minimalism.

Styles of interior design includes Traditional American, art deco, Chinese, English country, French, French country, Indian, Gothic, Industrial, Japanese minimalist, Shabby chic, Spanish, vintage, Victorian and more.

What are the styles of Architecture?

The characterization of an architectural style features elements such as building materials, construction, form and character. Modern styles of Architecture includes floating style for buildings and homes along canals. Linked tower structures for bridge ways and sky gardens are seen everywhere from LA, London, Paris and India. Crowdfunding platforms, timber buildings, and handmade bricks are becoming economically and sustainably friendly as they use traditional materials with old styles but new ideas. The end the boring open-plan living space, broken-plan is becoming more laid out as the new style of layout combines small nooks with large shared spaces with sliding partitions and partial walls.

The architecture of home plans include A-frame, contemporary modern, colonial, shed style, European, chateau, French country style, and more. Mediterranean style homes are noble and bold and often greeted with column entries.

What are furniture designs that I should consider?

Bamboo furniture plays well into earth natural designs while children have been designing furniture of their preference. Furniture is now taking a retro makeover with the 70’s trend of paisley prints and flares. Concrete tree trunk book shelves have been immensely popular due to its storage saving space and unique design.

Go modern with futuristic architectural designs to experiment with texture deigns in your home. No matter the trend, Design Trends got you covered on the latest news from architecture and interior design.