Use of pendant lighting is becoming very popular these days. They are the economical substitute for the expensive chandeliers. These hanging lights are great to use anywhere in the house. The wide variety of designs, sizes, and styles allow you to choose the right one for your specific project. If you want to go for the industrial look, you may want to check out these samples.

Industrial Lighting Fixtures

industrial lighting fixtures

Photo by Rikki Snyder

Industrial lighting can easily turn a modern interior into a rustic. For this kitchen, the exposed ceiling beams provided a nice base for the series of pendant lights suspended over the kitchen island.

Vintage Industrial Lighting

vintage industrial lighting

If you are aiming for the vintage look, this almost all-wood kitchen should be a good inspiration. The combination of natural wood with stonewalling provides this kitchen a totally vintage-rustic appeal. The use of three industrial pendant lighting over the rustic looking antique counter/island added to the vintage magnificence of the whole set up. You can also see Handmade Pendant Light Designs

Modern Industrial Lighting

modern industrial lighting

Don Harris, Architect

This modern kitchen looks really inviting with its open plan, sliding glass door and the perfect lighting brought by the three pendant lights hanging over the kitchen island and the huge oblong-shaped pendant light set over the breakfast table. The pale cream color of the lights’ casing allows for the light to diffuse softly.

Metal Pendant Lights

metal pendant lights

Lisa Schmitz Interior Design

There is something about a home with an open plan design that really appeals to a lot of people. The easy transition from one room to another allows for easy access to everything. This interior design, for instance, is a good example. The layout is so open and the whole set up is made to look a bit industrial with the use of three pendant lights in a black colored metal casing.

Cage Pendant Light

cage pendant light

Carolina Design Associates

Caged pendant lights provide this immaculate kitchen with a bit of industrial look. Though the lights’ casings are just as white as the rest of the room, the black color of the metal cage provides a nice contrast.

Industrial Hanging Lights

industrial hanging lights

The copper cases of the pendant lights used for this bar/den provide a beautiful match to the industrial appeal of the room. The room is basically a harmonious combination of different textures – unpolished brick wall with tall framed window, pale wood flooring, lavender colored wall, and the island base and bar wall made of repurposed doors.

Industrial Ceiling Lights

industrial ceiling lights

Paul Moon Design

Industrial ceiling lights are ideal to use almost anywhere, even in rooms that are designed and styled to look formal and functional – just like this kitchen. There is nothing else in this room that looks as industrial as the three pendant lights in crystal glass casings.

Antique Pendant Lights

antique pendant lights

SGH Design Inc

The two pendant lights used for this kitchen are really industrial, and they provide a nice contrast to the overall design of the room. The room is basically in shades of brown – flooring in natural polished wood, island base in light brown wood, an upper wall in brown, brown backsplash tiles for the cooking area wall, and the palest fo brown for the cabinets.

Industrial Pendant Lamp

industrial pendant lamp

Blackband Design

This small loft bedroom is appealing in its whiteness, which also gives the impression of more space. The blue printed rug perfectly matches the mattress cover, while the wooden bed frame and side table provide some rustic appeal. To complete the multi-textured setup, an industrial pendant lamp is used over the bed. You can also see Bedroom Hanging Lights Designs

Black Industrial Pendant Light

black industrial pendant light

KitchenLab Design

Black and white motif combo will never go out of style. This is the perfect color combination that can be used in any interior design or style you want. This kitchen, for instance, has the ideal traditional and industrial design combination. Everything about this room is traditional actually, except for the industrial pendant lights that create a nice contrast.

Eclectic Bedroom Lighting Idea

eclectic bedroom lighting idea

Unique Pendant Lights for Dining Room

unique pendant lights for dining room

Orange and Yellow Pendant Lights

orange and yellow pendant lights

Harrell Remodeling / Design + Build

Vintage Style Ceiling Lighting

vintage style ceiling loighting

Maine Coast Kitchen Design

Classic Bathroom Lighting Idea

classic bathroom lighting idea

Industrial Pendant Lighting for Kitchen

industrial pendant lighting for kitchen

Jackson Design & Remodeling

Cool Pendant Bulbs for Bathroom

cool pendant bulbs for bathroom

Rustic Home Library Lighting Idea

rustic home library lighting idea

Silver Pendant Lights

silver pendant lights

Elegant Phane Pendant Lamp

elegant phane pendant lamp

Kitchen Architecture

Metal Hanging Lights Idea

metal hanging lights idea




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