Nowadays, children just like us adults spend a lot of time in their bedroom for sleeping, playing, working as well as eating. As the room becomes their alter-space, it should, by all means, be a reflection of their vibrant little personalities. Whether you wish to go for stylish, functional, cosy or fun we have today compiled a list of 10 interesting kid’s room designs that will not just provide you with plenty amount of inspiration but also help you unleash your inner child.

Pink Patterns

pink patterns

To start with the basic, patterns infused and incorporated with pink is one of the foremost choices for the room of your little girl. Take the look further with custom made window treatments that lie above the headboard. You can further include a striped carpet to finish off the easy go pleasant look.

Bunk it Up

bunk it up

Bunk beds are one of the fun and interesting additions to make in your kid’s room. Try the colour blue for your little boy. You can add an extra dose of design to the room with the help of some comfortable white ant chairs.

Elegance With Monochromatic

elegance with monochromatic

If your kid is not the one to opt for colours and patterns, monochromatic is one elegant theme to include in your child’s room. Include the basic white cabinets, white bedding and finally, polish the look further with some simple accessories like a basic drawing on a white canvas.

Beachy and Nautical

beachy and nautical

Give your kid’s room a taste of the sea with plenty of nautical themed pieces. Play around with the two prime colours blue and red to give the room some authentic character. Along with bringing some flair and interest, the colours also complement well with almost all the interior decor items.



Give the room some groove with vintage lamps, a metallic tone pouffe and an interesting wallpaper. You can even add a comfortable swing on one corner if there is no issue with the space.

Animal Kingdom

animal kingdom

Combine vivid colours and graphic patterns to create a playful look in the child’s room with the help of animal motifs bedding, wallpapers and soft toys. Vibrant and cheerful, the animal kingdom decor will help to bring some positive energy in the room.



Bring a sense of adventure to your son’s room with walls covered in the world map. You can complement the detailed look on the wall with simple cabinet and standard bench.

Fresh and Blue

fresh and blue1

Create a crisp, fresh and energetic look with a detailed blue patterned wallpaper. Complement the look of blue in the room with striped rug and elegant white cabinets. You can bring in the necessary pop of colour with coloured pillows and chairs.



Bring a touch of boho to your kid’s room with a set of twin beds dressed in fancy and breezy linens. Add a small table and chair set and embroidered wall hangings for a look that is equally edgy and warm. You can even add a vintage rug for finishing off the Boho touch.



Geography certainly acts as one of the interesting and central themes for the kid’s room decor. Bring in a futuristic and adventurous vibe with a horizontally aligned bed and a vibrant colour womb chair. Complement the colour of the felt rug with the map decal on the standard white wall.

Take inspiration from the above-mentioned designs and let your kid’s room reflect their personality with vigour and punch.

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