A bathroom is a room in which cleanliness and interior lighting determine how you view the space. With the so many light designs available today, it can be confusing and stressful to choose the perfect lights for your bathroom. When done right, the style of your bathroom should complement the rest of the house. So, whether you’re planning to redo your lights for your bathroom vanity or you just want to give your bathroom that modern light design, there is at least one design that suits you.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Light Design

modern bathroom vanity light design

Design by : Studio Marler

When it comes to modern bathroom vanity light design, the lights should be high above the mirrors to prevent shadow casting and create an even natural illumination in the room. The type of drawers chosen should also be damp proof.

Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures

bathroom vanity light fixtures


For a large bathroom vanity light fixtures, opt for one or two wall scones placed in a position where they properly illuminate the mirror. Each sink and bathtub should also have its light. You can also see Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Led Bathroom Vanity Lighting

led bathroom vanity lighting


LED Bathroom Vanity Lighting is not only an energy saver, but also come in a wide variety of colors. Apart from also being environmentally friendly, LED bathroom lighting can be adjusted depending on the brightness level you prefer.

Industrial Bathroom Vanity Lighting

industrial bathroom vanity lighting

Design by : Lisa Vail

Industrial bathroom vanity lights come in a variety of sizes and finishes; therefore opt for lighting that complements your style. Placing your bathtub next to large windows will eliminate the need to add more vanity lights.

Chandelier Bathroom Vanity Lighting

chandelier bathroom vanity lighting


Do you need to create a big impression in your bathroom? Use chandelier bathroom vanity lighting as your secondary light source. You can further add a dimmer to the chandelier to control the amount of light released. You can also see Bathroom Chandelier Designs

Rustic Bathroom Vanity Light Decor

rustic bathroom vanity light decor


To create that soft lighting in a contemporary bathroom, opt for a rustic bathroom vanity light décor. Go for a bronze vanity light which creates a combination of traditional and modern bathroom style.

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Lighting

contemporary bathroom vanity lighting

Design by 2id Interiors

A contemporary vanity style tends to compliment the rest of the house décor. When it comes to contemporary Bathroom Vanity Lighting, opt for simple designs like using large mirrors and white walls to reflect the light.

Pendant Bathroom Vanity Lighting

pendant bathroom vanity lighting


You can easily portray your vibrant style by placing a pendant light in your bathroom just ensure that the pendant Bathroom Vanity Lighting that you prefer is positioned near eye level to eliminate the occurrence of any shadow casting.

Fluorescent Bathroom Vanity Lighting

fluorescent bathroom vanity lighting

Design by Teresa Ryback

Go bold with a fluorescent light that provides a unique contrast to the room. Cool white fluorescent bathroom vanity lighting will illuminate all areas of the room while saving you money in the process.

Unique Bathroom Vanity Lighting

unique bathroom vanity lighting


Since various tasks such as grooming and applying makeup are done in the bathroom; efficient lighting to this room is essential. In addition to bathroom vanity lights at the mirror, wall sconces and chandeliers can help brighten the room.

White Bathroom Vanity Light

white bathroom vanity light


Master Bathroom Vanity Light

master bathroom vanity light

Design by : Brandon Architects, Inc.

Beach Style Vanity Light Bathroom

beach style vanity light bathroom


Outer View Bathroom with Vanity light

outer view bathroom with vanity light


Master Bathroom with Crystal Chandelier Vanity

master bathroom with crystal chandelier vanity


Outdoor Bath Vanity Light Idea

outdoor bath vanity light idea


Black Bathroom Vanity Light Idea

black bathroom vanity light idea

Design by : VV Contracting, Inc.

Spa Tub Bathroom with Vanity Light

spa tub bathroom with vanity light


Luxury Bathroom Vanity Light Idea

luxury bathroom vanity light idea


Traditional Bathroom with Vanity Light Idea

traditional bathroom with vanity light idea


How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Light Fixture

While there are many factors to consider such as style, vanity units, color schemes and mirrors, when it comes to bathroom remodeling good lighting is crucial. Always ensure that you pick a ceiling light that is bright enough to allow free movement around the bathroom and choose 2 or more vanity bath lights to be installed above the mirror to provide both direct and indirect lighting.

Poor lighting in the bathroom often results in shadow casting making it impossible to perform proper grooming on a daily basis. As a result, opt for lighting effects that reflect light, use light dimmers to control light intensity during the night and vanity bathroom light fixtures that mimic natural light during the day.

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