If lavender is your favorite flower, then you should take a good look at the gardens in this series. Lavender is a beautiful shrub that not only produces pretty and scented flowers, it is also known as a good source of food (syrup, sugar and candy), medicine (lavender oil). Drien petals are also used to prevent moths. You can use some of the best lavender garden ideas even if you only have a townhouse garden.

Front Yard Lavender Garden

Front Yard Lavender Garden belandscapedesign.com

This front yard garden is filled with plants that can withstand even the hottest weather. It means that your garden stay lush and beautiful all-year-round. The purple magic is brought by the randomly arranged large Spanish Lavender bushes. With the addition of other colorful shurbs and grasses (like boxwood, Libertia, Festuca glauca and Anagozanthus, the result is a perfect rustic garden.

Lavender Rock Garden Design

Lavender Rock Garden lanegoodkind.com

This estate entrance is designed to be the perfect welcoming road for guests. The vineyard can be seen on the right side and the left side of the road is lined with beautiful lavender. To add some green to the sea of lavender, Live Oak trees are scattered around.

Lavender Shed Roof Garden

Lavender Roof Garden Design by Noland Landscape Design

If you are looking for a shed roof garden idea, this one should be a good help. This low roof is transformed into a beautiful small garden of plants with different colorful flowers (like Deer fern, Elijah blue, Beach strawberry, Lewisia, and Oregon stonecrop.

Lavender Vegetable Garden Design

Lavender Vegetable Garden Design thetoddgroupinc.com

This edible garden is designed with vegetables and herbs, making it a good source of fresh greens throughout the year.

Lavender Herb Garden Design

Lavender Herb Garden Design inspiredgardendesign.co.uk

This formal garden is lined with sets of lavenders surrounding a holly tree in each square. The light colored pavers bring out the beauty of the flowers. You can also see Urban Garden Designs

Cottage Lavender Garden Idea

Cottage Lavender Garden Design by Becky Harris

The beauty of this cottage is enhanced by the design of this magnificent lavender and succulent garden. Aside from the beautiful lavender shurbs, this garden is also filled with other beauties like catmint, Russian sage, rose bush, cosmos, tiger lilies, and kale.

Traditional Lavender Garden Idea

Traditional Lavender Garden Idea schmechtiglandscapes.com

This formal garden has a professionally landscaped design with boxwood used as garden borders and a wonderful sea of lavender flowers (perennial plant called Salvia ‘May Night’ and Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low). The result is a unique lavender around a green scene that you may not see in most gardens. You can also see Formal Garden Design Trends

Mediterranean Lavender Garden

Mediterranean Lavender Garden colincadle.com

This Mediterranean garden is naturally designed with Meditarranean lavenders. The way the plants are arranged was just perfect as they are able to grow and bloom to create a purple painted look on the walkway. The house at the end of the lavender pathwalk stands out among the surrounding greens.

Formal Lavender Garden Design

Formal Lavender Garden webstergardens.co.uk

This formal garden has a beautiful combination of professionally designed lawn, perfectly arranged lavender shrubs and randomly planted rose bushes and other plants and trees in the back part. The wooden bench provides a rustic relaxing appeal to the whole set up.

Poolside Lavender Garden Design

Lavender Pool Garden Design gastarchitects.com

This garden looks very unique as usually a pool is not set within a short distance from the ground and the plants. But the idea here is to create a nice balance between the modernity of the pool and the wild beauty of the bush. The elevated garden is planted with lavenders, Miscanthus sinensis and other pretty greens.

Country Lavender Garden Design

French Country Lavender Garden Design by Shellene Mueller

Modern Lavender Garden Idea

Modern Lavender Garden Design andrewgrossman.com

Simple Lavender Garden Design

Simple Lavender Garden Design gardeniagardens.co.il

Outdoor Lavender Garden

Outdoor Lavender Garden jennybloom.co.uk

Lavender Garden Landscape Idea

Lavender Garden Landscape Idea dervissdesign.com

Lawn Lavender Garden Idea

Lavender Garden Decorative Idea Design by Zeterre Landscape Architecture

Lavender Garden Renovation

Renovation of Lavender Garden designscapescolorado.com

Whether you are planning for a formal, cottage, small or rock garden, using lavender as the main plant is always a good idea. Why so? Because the beauty of lavender is eternal and they can be used for other purposes (medicinal and for sweets). Additionally, lavenders can be mixed with roses bushes and lilies.

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