Deck up your space with chandelier designs and watch it transform into a fashionable setting. However in case you are in need of a classic look then the crystal chandeliers are the right choices for your home. They are available in many different designs aiming for various styles while you can find many remarkable pieces in quite affordable prices. So keep on reading for a collection of high class crystal chandelier designs for deeper insight.

Modern Crystal Chandeliers

Modern designs can range in various shapes. Many of them have a crisp minimalist approach while others fall easily in a slightly complex design that ranges from a drum design to a crystal sphere that will make your space fantastic. You may also see Modern Chandelier Designs

Modern Crystal Dining Room Chandelier

modern crystal dining room chandelier

Small Crystal Chandelier Designs

A small crystal chandelier can be used in small rooms in order to add style and complete the look. However you can see it in large rooms too creating a synthesis with sets of two or three crystal chandelier designs. You may also see Small Chandelier Designs

Traditional Small Crystal Chandelier

traditional small crystal chandelier

Vintage Crystal Chandeliers

Vintage pieces have an all time classic look that is suitable for many spaces. You can find it in combination with materials like bronze, brass and iron giving you a slight antique look. The prices can range depending on design.

Vintage Colorful Crystal Chandelier

vintage colorful crystal chandelier

Rectangular Crystal Chandelier Ideas

Rectangular chandeliers are suitable for rectangular dining room tables and kitchen bars. They have an elegant design that looks charming while its shape creates a balance that brings together the lower with the upper space of the room.

Large Rectangular Crystal Chandelier

large rectangular crystal chandelier

DIY Crystal Chandeliers

In thrift shops you will find incredible lighting fixtures made of wood or metal. You can turn these designs into crystal chandeliers easily with crystal strands and beads in order to create something extraordinary for your living room or your kitchen area. You may also see DIY Chandelier Ideas

Cool DIY Crystal Chandelier

cool diy crystal chandelier

Crystal Drop Chandelier Designs

Many chandelier designs are made of drop shaped crystals that create a marvelous design. You will find them in various designs featuring many shapes like rain, waterfalls and waves. Give a unique makeover to your space with a stylish chandelier. You may also see Waterfall Chandelier Designs

Crystal Rain Drop Chandelier

crystal rain drop chandelier

Industrial Crystal Chandeliers

Industrial chandelier designs feature metallic structures that create fabulous designs. You can choose the right one depending on your personal taste or on the space’s style in order to enhance the room’s look. Suitable for every space indoors and outdoors.

Contemporary Industrial Crystal Chandelier

contemporary industrial crystal chandelier

Round Crystal Chandeliers

Whether it comes in spherical shape, drum design or ring sets, round crystal chandeliers have a charming look that make the space look softer. You can incorporate these designs over a round dining table for a stylish touch and balance.

Round Drum Crystal Chandelier

round drum crystal chandelier

Photo by Ryan Garvin

Rustic Crystal Chandelier Designs

The rustic style requires dark metallic materials in a merge with the crystals in order to give a stylish approach to the space. These designs can be used in every space inside and outside of the house bringing style.

Rustic Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier

rustic wrought iron crystal chandelier

Contemporary Crystal Chandeliers

The contemporary style follows the modern design while incorporating the classic elements of the crystals. You can find these chandeliers in various designs like drums, fountains and tiered layouts creating a stunning look while lighting beautifully every space in your house. You may also see Contemporary Chandelier Designs

Modern Contemporary Crystal Chandelier

modern contemporary crystal chandelier

Spiral Crystal Chandeliers

Spiral chandeliers offer you a luxurious look that will mesmerize anyone that sees it. These designs are mostly placed in really tall spaces however you can get a shorter version for your living room for extra glamor with vivacious character.

Living Room Spiral Crystal Chandelier

living room spiral crystal chandelier

Dining Room Crystal Chandeliers

The selection of chandeliers that are suitable for a dining room is vast. You can go for a rectangular or a round design that will match the shape of the table or you can create a cluster of small chandeliers for more style.

Awesome Dining Room Crystal Chandelier

awesome dining room crystal chandelier

Living Room Crystal Chandeliers

Be conscious of the room’s size. For large rooms, you can go all out and choose a large piece that will act as a focal point, whereas for small living rooms you need to choose a design that will match the size. You may also see Living Room Chandelier Light Designs

Large Living Room Crystal Chandelier

large living room crystal chandelier

Traditional Crystal Chandeliers

For a traditional design, you would like to go for a chandelier in candelabra layout that gets complete by crystal beads. The multiple lights will help you brighten up your space no matter where you choose to place the chandelier.

Traditional Dining Room Crystal Chandelier

traditional dining room crystal chandelier

Crystal Chandeliers for Bedroom

Choose the right design based on the bedroom’s style. You have to be conscious about its size though since you don’t want the space to be overwhelmed by a large chandelier design. Delicate structures will add a beautifully dreamy look.

Crystal Chandelier for Kid’s Bedroom

crystal chandelier for kids bedroom

First of all, you need to have some idea of what kind of lighting you want for your space. Every chandelier sheds light in a different way creatinga  unique atmosphere. Additionally, you have to follow the style of the room into choosing the right design that will complete the space.

A crystal chandelier will make your space look elegant. There is a huge variety to choose for your space while you can use them in every room in your house. Accentuate the space’s style with a well-designed chandelier and get rewarded with the most incredible and chic home design.

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