Even though the year has just begun and a lot is yet to happen in the design industry that is prone to abrupt change, let us take a look at how the interior design trends will be the coming year. We grabbed a handful of them that have picked up pace slowly and steadily enough for us to say with some confidence that by next year, these will be big.


Nature is one of those things that drive an artist, no matter how abstract or modern the artwork is. Hence, after the escapade into the world of abstract minimalism that we saw in the past years, the design world is moving back to its natural roots again. Be prepared to see beige, white, brown, walnut, gray and other natural shades around the houses.


Reflective themes have kept up their element of charm for a considerable amount of time, and we have reason to believe that next year, they will keep up their grandeur. They intricate the use of reflective bodies to interiors a broader, more sophisticated and dazzling appearance.


Finally, abstraction. While this year’s design works by Tom Dixon have focused quite a bit on the art of design through abstract concepts of furniture and lamps, the trend hasn’t quite caught on so far in mainland Europe and the Americas.


By the looks of it, though, that is on the verge of happening and we shall see more of eloquent interior design collections late this year or early next.


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